Day 11 – Admire & Adore

February 11th, 2016


These two. I’ll tell ya, they steal my heart. I can’t look at them without feeling all those mushy squeaky heart feels. Both of them make me happy in a million different ways but put them together and I’m a squishy pile of putty.

I adore him and I adore him even more when he shows love to something important to me. Like, Miss Lizzy. She can’t offer him much but she completely hands over all her loyalty and trust without even considering her options. She’s a dog and right now she’s the shaggiest looking mess (that’s what he was trying to point out to me – LIKE I DON’T KNOW) but he cares about her and he isn’t ashamed to show it.

That’s admirable.

Does your true love know how much you admire them? Do you show your love and adoration for who they are in your life? It takes work. Imagine if we never pulled the ones we love close to us and looked into their eyes. How loved would they feel?

Each of us need to feel admired and adored. Just like Miss Lizzy. She loved getting a little attention from Dad. I mean, what girl wouldn’t want some tall handsome cowboy sweeping her up off the floor for some lovin?

Day 11 Challenge: Admire & Adore (the ones you love)


1) Pull them close to you, full-on arms squeezed tight.
2) Look into their eyes, every single day.
3) Tell them how much they mean to you.
4) Show them how awesome you think they are.
5) Spread it around. Wear your feelings on your shirtsleeve!

Go ahead. Do it. You know why? Because when you show love and admiration for someone, it lights them up like a fireworks show. You won’t be able to stand all the return love you’re going to receive!

Day 10 – Wifey Wednesday (Take Good Care)

February 10th, 2016


You need to hear this.  Every woman needs to hear this.  TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOURSELF!

If I’ve learned anything about myself in 49 years, it’s that I can only be as good as I let myself be.  It takes effort to be good, feel good and live good.  An unhealthy wife is NOT a happy wife.   Neither is one who’s struggling emotionally.

Women do a terrible job of managing themselves while making everyone around them successful.   In other words, we put SELF last on the to-do list.  Nothing good comes from being a martyr mom & wife.  Except really uptight kids who see their mom neglect her own needs for theirs.   Guess what we create?  Self-centered people who can’t solve their own problems or do anything “normal” for themselves.

That’s not healthy for anybody.

So, what does taking good care of your self look like?

Proper rest
Good diet
Time off
Regular doctor appointments
Happy healthy friendships

Special extras:

Hair appointments
Makeup techniques (wear it!)
Eyebrow maintenance  (Good Lordy- do this ladies!)
Adult vacation time (minus the guilt)
Mani pedi time
Women’s retreats  (gooooooooo!)

I threw that last one in because women need to reconnect with other women.  Men were never designed to meet our emotional needs.  Taking a break to fill up your tank gives you a giant boost as a woman.   Stop turning down opportunities to rejuvenate your soul because you can’t peel yourself away from pancake Saturday at home.

Let me remind you – your kids need time ALONE with their dad!!  That means, get lost!  Go do something fun for you!

This Wifey – Wednesday is really going to change how you feel, look and behave.  So, go…… nice things.  Your husband will really like the happy YOU!

Day 9 – Rest Up

February 9th, 2016


I didn’t get much sleep last night because. .  .

Yea, I was wide awake with all the world’s thinking.

I managed to get nothing solved only added to my exhaustion.   Look out world!

This kind of thing is exactly what real life looks like for most people.  Run the rat race, fight to the top and crash from the weariness.  

Today’s challenge:  REST

Slow down today and relax.  Whatever rest looks like in your relationship, do it.  You may just need a night off from cooking or staying up too late.  Sit together and read or give a shoulder and foot massage.

The idea here is to regroup.  This world is tough on the mind and body.  Take some time to recharge just the two of you.


February 8th, 2016

My favorite Superbowl commercial was SuperBowl Babies! I loved it! If you watched the game then you know how weird and creepy a lot of the ads were. It seems like the goal is to be as “out there” and strange as a 30 second interruption can be. Not my thing.

Sort of like….

jersey locked

Buying a new jersey on Saturday night and getting home to a little extra something.

Thanks, Champs! Way to go!


No fear. Hubby and I are now officially certified in shoplifting anything of value. We “self-trained” ourselves to remove security tags right at home in our master bedroom. Goals. Goals I didn’t even know I was set to accomplish. Win.

The outcome of the game was all I really cared about and Peyton Manning and the Broncos didn’t disappoint. { 10 – 24 } Yippee!

Oh, but you know all about the game! What you need is some encouragement to keep on keeping on, don’t you? If you were paying attention you caught a glimpse of what a loser looks like after the game. A sore loser.

Cam Newton showed the world his disappointment in a pretty pathetic way. Slumped down in a chair pouting like a high-school punk with his hoodie hanging over his face…

Reminding us, he’s no Peyton Manning.

His interview made me think of all the times I’ve been mad or frustrated with my husband and I’ve REACTED in a less than flattering way.

Oh yea, I’ve been a real jerk. I’ve shown my feelings through my body language, smart quick answers and negative tone. Many many times over the last 26 years. Why? Because I’m selfish and human. There’s not a person on the earth that doesn’t know how to make the other partner PAY FOR HIS OR HER CRIMES!

Well, maybe you don’t. But I do.

Today’s challenge: BE SUPER GRACIOUS


1) When you’re really feeling those anger emotions creeping up – STOP and think, IS THIS REALLY GOING TO MATTER in the end?

2) Forgive – Say it, behave like it and do it.

3) Watch your body language – Believe it or not, everyone can tell when you’re mad. Can’t hide it. So, loosen up. Be a Peyton not a Cam.

Grace is a gift. Whether we’re the giver or the receiver. It’s a very expensive and lavish gift. It costs someone something to give it. Don’t take it for granted. You never know when it’s going to be you that NEEDS IT! So lovingly give it with all your heart.

Day 6 – That’s Funny

February 6th, 2016

marr iage

I don’t have any idea what your expectations were when you were single and wondering about marriage.

Maybe you thought —> Marriage is so easy. I’ll do it right and there will be no problems. My marriage won’t be anything like _______’s!

marriage funny

We all do that. We all think we’ve got the best plan for a happy relationship. Only…

Real life marriage is nothing like the in-your-head kind of marriage. It’s full of responsibilities and misunderstandings. Both of which can wear you down and test your loyalty. Not everybody can hack it. That’s why we see so many people call it quits. It’s hard to stick it out.

debt marry

Before I married my hubby….I thought I knew exactly what it would take to make me happy. He, turns out…would not have made the cut if I had stuck to that idea in my head. He’s just about as opposite of every thing on my husband wish-list that I had in mind.

Really, he’s better.


The first thing that attracted me to my hubby was his sense of humor. He’s funny. He’s smart funny. He’s also silly funny when I need it most. I loved that about him then and I really appreciate it about him now.

car marriage

Laughing in marriage is good, really good. Hard times will knock you both around without warning. Sad stuff will happen and one or both of you will lose hope a time or two. Having someone to love that makes you laugh might be the single strand that holds you together some days.

marriage 3

Today’s challenge: Make each other laugh

Send your spouse something funny in a text.
Play a funny video.
Do that thing that always cracks him up.
Tell him a joke.
Smile at him. Every time you see him this weekend, smile.
Laugh at HIS JOKES.
Let your kids see you having fun.
Be happy.

marriages annoy


February 5th, 2016


My in-laws have it figured out. They go on dates. It doesn’t have to be anything special, they just get in their car and drive off. We love to tease them about their hotdog lunches at Costco. The truth is, we feel inspired by their ability to make anything a “date”.

Of all the people on the earth our spouse is the one that is OUR PERSON. No one else should ever come before them…not our kids, family members, jobs, hobbies…nothing! So, why do we neglect one another so easily? Why do we push “us” to the back burner?

Day 5 challenge: DATE NIGHT

I know it’s Friday night. I get it, you’re tired! Most of us (those of us who’ve been married, have jobs, fulfill a million other responsibilities) are wiped out by Friday night. But, listen to me on this one.


If you’re too danged tired to do it tonight, go tomorrow night after you’ve spent all Saturday in your pj’s at home. Get dressed (like, “gussy up” get dressed) and go out just the two of you for a nice dinner. Heck, even go see a movie.

You won’t regret it.

What you will regret? Is staying home weekend after weekend never ever going on a date together. Why? Because, when your kids grow up and move out….you are going to look back on a pretty boring history together and wonder what in the heck did you do to take better care of each other. That’s why.

Dates build memories.

Dates make you feel special.

Dates give you something to look forward to.

Dates remind you why you got hitched.

Dates show your kids that something is very special about your relationship.

Dates spice up everything.

Dates make interesting stories.

Dates show the world YOU BELONG TO SOMEONE.

Dates are a healthy way of reconnecting.

Dates do NOT have to be expensive.

Dates are romantic.

Dates are adventures.

Dates build up excitement.

Dates bind us to one another.

Dates push us to make something happen.

Dates are a great investment in making it for the long haul!


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your true love and go out tonight!

Oh and a few tips:

Hold hands
Look into each others eyes
Put down your phones
Share a meal or dessert
Kiss, often
Don’t talk about kids
Get crazy