Always Remember

May 30th, 2016

my country

Like you, I’m here to enjoy Memorial Day 2016. I’m free, not too many worries and I have a wonderful life. That’s not the case for every American.

Some gave all.

As I reflect on the life God has graciously lavished upon me….I thank HIM for the men & women who have died, without batting a single eye for me to live so well.

Won’t you do the same?

Happy Memorial Day, America!


May 25th, 2016

I can officially move on into summer now that THE VOICE has ended with a big fat TEAM CHRISTINA VICTORY!! Can I say that it’s about time a lady won this gig? Way to go, chicks!


Girl power, lady!!

Although, I knew it would end this way the moment this little Curly Sue dynamo stepped up to the microphone during the blind auditions! Wowzer wowzy!

winner winner

I called it. I knew Alisan Porter would walk away the winner! And I also called Adam Wakefield as being there with her. Just call me a talent scout, I deserve it. I’ve called the winners for the last few seasons…I AM THAT DANG GOOD, Y’ALL!

Alisan’s story is inspirational as are most of The Voice winners. She was a child star who played the cute kid in the movie Curly Sue. She made some bad choices, ended up with an alcohol dependency….grew up, got married, had some babies and then realized she hadn’t really chased down her true dream – to sing!

Congrats to Alisan because sister can sing and she deserved to win last night!

The night was full of amazing performances with exciting artists but the love I have for THIS LADY —>

allison k

……..ALISON KRAUSS is borderline bonkers (me not her)! She performed with Adam Wakefield and I could’ve listened to them all night long!

My hubby actually took me to see her in concert when we lived in Louisville several years ago. (Best gift ever) And, he has never minded how loud my girls and I play her music. Which is pretty loud since that lady can croon!

[Last night’s performance]

Her voice, her fiddle….her pretty long hair. Okay, so I love her. I’m not driving by her house or anything. It’s a fan kind of love and that’s that. I have my limits.

So, there’s my re-cap of The Voice finale. It was perfect! I’m free on Monday & Tuesday nights now if anyone wants to do anything fun! Haha!

Happy Wednesday <3

Last Week Ba-Bee!

May 24th, 2016

madea last

Yep, it’s almost over. I work 1 day this week and that’s it! I guess you could say, I live a life of leisure by not actually having to work every day. So, what’s the big deal?

Well, for starters….substitutes have rough days too. Take last Friday for example – it was the end of the day with about 20 minutes left of class when a little turd dude asked with serious anticipation if he could “go to his locker”. I’m rather knowledgeable of tricky kid behaviors and I knew cutting him loose was a GIFT of allowing him to S P L I T for goodsies.

Which he did. (Not fair to the rest of us prisoners stuck there!)

Imagine my surprise when I ran into him Sunday evening at Roselli’s Pizza place (he managed to NOT see me). How funny would it have been for me to say to him “Where have you been? I’m still waiting for you to get back from your locker!”. Oh, so funny! Little delinquent! 😉

But, hey…I’m all chill because IT’S THE LAST FEW DAYS OF SCHOOL DUDES! His crimes will catch up with him someday. Trust me.


I was happily cruising down the highway yesterday with my little punk Gates when THIS MONSTER flew in through the sunroof of my car and landed right on my shoulder.


What the ???

Who invited you ?

oh bee

Honestly, I hoped he would fly off. So, I kept driving because I was in traffic and the road I was on is very difficult to get back onto.

Nope. He was along for the ride.

kill it

Here I’m thinking of how to jump out of my car without getting stung when I should have been concerned with causing an accident. Who can think rationally with a big bee on their shoulder guys? Who?

So, there you have it… I’m an Uber driver for bees needing a lift from Zionsville to Whitestown.

He made it, I lived and that sunroof? IS DEAD TO ME!!!

Swingin’ From the Chandelier

May 23rd, 2016

What a perfect weekend! Seriously. It was the best! My hubby is the man! The man, of my dreams!

Mr. Never Says No…. managed to make me love my porch even more than I already did/do? whatever! I love my porch, then & now. It’s my favorite hangout! How else am I supposed to watch all the speeders with my old lady indignation and snarky comments? Why on the front porch, of course!

From the day we moved in….I’ve hated the porch light. It was pathetic! Every stop at the hardware store, I’d wander around for ridiculous amounts of time searching for “the one” light fixture that would be perfect for my porch. Time after time, hubby would say, “Just get one!” and I’d hesitate and squeal out of that section. Failure to launch! Totally.

This weekend, we had a big blow up of some sort with our hot-tub and internet power which caused THE MAN to have to rip out part of the garage to get to the electrical boxes on the wall. While he was there (after he fixed the problem) he got the clean-out crap fever and started purging (THANK YOU JESUS!!!) all the unnecessary junk hogging up space in our garage. I swear, I heard angels wings!

I noticed two chandeliers hanging from the ceiling that I’d purchased forever ago (both from Goodwill – costing $3). I bought them with big dreams of doing “something” with them but never did. Then, it hit me! THE POOOOOOOOOOOORCH! I wondered what one of them would look like up in that hated spot! Hubby grabbed them down and did the step-stool hold up so I could look thing – and it was perfect!

A little black spray paint later and viola!

chandy p

Just gaudy enough! I do like a little gaudy, not pink flamingos in my yard gaudy….just a bit edgy gaudy. Ok?

Back to my light dreams.

porch slave

One thing (among many) that I love about my husband – HE DOES NOT GIVE UP! He will try and try whatever it is I ask of him.


It’s just the right size for my porch and better than any replicated store fixture out there. I’m different, why not let my house be the same. Right?

my porch sunday

See? Perfect.

What else did he do to make my dreams come true? Well, he put on step-sides to my new car! When you’re a shorty, jumping up into a tall SUV is not easy. I couldn’t figure out why my buns were hurting until I realized I was climbing a mountain every time I got in my car.

I love them, babe!


Oh and we even had time to go on a fun bike ride this weekend.

bike day

Most of the trip was UPHILL! I even asked a lady standing in her yard if it was a pit-stop for CPR (her house was at the top of a hill) out in front of her house. She said, “No” to which I said, “Oh, okay…it’s just me!” No more donuts!!

How can the weekend get any better than all that you ask? Well, Tiffany (my hair girl – that I love so much) had her baby while I was in Texas (in April) and Saturday she brought him to the salon for me to take him home with me meet him.

Seriously. What is it with me? I WANT HIM!!!!

e 1

Look at him. Isn’t he perfect? Oh my word!

e 2

Tiffany says HE DOES NOT SMILE! Ever. Uhh, yea….I see that! HA!

e 3

Then, Elijah says….”Uhhh, lady! My Mama don’t lie!”

Oh my gosh! That stank-eye was perfect! He is precious and sweet. Every mama in the world needs a baby that good. He was the happiest little man and he made the funniest faces! I fell in love and I think I’ll start stalking him.


See, what a great weekend!


Note: To enlarge photos just click on the picture.

Tie – Dye Isn’t Just for Hippies

May 20th, 2016

Can you really take serious fashion advice from a person wearing a flowy Tie-Dye dress?

school bathroom selfie

You can and I’ll tell you why…

Tie-dye isn’t just a groovy t-shirt anymore. It’s so much more.

Personally, I’ve moved into the world of buying what feels good (call me Gladys). This dress, feels amazing! I bought it yesterday for one of my girls (GASP!) and kept it for myself. It’s made of some sort of unicorn hide because it might be the softest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned and I paid a whopping $12.99 for it at Marshalls!!!

I get it, not everyone likes tie-dye. It’s for groovy people. It’s mostly worn as a t-shirt and while I like a good soft tee, I don’t usually wear them as fashionable clothes.

It’s time to face it, tie-dye can be pretty.

So, if you’re on the fence…here are a few good reasons to give it a try.

tie 1

South Beach Taupe Tie-Dye $36

tie 2

XCVI Sheraton Draped Tie-Dye (little more pricey) $172

And if money were literally falling out of your pockets (Oh, hahahaha) and you wanted to really blow it on a fancy dress –>

tie $

Roberto Cavalli $2485 cough cough cough, what!

Can you dig it?

Okay, back to the real world.


Brigitte Bailey Tie-Dye $64 at Zappos

tie 4

ASOS Column Maxi $45

Even cute in a linen cardi

tie cardi

TJ Maxx $19.99

What do you think? Ready to add a little tie-dye to your wardrobe? Maybe you’ll find your own magical unicorn. Keep looking, it’s not just for hippies!

Happy weekend, friends.

Women, Be Nice

May 18th, 2016


I don’t know too many chicks (in this world) that haven’t experienced mean girls.

Mean girls make life miserable. In school, work and in every crevice of life. It’s like they hold some sort of banked up power and they know how to wield it over the less brazen of us. If you’ve ever been tormented by a mean girl and her posse then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Mean girls smell fear. They usually pounce on the weakest little lamb and until someone intervenes or shuts them down they keep their focus solely on whatever victim they can dominate.

Mean girls love attention. Most of what a mean girl does in the form of torture to other girls is done for the attention of others. They are looking for anyone to catapult them to a higher level and ripping apart those weaker than them is a great way to elevate themselves.

Mean girls grow up. That’s right, they grow up and many times just turn into mean women. You know the kind….they play up to you, compete with you and talk about you behind your back. They may even be outright mean to your face!

Mean girls are never truly happy. I’ve said it before that hurting people hurt people. I’ve done my share of lashing out at people I love when I’m sad, mad, hormonal or hangry. It’s not completely the same but close. Unhappy people want to make other people unhappy.

Mean girls run in packs. Rarely is there a mean girl who reigns all by herself. She gets a lot of her power from her posse. Think back to school days, remember the gang?

Mean girls are created like you and me. The difference? Somewhere along the way, someone misled them into thinking that treating others like junk was acceptable. Then, as life carried them along…..NO ONE bothered to step in and put a lid on their bad behavior therefore creating the mean girl monster that solidified who they are.

So, why am I saying all this?

Because I want to remind women everywhere (all 7 of you reading) that being mean isn’t necessary. Neither is taking junk from meanies. If you find yourself in a circle of catty or snarky gals – find new friends. Women who mistreat other women are not friends you need or should associate with.

Oh and if you’re unable to come up with any mean girl friends….you might be one. How can you know?

Do you consider yourself a part of a clique?

Is your friend group exclusive? If so, that’s clique-ish. Avoid only hanging with certain friends. Instead be the kind of friend that says, “There YOU are!” when in the company of others instead of “Who’s that?”. (whisper whisper)

Do you struggle with envy? Most mean girls are very jealous in nature. If you find yourself always feeling jealous of other women, you might need to focus in on why. I like what Beth Moore says, “I’m not interested in competing with anyone – I hope WE ALL WIN!”.

Are you “appearance” focused? Do you pick your friends based on how they look or what they have to offer you? That’s a sure sign of something superficial inside you or me. Not everyone has the glam or cash to look fabulous – that doesn’t equal great friend either. Choose to see what GOD SEES in the people in your life. You’ll be surprised who your besties will be.

Do you find yourself in friendship troubles? If you’re avoiding a “good” friend or not speaking with someone….why? Is it you? Is it them? Is it chronic? There might be a problem and that problem may be you. Be a friend that loves at all times. (NOTE: Not a punching bag. Just a loyal kind of friend)

Does it give you a boost when you gossip about other women? Nobody ever looks good trying to make someone else look bad. It’s a sure way to tell if you’re a meanie. Listen to your own talk. Is it hateful? Is it full of criticism? Make a pact with yourself to only use PUT UPS and when you slip and use a put down, offer 2 put ups for every 1 put down. Got it?


PD – Liza has a terrible personality!

PU – Liza is always willing to help out, no matter the job.
PU – Liza is a great friend and listens to my venting.

After practicing positive speaking, it becomes a good habit. Try it.

And last, Do you have issues with control? Most mean girls want to run the show. If that’s you, uh-ho! Knock it off. Step back, let someone else have input. You’re only making yourself seem pushy or bossy. Back off and listen more than speak.

It’s time to bee a friend that’s known for being nice, helpful and accepting. The world doesn’t need anymore mean girls or women.

Am I right?

good friends