Pybus Market

September 27th, 2016

pre bus

Here in the great city of Wenatchee…. you can visit Pybus Market and shop your heart out for fresh everything: flowers, baked breads, meats, veggies, apples, pears — dream it up. They will probably have it.


The choices are endless.

fl ow

I really couldn’t take my eyes off the flowers.


na na

My people, they were on a mission.


I was wandering around doing touristy things.


Imagine my surprise when I found out the big celebration of the weekend was the DALIA BLOOMS! I just happened to have planted a few beds of Dalia’s this year and have loved watching them grow.

pink d

These were great…but, really? I could be some sort of winner too! (Ahem, or my hubby. He stuck my bulbs in the spots I picked)


Oh me and my yard!!


The place was full of these jokers. I’m seriously feeling cockypants over my own Dalia gardens. Dudes!

MINE —>>
my d gard

min all min

Out & About in Wenatchee Washington

September 26th, 2016

We’ve done a bit of exploring, as tourists tend to do.

lr trip

My hubby has been chomping to take my car somewhere dangerous and climb where no man can go. (Ahem, no….I’m not ready to let my car be a victim of an accident! Remember: the new drone?)

So, we did a little climbing up at Yoyo Rock on the Columbia River in Wenatchee.

yo yo rock

I know….I see boobies, not a yo-yo. But, hey…whatev’s man!

explor ers

We took our fellow explorers with us.

na po us

The weather was truly glorious!


We had a tailgate picnic while we watched some boaters do a little fishing! They were catching salmon, wall-eye, bass and something I can’t remember. I only recall being a lot jealous! Reminded me of our Canada fishing trip.

kickin it

The water is icy cold and clear as glass.

kiss is

Of course we did some kissin’!

jum pin

And some jumpin’!

lake columbia

The days are dwindling down. We have a few more places to check off our list before we leave to head back to Indiana. Traveling has a way of opening up your mind to dreams of living other places. For me, I think Montana would work. My hubby? Likes Idaho. Hrmph!


St Regis, Montana’s view!!

i d a h o

I D A H O! Okay, it was an 80mph snap of the state sign…but, still. I believe Montana has all the pretty trees.

Road Trip 2 0 1 6

September 22nd, 2016

ysp 6

Instead of taking off on a romantic anniversary vacation…my hubby and I loaded down our car with camping gear, cameras, hot & cold weather clothing and a bunch of stuff WE MIGHT NEED and hit the open road.

Starting point (Saturday) – Indianapolis, Indiana

Final destination (Wednesday) – Wenatchee, Washington

ysp 7

We had no agenda. Just to go, see and do whatever the heck we wanted to do.

ysp 3

The weather all along the journey was P E R F E C T!

ysp 5

Day 1 we made it to Onawa Iowa and plopped down our tent beside a beautiful lake. No power, no water….but lots of mosquitoes! No problem. I can go without, a little. Just not showers! The campground had a nice shower house that I headed straight for the next morning.

Imagine the irony after my shower when I plugged in my hair dryer and blew the breaker to the whole bathroom. I had to go OUTSIDE and plug in to dry my hair on the porch of the main building. Oh and use my curling iron with no mirror on the porch. I made so many new friends there.

ysp 11

Who can think of doing up a smart hair-do with all these views??

ysp 2

Old Faithful didn’t disappoint. We arrived just in time to have lunch and walk outside to see him blow his stack!

ysp 4

I didn’t get much sleep in Wyoming. I’m blaming it on the fact that we camped in the very last spot where they allow tent camping because of bears. Therefore, I slept with one eye open listening all night long for my impending death by bear attack!

I woke up exhausted!

ysp 10

My dude just snored on through the night.

ysp 1

Yellowstone National Park was fabulous! Beautiful scenery, incredible animals….amazing cool weather. Gorgeous!

We came to the conclusion though that wherever we picked to stop, the crowds seemed to follow. It would get crowded and we would peel out for the next spot!

On our adventure we drove through Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. Oh my word! I can’t wait to do it again! This land is so beautiful!

In the meantime, I am so excited to be in Washington with family. While I’m not thankful for an unemployed husband – I am very grateful for this free time to explore, think, pray and strategize our next step.

Road Trip 2016!! Rolling on, friends!!

It’s Our Day, Again

September 16th, 2016

It’s September 16th.

The day in 1989 that we did this.

sept 16 89

Who knew we’d still be at it 27 years later?

Oh, I kid. We knew, otherwise….why else would we have plunged into marriage at 22 years old with nothing between us but an old Chevy Cavalier and an S-10 truck?

Kids, we had nothing. Just cars. No house, no furniture, no STUFF and certainly no cellphones!

sept 1689

I’d hop in an old 80’s style limo with you all over again, babe!

Nobody could tell us a thing, we wouldn’t have listened any way. From day one, we’ve bit off more than we could chew and paid triple what anything cost….but we did it our way.

Two head strong first-born leaders – pushing, forcing and insisting on getting the last word. Over & over & over again.

Still, here we are…alive, in love and looking forward to every moment together. That’s real love.

I am so thankful you didn’t kick me to the curb and that I never choked you out and watched your eyes pop out of your head. (sorry for the graphic description of my passion for you)

WE BELONG TOGETHER!!! Two crazies livin’ on love.

I love you. Happy 27th anniversary, true love!

ann 5

Something’s Wrong

September 13th, 2016

I’ll just go ahead and say it, something is very wrong in this country! Today, September 13th. Right now. This very minute. Wrong, wrong, wrong. The worst part? It’s only going to get more ridiculous.

I love NFL football! Ask my kids, I scream my head off during every Colts game. I’m a sold out fan! However, I cannot wrap my brain around the garbage allowed and celebrated while another player is punished for wearing game cleats honoring 9/11.


What is happening to our country?



It’s ignorant! It’s disrespectful! It’s enough to make a person hate watching the NFL at all.

It’s no wonder we’re in the current state we find ourselves in as a country.

Here in Indianapolis, Colts player Pat McAfee is a force to reckon with. The man works tirelessly for causes up and down the spectrum of need. He is a man on a mission. He maneuvers his fame as an NFL player to make great things happen for people who never stand a chance. He is the real deal!

Which is why I’m harping on this whole debacle of celebrating a real cool joker who kneels in protest during the national anthem while another guy is fined and punished for honoring the people who died on the most tragic September day in our country.

See, something’s wrong here.

I watched last night as the camera guys stayed locked on Colin Blahblahnick and his fellow comrade during the national anthem. The amazing military jets flew over, cameras focused on the two buffoons kneeling down. A talented young woman (Lindsey Stirling) played her heart out on the violin, the cameras zoomed in on Thing 1 and Thing 2. Military personnel held & waved a giant flag, the cameras again, focused on the two dummies protesting all things America. Then, the cameras pan over to other players holding up their fists in black power poses and the ESPN announcers praise Kaepernick as thoughtful and how wonderful he is for opening up this “discussion”.


He isn’t to be praised. He isn’t helping stop racial divide. He isn’t making a point that is in any way propelling America to a better place. He is smearing his crap all over the good and solid parts of our country and the media is lapping it up like thirsty dogs.

I feel sorry for people who think like him. He is believing a pack of lies. You would think our country would be at its finest hour with a black President – but the truth is, we are more racially charged up and divided than we’ve been in a long time. Is President Obama to blame? I don’t know. I do know that he has done an enormous amount of damage to push the agenda in the wrong way.

I’m sick of the whole scene. I will never mistreat anyone because of their color. I also won’t be a guilty party simply because I’m a white lady in a land where injustice has occurred. Every single person has a responsibility to behave in a way that honors God and country.

Something’s wrong. Are you a part of the problem or the solution?

love anoter

Life Does Go On

September 8th, 2016

good inten

Tomorrow is the day we close the book on our old life and open up a shiny new page with fresh hopes and dreams. It’s sad and exciting all at the same time. Change is scary. Especially, when you’re one month away from turning 50 years old.

I wish I could say that this hasn’t rocked my world in a bad way. It hit me like a concrete truck and threatened to back over me everyday since I heard the news.

Do you know how hard it is to wrangle in your emotions and feelings when someone knocks you down for no good reason?

I’ve wanted to lash out. That only hurts me, not them.
I’ve wanted to hate the people responsible. God reminds me to love, especially those who don’t deserve it.
I’ve wanted to cry. I have and I probably will a few more times.
I’ve wanted to forget the whole last 3 years + 1 month. God blessed us during that time too.
I’ve wanted to sell my house and move far far away. That still might happen.
I’ve wanted to give up. Why? The ones responsible for my stress haven’t thought about me or my family once since July 7th. I have to keep going.
I’ve wanted to wish calamity to my enemies. I don’t have to waste my time with that, God sees everything and He really does handle sin. His wrath and mine do not compare.
I’ve wanted to hide out and wallow in my pity. God didn’t send Jesus for me to be a big crybaby. Jesus came so that I would live life with abundance! I have so much to be happy about.
I’ve wanted to lose my cool. I don’t need to go to jail.
I’ve wanted to do a lot of things that just don’t match up with my Christian faith. God has a plan. He doesn’t need me to act or think outside of HIM in order to move forward.

I suppose that’s all normal when you feel like your life is falling to pieces. It doesn’t help that sticking around another 6 weeks at a job that has no future can feel like a constant twist of the knife in your back. Every little thing feels like a snub or that people are laughing behind your back. Especially, when other employees are rewarded for all their hard work (and you are not even thanked for all you did to move 2 different offices to new locations). Ouch! That hurt!

But, that brings me to a new understanding about people and how I can navigate my own feelings when the crap hits the fan.

1. Develop an understanding heart.
People are just human. Some are kinder than others and some are just thoughtless. Forgive them when they hurt you and just let it go. God really does handle every little thing.

2. Separate the things you can control from the things you can’t.
Keep moving forward even when tempted to give up.

3. Give 100% to the things that matter most.
Don’t waste time trying to make a fruitless effort on all the stupid little things that really don’t matter. Focus on the big thing that does.

4. Embrace tough times.
This is hard, but…scripture points out that when you’re walking through fire, God is refining you (and me) to be something useful to Him and His Kingdom. Tough times mold us, change us and make us better. We are going to be incredible!!

5. Refill your pitcher.
Just like an engine that needs new oil, our heart and mind need topped off too. We must do the things that fuel us and rejuvenate our souls. Have fun, smile and enjoy the goodness of life. It doesn’t negate the circumstance but it does give us a better perspective.

stop letting

I can’t look back with regret. Life does go on…

When I am tempted to live like the world, bring me a fresh perspective as to WHO I AM in CHRIST! I’m bigger than what happens to me or my family and I can live through adversity.