Is This For Real?

September 19th, 2014

In my head, I had this dreamy wish that someday (like, my 25th wedding anniversary) my hubby would lavish me with a blingy flashy 3 stone ring that would WOW anyone within a 25 foot radius!  When the big day came along and there was NO RINGY ON MY FINGY…..I thought the dream was just that, a dream!

Besides, we were camping!  How in the world is a man supposed to come up with a big honking diamond ring in the middle of a campground?  For the last 25 years, I have been amazed time and time again by my hubby's sneaky surprises.  He is the master of trying to blow my mind with his "great ideas"!  The only problem?  HE CAN'T KEEP A SECRET!!!  He gets way too excited!  He can't hold it in!  One of our children (no need to mention names) has the same syndrome!!!

So, as time went by on the camping excursion……sadness began to steal my joy!  I didn't whine or pout, but inside my heart…disappointment was rubbing a hole that I worried would become a huge obstacle to my happiness.  Don't get me wrong, I love my hubby even if he never gave me wonderful gifts.  It's just that the mind, it does things… teams up with the heart which leads to dreams and wishes.  I was wishing for a gorgeous ring.

The good thing about my relationship with my hubby is that I know there isn't anything he wouldn't do or give me if he could.  The blingy ringy?  Was probably on his mind long before mine because that's just who he is.  He's a dreamer!  He's a giver!  And he's always looking for ways to show me just how much.

So, on our way "home" from our anniversary week get-away camping adventure…..he pulled into a Jared's.  The hungry salespeople pounced on us immediately and were fetching diamonds left and right.  It was a fun experience and I found a pretty special ring that we both felt okay about.  Still…..something said, "Wait!".  We decided to go eat lunch and look around.  Inside the mall we found 6 different jewelry shops.  All of them equipped with pushy salespeople gnawing at our ankles.  I tried to tell each of them, "I'LL KNOW IT WHEN I SEE IT!".

That's the thing about dreams.  They are specific and if you know me….I'm not willing to toss out what I REALLY WANT very easily.

Finally, after hitting all the "jewelry" stores….I asked the clerk where to find the closest restroom.  She directed me down to the Macy's and off we went.  Never have I been so thankful for my old lady bladder!  As we were walking out of the Macy's we detoured through the jewelry department.  Did you know, Macy's has diamonds?  Like gorgeous diamonds?  And right now, a HUGE DIAMOND SALE?

Me either!

We spotted a few shiny darlin's that we wanted to look at but the salesclerk was busy helping a college chicky pick out some costume jewels to match some dress she had in a shopping bag.  So we waited….

And waited….

It was worth it!  I found THE ONE!

2014-09-18 15.55.51

I still can't believe it!  I love it!  I love every single unique detail!  I'm overwhelmed with excitement!  I am so glad I waited and waited and waited!  But, I'm even more glad that God gave me a man who makes all my dreams come true!

Thank you Honey!  I love you and I am so proud of you.  Your hard work blesses my life!  You are the greatest gift I've ever recieved!

2014-09-18 15.56.09

I think he's trying to figure out which kid to sell at this point.  Time to pay up, sucker!

2014-09-18 15.56.27

Sweet sassy molassey!  It is blingy!

I can't wait for it to arrive on my doorstep!  It will be a few weeks for the sizing.  I didn't want to take it and have to carry it around then give it back forever to be sized.  Like ripping off the bandaid…..I just let it stay!  KILLING ME!!!

Good news though…it will be here before my birthday!!!  Yippee!


That’s A Long Time

September 16th, 2014


I wasn't so sure I'd make it to this day… long ago.  In between the last 25 years, my hubby and I have managed to try a million ways to sabotage all that God had intended for good.  If you think your relationship has seen some rocky days…. think again.  I do not kid when I say that we are a miracle.  This morning when I woke up and snuggled over close to my husband, I asked him, "What are you most thankful for?" and he answered that we stuck together through thick and thin.

There were a lot of thin days.

We've moved 10 times and lived in 3 different states….all of them with stars in our eyes for what the future held.  Never have we ho-hummed our way through anything.  Even job loss.  We lived and we lived in love.  Many days were dark but we never turned from one another or blamed the other for our troubles.  We may have argued or forced our feelings on one another but we never walked away from the relationship we agreed to on September 16th.

I speak for both of us when I point out the three people God created with our love.  Our kids have been instrumental in making us the family that we are and that God intended for us to be.  Each of them so unique and special…..with every new birth added to our family we rejoiced in knowing JUST HOW MUCH GOD LOVED US by sharing each of them with us.  We have loved being their parents and can't imagine ever having lived without them sucking the life out of us!    I kid!!  ;)  They are our world!

During the last 25 years I've loved a policeman, deputy sheriff, undercover narcotics officer, youth pastor, preacher, IT dude and all around LEADER.  People are astonished that my hubby has held so many diverse jobs as careers.  I wonder….what's next?  There isn't anything my husband can't do!  He is something more to me and to those around us, every day!

I celebrate knowing how much he loves me!

He knew he was going to marry me the first time he saw me.  I never knew he existed!  Somehow, God moved mountains and brought us together.  I am so grateful for that!  My life is nothing like I imagined it as I stood in that beautiful prayer garden on that beautiful September day.  To say that I'm happy sounds so small and meaningless!  I am living proof that marriage can be the best thing to ever happen to you.  I want to cherish every day….


You know how much I love you and I'll never stop telling you.  Thank you for the last 25 years.  You've done everything in your power to make my life amazing!  I recognize every effort!  You have pulled up to a million doors to drop me off, you've rubbed my feet time and time again, you've wiped away so many tears that you should still be soaked and you have stood strong when I shoved you down and tried to lead in your spot!  I'm nothing without you and I never want to let you go!

I love you



25 years


                                                                                   September 16, 2014

Is Character Important?

September 15th, 2014

Parenting is a tough job and if anybody tries to tell you it's a piece of cake….they aren't being truthful.  Maybe you've heard others say something along the lines of THERE ARE NO INSTRUCTION MANUALS when it comes to raising kids. 

As a Christian, I think scripture can be a great source of instructions for all aspects of life especially parenting.

raising kid

I had no idea just how much work it would be to raise my own kids.  I was one of those people who dreamt of being a mom.  All through my teens, I knew the main thing I wanted to do….was be a mom.  But, I wanted to be a GOOD ONE!

raising kids

I'm sure I'm not the only one to think……I am totally blowing this MOM thing!  I've talked to way too many other mom's who've said the same thing and really believed it.  It is hard to do EVERYTHING right.

So, what do you believe is the most important thing to teach our kids?

Behind loving Christ,  CHARACTER is at the top of the list for me.    I think a person's character and integrity follow them for the rest of their life.  If you are lacking in either of those attributes….you are not living your best life and are not able to give your best to the world.

But…is that a parents job?

raising kids 1

I believe so.

I've thought about this topic a long time.  I mean, I'm a mom who wants her kids to be their very best.  However, when I'm not around…..they are free to do whatever they want and I can't stop it.  My prayer?  Is that they are choosing the light and fleeing from the darkness of this world.  That is a sign of good character.


How do we teach character?

1.  Be a person of integrity.  Not only in front of other's but in front of your kids.  Trust me, you can fool a lot of people…..but your kids, never.

2.  Teach character everyday.  Openly discuss what it takes to be a person of integrity.  Use what is going on around them at school and in the world.

3.  Be who you say you are.  Character is who you REALLY are and your reputation is who others think you are.  Your kids notice the difference.

4.  Recognize that what you say and do counts in the life of your kids.  They will choose based on what they see you choose.

moral character

Tell me, what DO YOU believe is the most important thing to teach your kids?

Who Do I Look Like?

September 14th, 2014

gates looks like mama2014-09-14 15.20.00ally and mama

I think about my girls all the time.  I remember being their ages.  It seems just like yesterday (I was 20) when that photo of me was taken.  I thought I knew it all back then.  I had no idea that I'd come across photos of my own girls that reminded me of that girl so long ago.

I see them for who they are like any mother would, I suppose.  I see the girls they are on the inside.  The ones who overthink an outfit and dream of what their future will be like.  I know that they want good things and hope for solid relationships.  They think of being a mother someday and they both imagine doing it as good as and or HOPEFULLY, even better than me.

I like that.

I'm proud of both of my girls.  They not only look similar to me but they are very much like me on the inside.  Each of us carry a lot of the same dreams.  I don't believe that's by coincidence either.  I feel certain that God planned it that way.  I mean it when I tell others that the relationship you build with your children is one of the most important jobs you'll ever work towards.  It is through that relationship that we have the authority to NOT ONLY love our children but to give them the foundation in Christ that the world is working double-time to destroy!

I'm glad I didn't know all that the future held 27 years ago when I sat in that photographer's chair.  I feel honored though that God loved me enough to make two more just like me.

2014-09-09 11.44.41

Who do you look like?  Not only on the outside but on the inside?  If someone invested in you…..perhaps, you owe them a THANK YOU!

Season’s Change

September 11th, 2014

I believe the summer of 2014 is officially over.  I've been anticipating fall (as usual) all year.  Not to mistake that antsy'ness as wanting to skip summer because….I'm not a savage!  I love summertime!  It's one of life's greatest blessings!


I wasn't expecting the crispy cool weather when I walked outside this morning especially since I was so hot yesterday (at school) that I borrowed a fan from the Librarian (gosh those ladies are nice) to survive the muggy classroom I was in.  I thought for sure… whole body was on fire!

And yes, I'm blaming the hormones!

But enough of that ugly talk.  Fall is here and it deserves attention.  The air is cool, the trees are swaying and the leaves are getting ready to show off their color magic.  I can't wait for more!

2014-09-08 15.21.04

Have I mentioned how much I love my new red front door?  I am so glad we went with the red!  My fat mum is from Costco and my new fall wreath is from GOODWILL!  Like, the Goodwill superstore!  No one wanted it!  It's huge and in perfect condition!  I paid $2 for it!

Do you know what the Goodwill superstore is?

It's a Goodwill gone mad!  It's a huge store that every hour on the hour, they pull out fresh bins full of merchandise.  People go crazy!  They wear gloves and rip through the bins tossing stuff around like they are on a treasure hunt.  Which I suppose they are because once they are finished collecting items….they pull up their carts on a scale and pay by the pounds.  Talk about cheap?!  Wow!

Here's a close up

2014-09-08 15.22.14

I also found a great BIG basket while I was there.

2014-09-08 15.25.18

I have plans for it…. maybe firewood? 

Last week, I found these two old wooden chairs there.  I love them!

2014-08-26 19.24.17

The cane stitching has been pulled apart on this one….but it is repairable and I thought of my mom when I bought it.  She would fix it right up…..

2014-08-26 19.24.57

I don't hang out here all day to find these goodies….I just stop by here and there and every time, find a treasure.

2014-07-29 18.31.39

This little beauty?  Found it there a few weeks back.  One of these days, my hubby is turning it into a fancy bench!  Cause, he's got mad skillz!

2014-07-13 16.25.01

And, I know I've told you about this one.  .38 cents y'all!!!  For a brand new Vera Bradley!!!

I love scoring such cool deals almost as much as I love the new FALL WEATHER!

October is just around the corner!


Talk It Out

September 10th, 2014

I noticed something very interesting as I sat out on my porch last night.  As couples were out on their evening walk, some had their pups on a leash, a few were wearing flip-flops, a couple were speed walking but the one thing they all had in common?

Wives doing all the talking.

talk too much

I mean, really talking!  I don't think I heard anything more than a grunt or ugh-huh from any one of the men walking by.  I know it sounds silly to notice such a thing and I surely wasn't looking for it but what about it?  Ladies?

Do you do all the talking in your relationship?

I came to the conclusion that I too can be a bit chatty.  Not all the time, but I can go on and on about stuff that I'm almost sure my hubby could care less about.  However, like the good fella's I saw out walking with their wives…..he indulges me.  He listens (at least some of the time) gives appropriate nods here and there and when something catches his fancy, chimes in as if he's really into the one-sided conversation.

she talks

I love that about him.

Here's the deal.  Women are full of words (usually).  We think of all sorts of important things to tell our men when we're not with them.  Sometimes, we sit on good stuff so long it feels like it's going to burst out of us.  So, when we see our true love….talking is at the top of our to-do list.  The trouble with that is most husband's have talked out all their words during their busy day and are ready for some brain incubation.

quiet man

Perhaps, this is why men love to get outside and DO something physical.  My hubby says he solves all sorts of problems in his head while he's mowing the yard.  He gets some of his greatest praying done as well.  Not talking has its perks! 

I totally get every woman passing by my house — we can't hold back!  Talking is how we love, it's how we share our hearts.  We are full of thoughts and our only way of coping is spilling them out.  There are a great number of successful women authors, don't you think?  They probably learned talking too much just didn't work so writing gave them the outlet to say what couldn't be shushed

I don't post this to be negative in any way to chatty women.  I just found it funny watching the interaction between the women versus the men.  Each lady spoke with passion, hands waving…..voice rising up high and then dropping down low.  All while hubby's hung on…quietly taking it all in.  I wondered if any of them wanted to say anything but by the looks of it, they had already figured it out ——->

She needed to TALK IT OUT!

gracious words