The Southern Baptist Convention was held in Indianapolis this summer. Indy is about an hour from my house, so this was exciting! We love the convention and all the hoopla that goes with it. For me, the Pastor’s Wives Luncheon is the B O M B-shizzle! Oh yea! I made that word up! This luncheon is a grand event in the lives of SB ministry wives. The guest speaker is always someone amazing and the gift bags are to die for. These babies are jam-packed with goodies that will bless your heart for at least the next 11 months or more. And the friends…..ladies….you will see many many special girlfriends from the ministry there. It is the place to be!

This year, I was to help with the final decorating the night before the luncheon. The Indiana pastor’s wives were teamed up to do our part thanks to Mrs. Diana Davis (wife of our state convention president, Dr. Steve Davis). It was fun….putting the last minute things in those bags. We also had a great time getting to know each other more and were able to pray over the big event. The women on this special committee work all year long to pull off this shindig. So, hats off to them!

I noticed a funny looking snack bar that we were to put in each bag. It looked a bit like a breakfast bar, but it had a paper wrapping around it with the label “Texas Flapjacks”. Which spoke volumes to me that it was something “homemade” from somewhere. Honestly,I didn’t think about it again. We finished up and set out…..to sleep and come back for the big event.

Dr. Gary Chapman was the speaker and the theme was “How To Love a Leader”. He brought down the house with his WISE advice, spoken just for the ears of the lucky wives in attendance that day. You had to be there, really! Let’s just say, he was very candid with his recommendations. And blush was not necessary for any lady there.
He was great!

That night, after a long day of unbelievable fellowship and great preaching….we were heading home and ended up in a terrible traffic jam on I65. Being the hungry people we are….we dig out those bars. WAAAAAAAAH! (angel choirs singing)…..because these little dudes called Texas Flapjacks are incredibly wonderful. It was yummy rolled oatty, buttery, brown sugary delicious-so WOW! I have never had anything that tasted like that in my mouth ever! I praised the Lord right there, no kiddin! I saved the wrapper on one because I planned to call the First Lady of Southwestern Seminary myself to thank her and beg her for the recipe! God bless her sweet self for sharing!

What a treat! I haven’t gotten that recipe, but I’m not giving up just yet. When I called the seminary, no one knew who, what, where or how to find out. Crazy….all those brilliant theologians and no kitchen savvy experts on any of the phone lines. Hmm, go figure! Maybe I’ll call Dr. Patterson at home?!?! I’m sure Mrs. Dorothy has it handy somewhere there in her kitchen. Don’t forget to look for something special from God that’s just for you. It may be a new friend or an answer to prayer. He’s always there just waiting to satisfy your longing. You never know when you may stumble upon a flapjack (something wonderful).

Luncheon friends…. Terry Jumper, Me, Jalynn Cook

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