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I Score

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

I am not ashamed to admit….I love a bargain! I mean, a steal! I hate paying full price for anything and usually don’t (unless it’s an emergency) if I can help it. Ask my kids? I know they think I’m crazy when it comes to shopping for “wants”. I will wait and search for the best price. Wacky, huh? Uhh, hello stretched dollar–I love you!

The last few days I’ve stumbled upon a couple of sweet finds. That’s the best feeling. First, I thought I’d run into a thrift store to look for shorts. While there I also found the motherload on cute skirts. Several of which were Ann Taylor, in brand new condition! Not kidding! Score! I grabbed every one of them in mine or my girls sizes. What’d I pay? Oh $3.95 a piece and even $1.00 for one. Yea baby!

Hubby was tagging along so we wandered over to dishes. I like to nose around for “good” stuff in every section. Then I spied it, a Pampered Chef stone casserole dish! I figured it would be marked pretty high since it seriously looked UNUSED/BRAND NEW—hello, $10!! Can you say, MINE?

Everything fit once we arrived home but the one pair of shorts that I bought. So, I went to another thrift store to return them and decided to “look” around a bit. I walked right up to a pair of gorgeous white linen (three of my very favorite words) pants in my size–Ann Taylor’s baby! Mine! I turned to another rack and boom, there was a darling pair of white capri’s in Ann Taylor in my daughter Ally’s size. Jackpot! I thought, “No way….my luck is overflowing. This has to be it!”. Nope, before I could make it to the checkout I found the cutest black & white Candies dress in Ally’s size too.

I hadn’t even hit $10! So, it pays to thrift shop. I’m totally blessed this week because of it. Just look.

What you see there are 2 Ann Taylor pants, 1 Ann Taylor skirt, 1 American Eagle skirt (it’s adorable) and the Candies dress. All adorable and appearing brand new. Not pictured that I also purchased are 3 more precious skirts one of which is a maxi skirt with the prettiest embroidering on it. Score! Also, I looked up the price on my stone dish at Pampered Chef–$37. I’ve already made something delicious too. Hello, Chicken pot pie.

The moral of the story is… secondhand people! You may find something you’re dreaming of.