Speak Up Speak Up

July 30th, 2015

For every post that I publish that’s controversial….there will always be those who disagree.

That’s okay.

I don’t believe every human on the planet thinks exactly like me. (that could be good or bad, ya know?)

However, once again with a fourth sickening video (this one with very graphic footage of the dissected body parts of a baby on the table) I am propelled into shouting as loud as I can that PLANNED PARENTHOOD IS A VILE AND HORRIBLE FARCE of a business.

Oh and at the end of the video the “doctor” gleefully announces that the blob of cells/mass of goo or whatever the liberal left wants to smoosh in your face and mine – is A BOY!

Really? It’s a boy? It’s not a ball of cells? Or a mass of goo?



After my first post on Planned Parenthood, I received several private messages from women who could not conceive a child of their own. Their anguish reminded me just how important it is to keep on speaking the truth about abortion. There is a better choice. My prayer is that the woman who finds herself in this kind of desperation would choose life.


God can and will make something beautiful out of any mistake we might make here on earth. Trust me, I am a living example of that grace. Every single day, I do something that falls completely short of God’s expectations and HIS grace covers me.

I am unworthy but not to You! Thank you, Your everlasting love & mercy on me is unfathomable.

Hair-Do Selfies

July 29th, 2015

When in Texas….

wa ga

…ride around the ranch in style.

wa in pool

…stick your toes in the pool or throw your entire body in because, it’s HOTS!!

wa liz

…take window seat naps.

wa boots

…use your hubby to pull off your boots when your legs sweat and can’t get them off by yourself. Oy!

wa lake

…stay cool by lakin’ it up with your family and dogs.


…take bed breaks with your new BFF, Bella Boo!

And for heavens sakes, GET YOUR HAIR DONE GIRL!

Warning: Selfie overload ahead

wawa 1
wawa 5
wawa 5

Did I mention it’s 101 degrees?

They Call Themselves Planners

July 24th, 2015

By now, you’ve surely heard about or watched the video of the Planned Parenthood “doctor” discussing salvaging body parts of aborted babies as a service? Once again, society is faced with MORE KNOWLEDGE of the evil that reigns loud and proud (if you call catching them in a secret video whilst lunching casually – loud & proud) in their organization.

Everybody knows (at least those who give a rip about aborted LIVE BABIES) that Planned Parenthood is an evil entity hell-bent on servicing any woman or young teen who wishes to ditch a mistake. They call it planned parenthood, you know? Those of us who “plan” to parent don’t really need any of their services. Only those who need free or reduced birth control (and I’m not against that as an available service) except…..their big #1 job is performing abortions.

Anyone that doesn’t know that, is living under a rock or choosing NOT to know it on purpose. Which is your right. But, who is treated like the crazies in this country for sticking up for murdered babies? I’ll tell ya. It’s those of us who find their (PP) services to be disgusting and horrible. Don’t believe me? Tell someone you know that you are PRO-LIFE. Watch their face. Listen to their cockamamy reasons for finding it totally acceptable to suck out the unborn body of a baby living and growing every single minute inside its mother’s womb.

Before you walk away from the conversation, you will find yourself feeling like you are defending your very intelligence as a brain carrying human.

PRO-CHOICE folks are a group of people telling themselves the biggest lie on the earth.

It’s not a real live human and every woman should have the CHOICE.

Go ahead, send me all your protests against what I’m talking about and blast away at my knowledge of exactly what PP does for women. It won’t bother me a bit and it certainly won’t make me change my mind. Killing a baby (whether it was formed from rape, incest or just a really good night out partying) is murder and Planned Parenthood is the leading provider of this sick choice.

Now, for those of you who just can’t believe the newest news about harvesting tissue & organs for sale/profit….it’s just one more reason to shut this vile place down. Stop protecting this organization. Stop defending them. Stop destroying innocent lives of children who DON’T GET A CHOICE!

I’ve blogged about PP before. Our government sends them bakoodles of money and several businesses are affiliated with them as well. What in the world is it going to take to stop them from what many in our country so casually accepts as okay?

Did you know a dead person has more rights than a live baby?

Don’t believe me? Go dig up a corpse in a cemetery tonight and see what happens to you. Yet, you can go (and most likely not even have to pay for it because our government is quick to “help” you out) and abort a baby into the 24th week gestation.

24 weeks old
(In case you are unsure what a 24 week old fetus looks like)

This world is mad. This right is wrong. This organization is a pathetic excuse of a women’s help center. No denying it, I was sickened by the video that’s circulating around but what’s new with these people? I was sick of them before the video. I just wish the rest of our society was sick too.

born baby

All Those Lasts

July 23rd, 2015

Every Mama knows….you cannot rewind time. Once a moment comes and goes, it’s gone. Kapoot! However, when you’re knee deep in little kid days…time seems to drag along.
little galloways
(Gavin, Ally & Gates in Salem, IN)

Ask any exhausted mom of 3 under 4 years old. She’ll probably say she feels stuck in a time warp.
little boys
(Gavin marching in the Octoberfest parade)

I remember the time warp days and I long for just one more moment of chaotic mom bliss. I’ve tried to pull from my mom brain file the last time I did _______ with any of my punks and somehow, those things are gone. Don’t ask me where they go or how they vanish from your mind but they do.
little homework
(Don & Gates working on homework)


Perhaps it has something to do with empowerment to move forward. The Lord knows, we would stay stuck in the warp if we knew this snuggle on the couch reading a Dr. Seuss book was the LAST TIME. Thank you, God.
little al

When my girls were small and I would help them with their showers….I had no idea the last time would be so easily forgotten. I don’t blame my brain for forgetting but I sort of wish I could help dry them (as little cuties) and brush out their long curly hair one more time.
little girl
(Gates & Ally)

Maybe that’s why I find it so easy to do special things for them now that they are all young adults. When they visit, I cook their favorite dishes. I love washing their clothes (I know, I’m a real sicko). I enjoy going shopping or just curling up on the couch with a good show or movie. It’s a gift, their time mixed with mine.
little gir
(Gates & Me)

I recognize how quickly time flies when you’re doing all those lasts.
little ally
(Ally & Me at a church picnic)

Soon, my “kids” will marry, move on and take on their own mortgages and yards to mow and gardens to plant. I have tons of lasts still to go and I love that God thought enough of me to give me 3 sweet darlin’s to experience this fun life with.
little boy
(Don & Gavin with his first car)

So, to you Mama’s who feel beaten down with tired from lack of sleep last night because of a fussy wide-awake baby or from all the running to and fro dropping off and picking up your kids — hold on tight, you’re not going to remember these moments when they are the last time.

But, you’ll always have the memories of the love you gave and the time you had with them. Cherish every moment.


July 21st, 2015

parent child

Oh my word! I cannot believe the backlash (wait, yes I can). Have you heard about the diner owner who just couldn’t take one more minute (there had already been 40 minutes of it) of the screaming of a 2 year-old toddler in her busy restaurant?

Oh, the audacity of her…. right?

parenting 11

Here we are at yet another parenting fork in the road. What the heck is it about parenting that blinds people to the common courtesy of the people around them?

Guess what? I don’t hate kids. I don’t beat kids. I don’t mistreat kids. I don’t want parents to mistreat kids. I don’t want to scream at strangers kids. I don’t even want parents to scream at their kids. I don’t hate parents.


I do hate lazy parenting. I hate it with a big ole Barney the dinosaur purple passion. It’s a smack in the face to all the parents who are beating down the doors of heaven trying to be great parents. The ones who get up and discipline over & over & over.

Not sure what that looks like? Here is a tiny glimpse.

Great parents (note: I did NOT say, PERFECT PARENTS)

Love their children enough to train them to behave – Now, listen. I know kids will be kids and meltdowns will happen. That’s not what I’m talking about. Children get tired, hungry, sick and more. A great parent knows when that kind of stuff is happening and they don’t sit on their cell-phones chatting or lounge around in a diner talking it up with another adult while their child is self-combusting in front of the world.

They do the right thing and pay attention to their kid’s needs. If the issue is beyond helping in the here & now, they leave the store/restaurant/party/wedding/church/loved ones special moment and take care of their childs needs.

Love others enough to train their children to behave – Look, how often have you been interrupted by kids while having an adult conversation with another adult? I’m not talking about an emergency interruption. I mean the repeated over & over, “Mama, Mama, Mama….Look, Mama!”, “I’m hungry!!”, “Let’s go! Mama, Let’s go!”. The entire time you’re talking, Mama is totally oblivious to the nagging interruptions of a child that needs the right kind of attention (no, not a spanking). The best parenting tip beyond loving that’s out there, a gentle hand on their hand touch.

I’m forever grateful for this little gem of a parenting trick. When my little punks were young darlin’s, my hubby and I had an interruption rule. They were not invisible people just because we were chatting with someone else besides them. However, they did NOT run up to us screaming or jumping up and down for our attention (one, because we were always watching and paying attention to them even if we were engrossed in a conversation with someone and two, because what they have to say is IMPORTANT to us). We taught them to be polite and wait for a lull in the conversation. While they were waiting, they were to simply lay one hand on our hand or shoulder signaling to us that they were there to ask something or speak to us. Not just hanging around to listen to the chit-chat.

As a respectful parent (not a tyrant), we assured them that we understood they needed our attention by placing one of our hands onto theirs. That gave them the signal that we knew they needed our attention and that as soon as it was polite to stop talking to the other adult, we would give them our full attention.

It was a lesson in self-control and it was a great way to teach our young children to respect others. Which, they all 3 still do to this day. It’s not cruel to teach your kids to be respectful or thoughtful to others. Nagging or interrupting children are not cute, they are not being “just kids”, they are a reflection of their parents. So, I ask you…do you run up to others involved in a conversation and shout or push your way into the moment? Probably not. So, why should we allow our children to do that?

TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. Your kids will be pleasant little humans just by incorporating this little tiny bit of training. People will love watching your kids show such a kind gesture of respect too.

Love their own selves enough to train their children to behave – Parenting is by far the most difficult and challenging job of any human adult. But, it does not have to be a punishing sentence of misery. There are days that it can get pretty overwhelming (that doesn’t equal pinching their little heads off). Sick kids, whiney or tired kids or just bored kids can wear a person down. Still, they require a parent who will stand the test of time and repeat whatever discipline or love is needed for that particular moment. In other words, keep at it Mama!

parent 11

Everybody knows, kids are INTUITIVE. They know all our weaknesses and they will pounce on every little moment that we have our guard down. Don’t fall victim to kids running the show. It never turns out well. Ever.

Be the boss. Be the pack leader. They are looking to you for that whether you think so or not.

Nobody wants to be on the news because a business owner lost her cool on their kids!



Don’t Rock the Boat

July 20th, 2015

What do you do with the time you have with the ones you love? You take it, savor it and squeeze in as much fun as you possibly can. That’s what we were doing yesterday.


Only, we were missing a piece of our party.


She’s (Ally) in Indiana. Holding down all the world’s responsibilities ON HER OWN DANGED SHOULDERS! So, while we were having fun….we were missing her.


This morning we’re all beat up and tired from all the lake fun. It’s a good tired though because Texas is a whopping 100 degrees today, EVERYWHERE! And we are inside staying cool and “relaxing” from a hard day of playin’!







It was the perfect first day in Texas.

Only 12 or so more to go.

* More shenanigans to come.