Ignorance is Really Bliss

July 19th, 2016

I woke up this morning to the many shouts of poor stupid speech stealing Melania plagiarizing her speech last night from our dear First Lady, Michelle O.


Can we just talk about that dress? Her dress was bonkers!! I have a sick obsession with all things white and when she walked out after The Donald’s spacey cool entrance…..I was like, I wanna be her sisterfriend!!!

She was stunning!

melania dress

I can’t even…

kap w

But, really. Being a First Lady is way more than wearing fancy designer dresses, right? Right, Michelle O? Oh, well…..whatever.

mi ob
Yeowtch! $12,000 dollhairs? Wowzers!!

I’m just going to jump right into some of the most ignorant rants I’ve heard for hating Governor Pence (my current Indiana Governor, who is despised by many….educators, gays, non-believers, ticked-off people and more). The guy The Donald has chosen to run on the VP ticket alongside him. Oh, you know…what’s his face Pence?

1. Governor Pence is bad for women because he crusades against abortion.

Wow, he hates women. The nerve! He hates the murdering of unborn children. Again, that’s a rough truth when it comes to crusading for the rights of the unborn. This argument is so over the top ignorant it just boils my blood. Please stop equating hating women with being a person who values life. All life! Thank God for leaders like Mike Pence who believe in protecting the innocent in this world who don’t get a choice – like the woman who finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy does.

2. Governor Pence is to blame for the HIV uprising all because he shot down Planned Parenthood and all their free medical testing/treatments.

COME ON!!! Here we are again! It is a fact that Mike Pence was not after shutting down freebie tests for HIV but to stop abortion! The outbreak of HIV in Scott County has nothing to do with Gov. Pence (but, okay bigmouths!! Shout it loud!). The claim that innocent folks just trying to get tested can’t now because he shut down the PP clinics is incredibly ignorant. The truth is DRUG USE IS OFF THE CHARTS IN THAT COUNTY!!! Look it up! And to claim no one has access to testing….insane! They have a clinic FOR FREE and they also do a clean needle exchange, that’s how freaking bad the epidemic of drug use is there! They will GIVE JUNKIES FREE CLEAN NEEDLES just to keep them from having sex FOR DRUGS and using more dirty needles. Sweet Lord! People, really!!!!

3. Governor Pence supports gun ownership therefore, he’s bad for women.

Okay, I’m a 2nd Amendment person. I will fight to the death to keep guns in the hands of the right people and out of the hands of criminals. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! He is quoted as saying, “I truly believe that firearms in the hands of law abiding citizen’s makes our families and our communities more safe, not less safe.” I couldn’t agree more. No thank you, left-wing wackos who think MORE GUN CONTROL will stop all the violence in America. No thank you! I’ll stick with Gov. Pence on this one a hundred times over!

4. Governor Pence discriminates against gays.

This is one of my favorites!!! I mean, I get giddy when I hear this one because….I G N O R A N C E is bliss!! Just a joy! The RFRA has nothing to do with allowing pie makers to discriminate against a gay couple trying to order a strawberry rhubarb pie and everything to do with standing up to the GOVERNMENT regarding religious liberties. —> Religious liberty — having the freedom to determine truth without government force!!! RFRA was put together (authored) by Chuck Schumer and let me remind the whole flipping world, signed by President Bill Clinton (you know, Hillary’s old man) in 1993. This ain’t no new bill meant to stop gays from eating at christian pizza places! This horrible bill prevents the GOVERNMENT from punishing Americans for having a belief and being sued for said belief. That’s so far from what the media and the L E F T want you to know or think. They love to cry conservatives hate gays! It’s like their favorite mantra, right up there with abortion rights!! Isn’t that special?

5. Governor Pence pokes his nose in education in Indiana and he’s an idiot!

It’s no lie, Mike Pence is a Republican and Glenda Ritz a democrat. They do not see eye-to-eye on much, politically. But, perhaps they do have THE CHILDREN at the core of the reasons they fight like cats & dogs over every little thing in Indiana. I have no dog in this hunt (the education war) but I see many of my friends posting angry Pence hating posts all the time and I love most of them (Ahem, the people not their posts)….but, really! Is he that evil? He believes in SCHOOL CHOICE (yay), cracking down on State testing crap (woohoo), providing career & technical opportunities for students who DO NOT WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE (hot dang!!), free pre-school for lower income children. What a horrible man! The feud between he & Mrs. Ritz has been on-going and at times embarrassing. Do I believe he’s spotless or free from any missteps or mistakes? Probably not. Do I think he’s trying to do good things for education in Indiana? Yes, yes I do. But, like every single facet of this American life….it’s always best to just fight over every single thing! I’m offended, you’re offended….we are all offended! Give me my power! I want my power! Ridiculous! How about we give our students the best danged education Indiana money can buy and shut the stink up!

Look, Donald Trump is not my choice as a candidate. I didn’t pick him (Sorry, Aunt Pat!). But he is my choice now. I have to do my part in stopping a lying, criminal, murdering, disgusting & horrible woman like Hillary Clinton from ever living in the White House again. I will be clicking that Trump/Pence ticket in November and I will do it with full confidence that I have made the better choice for my country. I’m over our current governmental condition. Our country is on life support! We need help! And we need it soon!

I’m thankful for the good qualities in Mike Pence – he is a Christian who loves God and isn’t afraid to stand up for what scripture teaches. That’s the line though for many…..loving Christ and choosing to believe His Word is Truth is a taboo thing in our world today.

Tell that to Jesus. He’s still on His throne. Whether (we) believe He is or not.

Trailer Trash

July 18th, 2016

pink camper

I’m a sucker for a pink camper. Call me crazy, I don’t care! If I could get my hot little hands on an old vintage camper, I would be one happy camper!

camp r

I know, I know….PINK?


pink bab

How can you not want to throw your clothes in one of these and hit the road? It’s perfect!

perf pinky

I’ve got all sorts of great places to visit. I’ve just got to find my pink baby to set the dream in motion.

hot pinky

Imagine all the looky loos…. There’s no way anybody is pulling one of these pink beauties without some stares.

I don’t mind. I find staring somewhat complimentary.

love thi

I’ve almost convinced my hubby that finding a vintage camper is a great idea. Yea, he lets me dream! I love that guy!

my pink dream

For the love….I better stop it! My head is spinning with ideas! I seriously have other things to do today besides googling vintage campers. Seriously.

I need lunch and I need to get busy posting items to my closet on Poshmark! Have you heard of Poshmark? It’s the greatest online resale shop ever! See my sidebar? My store link is right there. Head over, look at my things and shop all the other sellers. Poshmark is safe and efficient online shopping at a fraction of the cost.

So, I’m walking away from the pink trailers and getting back to work!


Everything Heals

July 15th, 2016


I’m a firm believer in IF YOU’RE GOING THROUGH HELL…..KEEP ON GOING!! So, while I’m down in the dumps about my family’s future it’s only fitting that I feel all the feels handed down by our Lord Jesus in the form of medical procedures.

So far this week……I have done the following:


Why, yes. That is a Mammogram machine! In all the years of having this procedure, this one was the jewel in my crown. I could barely move in bed later that night I was so sore.

But, hey….it’s D O N E !!

Next, I waltzed my freckles and old lady spots into the Dermatologist. There I prayed for ONLY GOOD NEWS because, ya know…FLORIDA GIRL! I’ve had more sunburns than the cancer law should allow and I was starting to get a little concerned with all the weird places that have popped up on my almost 50 year old body!

They don’t play in that office. Before I could pay and get the heck out of dodge, they REMOVED something scary off my lower back and froze multiple whatchamacallits off my hands and arms. Oh, even two spots UNDER MY DANGED ARM! As in, my armpit! Yeowtch! I wasn’t expecting to feel this crummy but in all honesty, I’m grateful it didn’t hurt more and even more thankful that my face is healthy and whole.

If you could see my hands & arms right now you would know why.

So, while I’m on a roll….next stop, DENTIST & GYNECOLOGIST!!!

I’m determined to NOT to let this year kill me! While my mind keeps playing tricks on me to feel stress and worry….I’m trying to be proactive and head off any serious disease or illness that might be lingering in the shadows of my body. Stress can bring on some wing-dingers of sickness and I’m not going down that easy.

list it

I’m thankful to be alive. Aren’t you?

Caught Off Guard

July 13th, 2016

grace will

I’m on day 7 of my new life. On Thursday my hubby came home to give me the news that he’d lost his job. I’d be lying if I told you I handled it with joy and grace. My high strung personality just doesn’t respond like that. I cried. Lost my cool. Wished I knew karate.

Life is like a roller-coaster. One minute you’re up and soaring like an eagle and the next you’re plummeting to the ground at speeds that feel like they’re going to kill you dead. Up down Up down. Twist turn. Slam on the brakes.

Losing a job is painful.

While he explained the details of the event, my mind raced around (surely it’s a wife thing) imagining all the stuff I needed to get rid of in my house…so it could sell before the bank foreclosed on it. Then I moved on to our daughter who is “so close” to graduation and all the hard work she’s put in to getting to this precious destination. Next, our youngest who is dreaming of a wedding in the coming year….how would we ever pay for it without a job? And our son, who’s a thousand miles away reeling in his own job loss.

What are we going to do?

I want you to know that GRACE doesn’t come easy in moments like this. Matter of fact, here on day 7 I’m still searching out my feelings and praying for how to move on minus a rotten attitude.

The flesh is weak and the mind is a battlefield.

I’ve felt pretty much every emotion — I’ve gotten angry, imagined being mocked or ridiculed, wished I could wake up from this bad dream and also felt hopeful. I know God doesn’t miss a thing….and this job loss situation matters to Him just as much as it does to me.

He is in control.


I have to trust Him and believe He has a plan. Even as I wrestle with medical issues that are still a mystery and the guilt of buying a “new to me” car.

He isn’t caught off guard. He is God, Jehovah-Jireh!


Forgive me for my tiny faith. Show me how to lean on you when I am afraid. Open the door to the place we belong.

One Thing Is Sure

July 8th, 2016

my tex

Our country is broken.

As hate pulses through every gaping hole in this land – there is one thing that’s for sure, God sees us and loves us still. Pointing fingers, placing blame and pushing agendas will not heal this nation.

Neither will vengeance.

re venge

I found myself in a world of confusion and hurt yesterday that lingered over me like a dark heavy cloud. I fought with my emotions throughout the day, switching back and forth with wishing KARMA would step in and falling into a pit of helplessness. Then, God would gently nudge me back in the right direction snapping me out of my lack of faith thinking.

Do you ever feel like there’s no way out of your difficult situation?

be faith full

There isn’t a single thing happening in your world or mine that God doesn’t already know about. Even the troubling parts that sneak up on us without warning. He knows and He has a plan.

find the bless

The human heart is the carrier of all that is either good or bad inside each of us. The sad news is that our flesh is naturally inclined towards bad. Think: Dallas. Every person has the capacity to turn ugly in troubling situations. While not everyone grabs a gun and takes matters into their own hands – some of us pick and play with the wounds of our lives until they fester into a giant infected sore of unforgiveness that poisons us and ultimately destroys all our joy.

I don’t know about you…..but I need Jesus to keep me on track.


I’m trusting you. Heal this land, heal my heart and fill me with a love like yours. I can’t move forward in my own power – I need your power and grace and mercy.


What Desperation Looks Like

June 28th, 2016


This morning, I read the sad story about a Texas mother who shot her daughters to death and then was killed by police outside their home while she still held the gun in her hand.

What happened?

I know it’s the question every person speaks…but, why? Why would a person do this? Why would a mother who surely wiped their faces, dressed them in frilly little matching dresses and posted sweet pictures of them on Facebook murder her grown baby girls?

What was happening in her life to make her this desperate?

Was she angry? Had someone wronged her? The article mentions a family meeting. What outrageous behavior triggered such an egregious act from a seemingly loving faith-filled mother? How did they go from –> Girls clean your rooms to chasing them down with a handgun and shooting them to their death?

There is nothing but heartache in this story.

I’m no expert yet I know frustration and stress can make us do drastic things. But, not murder our children. This horrible act came from somewhere. Something was happening in this mama’s heart or mind. Something very dark, something very painful and I’m here to tell you it could happen to anybody.

The mind is a battlefield.

Sources have revealed this mother had struggled with mental illness. If you scroll through her Facebook page you’d see what appears to be a normal southern God-loving mama. A beautiful lady with a seemingly happy life and 2 gorgeous blonde daughters that were her mirror image.

So, why?

Why choose your husband’s birthday to go totally off the planet and kill your treasured brood? Her mind was sick. She was not okay. She was more than struggling with mental health, she was full-on desperately mentally unwell.

To you, I say….if you or someone you know is “struggling” with mental illness, do something! Don’t just hope they feel better or promise to pray for them. Do those things but act on the information you have as well. People that suffer with mental health issues need more than just a tender spot for their plight. They need genuine care and support that moves them into living the best and healthiest life possible.

Not every person with a mental disorder (and it’s more common than not in today’s world) kills the people they love.

That’s what desperation looks like.

** Curious to the various types of mental health?

Go HERE and familiarize yourself with the many facets of mental illnesses.