Comfort Zone Challenge

August 15th, 2018

I’m short compared to normal people. At times, I convince myself that I’m just as tall as everybody else around me and then I can’t reach something….and the reality of my squirt size sets in. I’m just a 5’3″ lady with a giant size attitude and mindset. So, this new start of my life should only be a blip of a challenge to my determination.

I can do hard things.

I’ve had some time to think about my circumstance the last 3 weeks and I’ve decided that I don’t have to have all the answers or a million dollars to bounce back. Although, the million would surely help. My life is not over and my future is completely in God’s hands.

I want to be brave but the hard truth is that I get a bit wonky with my courage and doubt finds its way into my thinking. Which is a dangerous place to be.

I’m trying hard not to dwell in all the spots that promise to set me back. I am a creature of comfort. I love the comfy spots of life. My love language is comfort and I have lived my whole life trying to make others and myself as at home and comfortable as I possibly could.

I don’t belong there.

I’ll never heal there.

Comfort zones are beautiful but nothing grows there.

I have no knowledge of the why’s in my situation. Why my husband lost his job? Why it took 2 years to find another? Why my body had to betray me with the most aggressive rheumatoid arthritis in the middle of it all? Why my little dog had to get so sick after all we’ve been through? Why we had to move so far away from everyone we love? Why to a town where a junky fixer-upper costs over $500,000 dollars? Why?

I could ponder the why’s all day. It won’t change any of what’s happened or what will be in the future. So, why bother?

What I have learned is that God is NOT leaving me to fend for myself. Oh it has felt that way many times during this struggle. I have begged for mercy and I have submitted fully to whatever, over and over and over.

And, here I am.

I don’t have to hang around in the comfort zone to be safe. I can step out and trust God with what’s ahead. I’ll admit, it is h a r d! I need safety. It’s part of my DNA and maybe it is for you too. In Psalm 9:16, David declares that The Lord is known by his acts of justice; the wicked are ensnared by the work of their hands. In my flesh, I fall weak to the choices of others and what they may or may not have done to me in selfishness. I don’t have to worry about what others are doing. I do, however…have to focus on my own holiness and my own actions towards others.

You cannot treat people cruelly and get away with it.

So, my life and my circumstances right now are completely in God’s hands. I can trust him and I can rest knowing that he will see it all to completion. My job is to be brave and step out of all that feels comfy and live it up to the very fullest!

Living to the Fullest

August 7th, 2018

I guess it’s safe to say that I’m living my best life right now! Yesterday, we finally got our internet installed and I am sucking that 10 MBPS up like a mocha frappe!

Oh, but that’s not all! I’m not a savage!

I hopped on and ordered 7 free days of SLING TV too!

Cause, I’m living my best dang life!

Since the days of packing up my house and sticking it all in storage, I have been a wanderer of sorts. Internet, tv and many of the everyday normal things people use have been luxuries for me. Some days we could watch local tv channels and here & there we would have wifi.

Not on the regular, ever.

Mother’s day 2018 will go down as the worst day of my life as we were traveling across Oregon to reach Washington and I couldn’t even get cell service to receive a call from any of my kids! My stomach hurts just remembering it!

But, hey….I’m not bitter!

I am praising Jesus for internet and a little tv action. It may sound silly but when you’re all alone, far away from everyone you love and live in mostly silence….THIS STUFF IS HUGE!!!

So, what is it that helps you live your best life? Is it access to the world? Or maybe a supportive family member or friend who encourages you? It’s not going to look the same for me as it is for you. So don’t compare.

My advice: Just go live your life. Do it with courage and be careful of overdoing it on the expectations. Nothing will slam your dreams to the ground harder than unmet expectations!

Now, I gotta go. I’m trying to pace myself with all my newfound access! Instead of just binging out on all my fat blessings, I’m taking breaks and doing jumping jacks!

Don’t worry, I’m not addicted to either thing…yet!

Take That Road

August 6th, 2018

I have decided that I might as well start a whole blogging segment on I CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP! The craziest things keep happening to us and I know as soon as I sit down and write it all down, people are probably thinking, NO WAY!

God is so creative and fun. My friend count is more than quadrupled!!!

Saturday night after dinner we decided to take a drive out by the airport and look around. On the way back home, we were sitting at the main highway near our house and we could see a pasture full of gorgeous horses running like crazy. My hubby sped across the road so I could snap some pics and take a little video of their “horse” play. They were amazing!

As we drove along beside them, he noticed a car was behind us and started trying to figure out how to let them by. The road was skinny but it was paved so we just kept driving. After a few minutes, it started to look much less like a road and a lot more like a –> d r i v e w a y.

I said, “Keep going! We’re fine!”.

The car, still behind us.

Then, we hit the point of no return….a house! Oh no!

We sheepishly turned around and faced the music (or car behind us). We rolled down the window and threw ourselves on the mercy seat. The older couple in their Mercedes SUV owned all the property we just drove through. They laughed and told us not to worry that this happens a lot. We talked for a long time just getting to know one another and before we left, I asked about church. Do they go? Where? And if they have any suggestions.

They perked up and proudly invited us to their church Belgrade Alliance Church! We couldn’t help but laugh!

We are currently members of Indiana’s BEST church ever, Eagle Church which is a Christian & Missionary Alliance too!

I’m telling you, I cannot make this stuff up!

In all my years of ministry life and stepping in the doors of new churches in new towns…. NEVER have I felt so welcomed to visit a church. People were incredibly excited to meet us and the Foster’s were so gracious and kind to show us around and introduce us to so many great folks!

It was as if we were family, already!

We sometimes get the idea that we are sort of floundering around through this life. The truth is, everything is orchestrated by God. He does not coincidentally allow stuff to happen to us. It is on purpose! The people we meet, the places we go and the things we do all have a grander purpose.

Pay attention. He is working. He is creative. He is BLESSING you & me with intention. Open your eyes and your heart! You may find yourself in someone’s driveway at dark and discover your new church family while you’re there!

Thank you so much for evening drives that give more than beautiful scenery.

Bent Out of Shape

August 3rd, 2018

I got a little panty in a waddy yesterday. Maybe you do the same thing too, some days. It doesn’t take a whole lot to get me edgy & ridiculous! I swear, God uses my own weak selfishness to lasso my janked up heart back to his.

My flesh.




My hubby, very kindly took Ms Lizzy & me out on an exploration of new territory after dinner. The views were rather spectacular, of course and even though it was Forestry road….things started getting a little s c a r y after taking a wrong road.

You may be gifted with the attribute of mercy when someone takes you down an UNDRIVEABLE road in the middle of darkness all while skirting alongside very high mountains. ME? I AM A HARDCORE SINNER WHO WILL CUT YOU FOR NEARLY KILLING US! I will think hate thoughts, I will imagine pushing you out of the driver’s seat and taking over….and I will resort to NOT SPEAKING to you for the rest of the dark long ride home at 11 something at night!

Okay, maybe I’m over-reacting!

We were all alone out in the middle of nowhere. As in, if we crashed or got stuck (we drive a Land Rover, to which I say…THANK YOU JESUS!) no one may find us for a very very long time. Which is ironic since we drove up on a dead cow under a tree while we were out there exploring!

The road in was fine and dandy. It had a few sketchy spots that jolted and shook us up. But, nothing compared to our journey out of the over 8000 foot area. N o t h i n g!

That blurry pic above of the cows? Yea, I’m not a terrible photographer….that is the result of snapping a photo while flying up in the carseat because of the ruts!

So, here we are crawling along trying to get down out of the mountain in the dark and the road is literally falling apart in front of our very old eyes. Every time we get through a rough spot, we happen upon a worse one. And put that on repeat. I looked at the clock and it was 9:00pm, in my head I thought that was no big deal we’d be back home safe by 9:30! Uhm, nope!

It was after 11pm!

My attitude was sour to the point of no return by then.

Moral of the story?

Don’t be like me. Be brave, take on new adventure. Let your hubby get a little lost here & there. Nobody’s gonna die.

Ok, they might. But look at all the things you’ll see right before heaven. Worth it.

I can be so ungrateful! Forgive me, I know it’s wrong to live in fear. Thank you for all the beauty YOU allowed me to see last night. And for protecting us.

Smiling At Strangers

August 2nd, 2018


My lunch date yesterday was fabulous! I’m confident that I have found a sweet friend in Jeanie! She teaches here for Bozeman Schools, she just moved from Westfield and teaching at Pike which is a stones throw from Zionsville!

She and her hubby moved here June & July. Him first, her after their house sold. For them, they are brand new empty nesters (7 children) and they moved here for his dream job in Big Sky!

Of course. I told you Big Sky was amazing!

During our conversation she told me several cool encounters her hubby has had since building dream homes for the rich and famous up in Big Sky. She rattled off a few amazing names and then she said, “My husband is really excited that he met his favorite author, CJ BOX!”.

I stopped her right there! W H A T?

My husband is going to flip! And guess what he did as we were walking the streets downtown last night when I mentioned this about my friend? He slammed on the brakes and said, WHAT? Are you serious?

Haha! So funny.

During our lunch date, we both realized that our guys would certainly get along great (he loves hunting….Yellowstone and more)! So, guys….here are our new friends. Jeanie & Jon!

God wasn’t finished there.

Last night I picked hubby up from work and we went downtown to the same area I was for lunch. The town shuts down Main St for a food festival called Bozeman Eats. It is glorious! Bands playing at every end and food vendors everywhere! We walked, talked and ate some good grub! Then we decided to pop into the Mexican restaurant I had eaten lunch earlier for a bathroom break and a cold drink (it was hot like fire outside)!

There were zero seats….so, I looked over and a table was missing from a section that had a wallbooth spot. I hopped up and sat down and a man was sitting at a table alone right beside us. He said, Hi and started asking us questions. Seriously, so friendly. Then his cute wife showed up and the rest is history!

We spent the rest of the evening talking and getting to know one another.

People are good. They aren’t thrown by newness in this area. We had lots in common and as God would have it…

We made sweet friends right there in the Toro Mexican restaurant!

I can’t believe they weren’t even alarmed at my awkwardness! hehe

All is well. All is going to be well. All is well in the hands of God!

Hello August

August 1st, 2018

I just realized it’s August 1st and I am in complete denial. Which shouldn’t shock anyone because I love living in that zone. What in the world happened?

Scrolling through social media, I see all your back-to-school photos and I’m a little sad to not be joining in UNTIL August 27th! Wow, Bozeman! School start dates never looked so exciting!

I can quit complaining now, huh?

I have applied to sub at the high school and still have no idea if they will “accept” me. 🙂 I’ve discovered in my lifetime that every school needs subs and high school is a special spot that not many have the courage to take on. Which is so funny to me because I’d rather hunt in front of Dick Cheney than work at an elementary or middle school.

High schooler’s are my jam!

And as God would have it, I’ve already made a bud from Bozeman HS! I found him in a hottub in Sheridan, WY on my way to Bozeman last week. His name is Jack and he’s going to be a junior. See how God is?

Today I’m heading to lunch with a new friend and I am so excited! Pray for me that I don’t bowl her over with all of my….me-ness!

It’s been a while since I’ve had “friends”.

Let me be a real friend and not a superficial surface friend. Thank you for every opportunity you give me to be your hands and feet. I am so blessed that someone new wants to share life with me.