Hope in Him

December 5th, 2016

hope in him

I believe with all my heart that God has a plan for my life. I haven’t lost hope during this time of unemployment but I have felt the strain of “when will he find a job” stress. I can’t imagine why it’s taking so long. This is the fourth month my hardworking husband has been stuck at home wondering what’s next.

It’s painful.

I’ve noticed the awkwardness it seems to unleash on others when they hear you’re unemployed. Many people are kindly sympathetic and groan with you offering to pray or let you know if they “hear” of anything job-wise while other’s are silent. The kind of silent that hurts like a shame.

I don’t believe people are uncaring, really. I think maybe they don’t know what to say or how to minister to someone hurting from job loss. Maybe that’s how it is for a grieving person when friends or loved ones just stay silent. It’s almost like you have something to be ashamed of or embarrassed about.

Losing a job, for no good reason and staying unemployed for long periods of time really does something to your ego. It hardens your heart to almost everything. I can drive by places of business and think mean thoughts about all the cars parked there knowing they belong to people with actual paying jobs. I get meanly jealous (crazy I know).

I’m trying not to feel completely lost to the silence that comes from people who don’t know what to say about the struggle we’re in right now. I know it’s awful. I know it’s sad. I know it’s something NO ONE ELSE EVER WANTS TO HAVE as a problem. Who thinks anyone wants to lose their job and sit at home begging anyone to hire them? Any job? No one.

So, I’m learning….. when someone I know or meet tells me they are jobless and searching, I will love on them. I will encourage them. I will speak up and not ignore their pain.

Want to know what to do when someone is hurting or struggling with job loss?


Yesterday, our Pastor ministered to us with the greatest message of HOPE! I love how God does that. Even through all these months……I’ve never lost HOPE in God or in His plan. So, whatever you’re going through – you have complete HOPE because of God’s POWER!

Don’t let anyone steal your hope!

Your Mistakes Don’t Define You

November 27th, 2016

I haven’t left home since Wednesday. I’ve been living as if I were snowed in and I’m probably not the sharpest tool in the box because of it.

I just watched 4 episodes of Gossip Girl THINKING I was totally joining the rest of the world and catching up on Gilmore Girls.

Who does that?


I mean, really. These people are horrible! Shallow, self-serving rich people who don’t give a stink about anyone on the earth but themselves. I don’t need that in my life right now.

I’m already living that reality. Have I mentioned my hubby hasn’t had a job in 79 days? Yea. It’s getting hairy around here.


Really? Me too girlfriend!

Not only am I spacing out and watching the wrong chick flick tv shows….My hubby’s sick as a D O G with the flu or some sort of death plague! Every single day over the holiday (oooo, holiday. Doesn’t that sound like a happy word? Yea, no it’s been heck), he woke up feeling 10 times worse than the day before. In other words, that idea of sleeping it off…..ya, nope! Not happening. Seems as though sleep made him even sicker.

So much fun for Thanksgiving.

While the rest of the world was having fun with family or dragging out their Christmas stuff, we were all waiting to call the ambulance.

Hint: I’m useless without him!

Never ever have I looked forward to going to work more than this weekend.

gos gir

Thanks Gossip Girl. Here’s where we break up though. Bye meanies, hello fresh new day/week/month/life!


November 25th, 2016

I’m not a beat the bushes Black Friday shopper! I do not get up early, I do not race down to all my fave stores and stand in the looooooong lines, I do not give a rip van winkle about Kitchenaid Mixer deals or tv steals….because I am a bonafied crowd hating snob!

I can’t take the pressure of too many people and if they are pushy and aggressive people – I am SEACREST O U T!!!

So, I stay home in my pj’s sipping my coffee and tiptap away on my laptop where I can find the juiciest of deals that really make the best sense for me or my peeps! I’ve done a little snooping around and I think I’ve found a few that someone like me might want to add to their arsenal for this Christmas. Hope you find something amazing!

pink hun

Kids Hunter Boots $60

The deals on Hunter boots is incredible. Not just one pair but almost all of them are marked down today. This is WOW! I won’t admit how many pairs of Hunter boots I own (or my girls) but I wear them a lot and they are hands down the BEST RAINBOOT out there! These deals are off the chart good!

hunter bl

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bob stroller

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I have no punkins! I have no punkins having punkins! But this stroller deal is crazy! I pushed 3 kids around for a long time on several different strollers…so I know how important it is to have a CADILLAC of strollers to carry the load. These strollers are literally Cadillac’s! This deal is a must have for someone! YOU ARE WELCOME!

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fuji bundle

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ugg sh

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fr y e

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Someone needs the deal. Go, you filthy animals and buy it!
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Kindle e-reader NEW black 6inch! $49.99 WOOT!!!

The sale going on at Home Depot is awesome too! You can score up to 40% off on appliances. If you’re in the market to upgrade a few household items, go quick!

The sales are endless. You don’t really need me to find any great deals. Still, if these are items you might need or be looking for the prices are amazing! Enjoy the hunt!

Who says Black Friday has to be gloomy? Not me!

Grace Growers

November 24th, 2016


It’s the wee hours of Thanksgiving morning over here at my house and I’m up doing what I’ll pretty much be doing all day long….opening and closing the oven! As if I were an Olympian level cook.

Somebody had to start the bacon, y’all.

My family is all gathered together, hunkered down under one roof and ready to celebrate all the things we’re THANKFUL for this year. In spite of all that’s happened to us….we have endless amounts of gratitude for every blessing big and small.

We are alive. We are healthy. We are joyful. We are full of hope. We are anticipating every coming blessing and we believe that God has great plans for each of us.

It probably wouldn’t be a stretch to point out that many people are filled with dread and anxiety today as they gather with family and friends. Through the natural process of humanity, we encounter people that we disagree with or just do not get along with at these big holiday gatherings. It can be a rough go for a lot of families that have divisive or feuding family members to share space.

It doesn’t have to end in disaster though.

I have an idea to help you fight the good fight (and I don’t mean a squabble with that one person you find yourself irked with) that will keep peace and help you grow as a Follower of Christ at the same time.

It’s a guarantee, you are going to encounter a GRACE GROWING person over the holiday break. It might not be in your family circle, it could be someone who challenges all your goodness at the Black Friday sale. Someone, somewhere is going to push your buttons. What you do with that….is going to say a lot about you, not them. So, listen up. I’ve got a few tricks to help you get out alive and to be the better person when you’re tempted to flip your lid!


Be serious about your reactions. It’s chaotic in most family celebrations. People are piled together, opinions are flying and how you react is going to be like a thermostat in the room. You can decide before anything offensive or mean-spirited is said to NOT JOIN OR ENGAGE that person back. Some people (hurting people hurt people, right?) say crazy stuff just for YOUR REACTION! Don’t fall for that. So, decide to be a grace giver by NOT REACTING negatively to crummy comments.


This should have been first… but PRAY. Really pray. You already know who it is that gets under your skin – so pray for them and for yourself to be a loving example to them. It may not change them but it will change you. When you’re staring that person in the face and you’re imagining knocking their weave out, P R A Y to God for sweet words like a honeycomb. You might even find it good to pray scripture. Remember the fruit of the spirit!


Play opposites. You know how to react to keep peace and you probably know how to be creative and play opposites with that negative nelly at the table. Instead of saddling up and arguing it out, combat the ugly comments with a positive. Yesterday, as I stood in a line at Walmart I overheard the lady behind me complain to her son that the checkout clerk WAS SO SLOOOOOW! As she squeezed up closer behind me I realized she wanted a response from me as she commented that “she’s very particular about every scan, huh?”. I laughed and told her that I was probably the least worthy to judge since I could NEVER DO THE JOB of a checkout clerk. I smiled and mentioned that my skills would probably cause a total ruckus in the store to which she laughed and completely changed her attitude. We spent the next few minutes visiting and laughing about all the things still to do to enjoy our holiday. Opposites. They can deflect a rotten moment if we just decide to utilize them to our advantage.


Actually decide to grow in grace. Nasty people aren’t just put in our lives to make us miserable. God wants to use them to refine us and smooth off the edges that are too bumpy. Every frustrating comment, every mean action…even the snarky ones are not your invitation to a duel. God will help you respond with love, He will soften your heart and He will handle any wrong-doing meant to harm you (if you will just LET HIM WORK) from whoever your grace grower person is this Thanksgiving.

“Words kill, words give life; they’re either poison or fruit – you choose.” Prov. 18:21

Who says the holidays have to be so stressful?


Just the Tip

November 14th, 2016


What you see isn’t always what you get.

The iceberg is a perfect example of that. Same goes for people.

What we allow others to see in us isn’t necessarily what’s at the root of who we really are. Most of us learned from a young age what to reveal about ourselves and what to hide.

So, next time you’re shaking your head about someone’s words or actions….think about what it is that you cannot see that propels them to be the way they are on the surface.

I’m going to live with the assumption that every person is fighting a hard battle that I know nothing about and offer them the grace that I hope someone would do for me.

It’s just the tip of the iceberg, right?


Apart From Christ

November 12th, 2016

In my neighborhood yesterday…a few twerps thought it would be a great idea to drive around flying the rebel flag outside their truck while hollering at people of different color/race.


On tv…the news continues to show the many rallies/riots/protests of the people who are angry and upset over the election results.


All over social media…friends, acquaintances, people I don’t know, buzz-feeds, news groups, professional post’ers, do-good’ers and the like are posting every little tid-bit of information that represents how they feel about the current status of America and all it’s latest Presidential conundrums.


I got caught up in it myself. I reacted to a post that a friend linked up and before you know it, I was in the middle of a huge discussion. I realized pretty quickly there was no winning and honestly, who really thinks they are going to win anyone over to their way of thinking regarding any of this political nonsense?

That’s not happening.

What we see happening here is a giant case of this world needs CHRIST. Which is ironic because in my friends post God was brought up. Something like, “I bet God is super proud right now!” I cannot speak for the writers true intent there but in my own understanding – I would like to agree with the frustration. Even though I don’t believe we have the exact same sentiment going here.

How could God be super proud of the things happening all across this nation that involve hurting one another and destroying a society that wants to literally SELF IMPLODE?

I’m no expert, but I am a person with half-a-brain and a whole banged up beaten down heart! I can see the ugliness for what it is, evil. Now, don’t get me wrong. I bet there are plenty of people upset over the election that mean zero harm to anyone or anything. Not every protester is a criminal or terrorist raking American streets trying to prove a point that can never be made. The ones who are taking it to the next level are the people I’m focusing on in this post.

You are wrong.

Your message is completely off target now. If your intention was to LOVINGLY & PEACEFULLY engage the country in a march to show unity for supporting the Democratic candidate…you’ve now gone screeching the other way. Breaking laws to show your anger, wrong. Hurting others to prove your candidate was the better choice, wrong. Damaging property, wrong. Blocking people inside their vehicles, wrong.

Cry in public, be sad. There’s nothing wrong with showing your emotions or your disappointment. Don’t wreck the world we live in because you disagree. It’s wrong. It’s counter-productive and it’s only making you look like the ones filled with hate.

lord fight

I can only tell you what I know about this life and living it in accordance with Christ. My life isn’t an after-thought with God. He purposefully gave His perfect life for my very flawed and messy one. He took my sin and threw it as far as the eye can see because I accepted Him as my Savior. I’m a new creature, not a perfect one but a NEW ONE. I live out each day with the assurance that what I do or don’t do, God still loves me and is willing to forgive me and make me new…over & over & over again. All because, I ask with a repentant heart. I’m His and not mine alone.

I can trust Him with the things of this world that I cannot understand or that I even disagree with. He is on the throne, reigning High and ready & willing to do immeasurable wonders….if we only ask.

So, for those of you beating the streets with your anger and pain. Turn to Him, don’t turn to violence or rage. Your feelings are real to you and they matter to God. Stop finger-pointing and screaming hate. Wrangle up your energy in a way that helps you and those around you, not in a way that makes you look out of your minds and definitely neglectful of heart. Nothing is going to change the outcome of our next President. That decision has been made by a free society who chose to make their voices roar within the legal democracy of our nation.

I ask you to remember that your family and mine are not any different today than they were on Monday night. We still have full power over each experience, way of thinking, family decision and lifestyle. Cling tightly to what it is that makes your family yours. My prayer is that it would include the love and acceptance of a Holy God and His Perfect Son, Jesus Christ.

Because, apart from Christ….we are nothing.

cs lew