Sinus Infection Gone Fluey

January 26th, 2015


It's easy to see why my hubby's family love living in Washington state.  The scenery, no matter the direction is stunning.  I took the above photo from the back of the suburban with my head pounding, one eye pouring and tissues stuffed up my nose.

Yea, I've been awesome to have around this week.

I really should have just been put down on Wednesday instead of allowed to hop a long plane ride.  I'm almost positive, I have single-handedly infected a large number of innocent humans all in the name of — "I HAVE A SINUS INFECTION!".

In my defense……

It all started out as a little sinus infection.  I woke up during the night (Tuesday/Wednesday) feeling horrible.  I took a sinus pill before bedtime but after trying everything to fall back asleep, I knew my trip to Washington was going to be a challenge.  I felt miserable the whole drive into Dallas.  The misery took on a whole new level of horrible once the plane took off and by the time I was high in the sky…..I imagined every kind of scenario of climbing out on a wing and just letting go!  Forevs!

The very kind man sitting next to me (Father, forgive me for those I have spread my death sentence) sweetly offered me the first of many Mucinex pills I would take on the trip of a lifetime.  For brief moments, my head would stop pouring snot and water but the pressure and ache continued to gain momentum.  I literally hurt all over my body.  My skin……oh my skin!!!  It pretty much felt as though it was working its way OFF OF MY BODY!

Crawling skin.  Not good.

My face, hurt.  The skin on my face, hurt.  I don't believe there was a nerve anywhere on my body that didn't have a zinging feeling.  Jumping off the wing of the plane would have been a welcome relief.  Especially when my head was full of pressure and my chest was starting to jump in on all the sick fun.  I guess you could say, it's been a full-on all over body sick experience.

…..and it was just getting started!

By the time we landed and the Lord let me live to see Seattle, I was seriously thinking about checking in to a hospital.  However, the excitement of what we were doing was leading my brain so we hopped a taxi and raced to the car rental place.  We still had a big drive over/through/around the mountains to sneak up on our victims family. 

What's a little runny nose in the grand scheme of BLOWING YOUR FAMILY'S MINDS?  Right?

I wish I could say that the sniffles and aches went away but they didn't.  Even with all the different meds, I struggled to live and enjoy (no, I'm not overreacting) all the fun and fellowship of being with our family.  Everywhere we've gone…..I've moaned and groaned reminding my crew what a miserable sick person can do to a fun outing!

Trip wrecked!

That sinus infection must have been toting a little more oomph than I let myself believe (I thought I had something serious) because my poor mother-in-law woke up feeling the curse of death yesterday and spent all of Sunday begging for relief too!  So, there you go.  I didn't just have some sinus infection.

You're welcome world.  I am here to spread my death cooties all across the USA. 

Oh and if you're wondering, NO, I AM NOT BETTER!  My head is still pounding and full of pressure, my sinus/ears/chest are still congested and I feel like I've ran a marathon.  Breathing is a gift.  Its also been almost a full week of the symptoms too. Who knew such a monster existed? 

look for him


I'm thankful for so much….even in the midst of feeling so crummy.  You are worthy of all glory and honor.  Thank you for time with family.



January 23rd, 2015

My hubby and I are on a wild trip right now that we've known about for weeks!  It was KILLING US not to blab our big mouths!!  It's been over 3 years since we last hugged and gabbed with family (hubby's parents & bro) in person.  Since time is a vapor and none of us are getting any younger…..I decided to snoop around online and find tickets to take us out to Washington state for the visit of a lifetime!

The trip was planned in the mix with our Texas work trip.  It ended up being perfect timing and economically do-able.  We rented a suburban to get us from Seattle to the other side of the mountains and had our big sneak up planned — trust me, we worried our surprise might be a little too shocking.  However, we pulled up around 8:15pm (dark thirty in Wenatchee Wa) and started up the driveway only to see a Poppy head pop up from the outside staircase looking right at us.  He couldn't quite see WHO IT WAS until we got right up to him and he quickly turned and started down the stairs to tell Nana, "HONEY, WE HAVE COMPANY!".



We barreled down the stairs behind him, giggling and excited… see Nana with her feet up on the sofa and rushed her with hugs and screams.  She blinked her eyes and had to do a little brain checking to make sure she was seeing what she was actually seeing.  And then….

…..all our tears and excitement started flowing!

They couldn't believe we were there standing in their living room and we couldn't either!  It was truly the trip of a lifetime.

That was Wednesday night of this week (Jan 21st) and we are going to cram as much love and fun into this week together as we can.  We fly back out from Seattle (the 28th) to Texas.


Why we did it?

Time doesn't wait and family is the heart from which all love flows.  Our busy lives have kept us locked into way too many years apart.  The distance from Washington to Indiana is a big one and never has there been enough time or dollars to make a big visit happen.  After talking it over, we decided that making time and spending the money was more than worth it!  God certainly played a big part too.  Without the many ways he has blessed us (jobs, financially….perfect timing) we wouldn't be here today.

Thank you, Lord.

So, what is stopping you from doing something really important to you during this season of your life?  In my wiser days of life, I'm learning to do what it takes to make it happen.  There's no reason to sit on dreams and wish them to come true.  Each of us have the power to just GO FOR IT!

PS.- Washington is beautiful!


Those Who Serve

January 19th, 2015

This weekend we planned our entire free time around watching the newly released American Sniper movie.  My hubby read Chris Kyle's book way back when it was first released.  He was so moved by the story that he would stop and share with me some of the most incredible parts.  The reality of what our military do on a daily basis can be a little overwhelming.  Chris Kyle's job, even more so.

Chris Kyle was an American sniper.  He trained to be a Navy Seal that specialized in the job of sharp shooter.  His skills went above the norm as he was known among all servicemen as The Legend.  He never set out to be a superstar among his fellow military….but he clearly became one.  The job of sniper comes with a heavy price.

chris kyle

When news of the movie release came along, hubby asked if I wanted to read it together (we listen on audio in the car) before we went to see it in theatres!  Our trip to Texas was the perfect time to hear it together and be ready for the weekend opening.

We headed into Paris to eat dinner and buy our tickets…..we were there about an hour early and all the showings were already sold out.  Did I mention, we're in TEXAS?  Chris Kyle's home state?  Everybody in this state must have spent this weekend seeing it.  We went back the next day (EARLY again) and pre-bought our tickets and sat in a packed theatre waiting to see one of the greatest movies ever played on the big screen.

I won't pretend it was easy to watch.  Knowing how Chris Kyle's life was taken in such a pathetic and evil way…..sticks with you throughout the movie.  It's difficult to comprehend such a thing could happen after the constant danger he lived through while serving 4 different tours of duty.

chris kyle funeral

I feel honored that men like Chris Kyle do what they do (for me and for you).  It's an ugly way of serving our country and it reminds me how little many who live freely in America respect the men & women who do it with such generosity.  Since watching the movie on Saturday…..I've read several disgusting articles from celebs and the like speaking out against Chris Kyle and other military people negatively.  It's the lowest form of disrespect (to me).  What these service-minded people do for our country (for such pathetic pay and of course no glory) cannot even be talked about in the same light as the immoral garbage spewed out by these rich hateful big mouths.  It's appalling!

A lesson for each of us whether we agree with war or not would be to show respect to those who give their very lives for our freedom to feel that way.  No other job can compare to what these giving people do.  It's a shame and embarrassment to see people of status humiliate and degrade true servants!

Perhaps the sell-out showings and the 90.2 million earnings from this weekend's opening of the movie will be just the RESPECT that our military deserve!  GO SEE IT!  But… more than that, don't miss a chance to lift up and support those in uniform!



Thank you for the ones courageous enough to protect and serve our country.  Protect them and give their families peace knowing what they do….is the greatest sacrifice.


Fashion Friday – Accessories Edition

January 16th, 2015

queenies ff

Every girl knows….accessories take a regular drab outfit to WOW, WHERE'D YOU GET THAT?  When I scroll through Instagram…. jewelry, handbags, boots and vests are usually what stop me in my tracks to linger over the look.

I'm all about accessorizing to kick my wardrobe up a notch! 

I've found a few sweet pieces every gal needs to take that boring look to awesome!

bar neck

Simple Bar Necklace with Heart

Valentines Day is right around the corner and who wouldn't love a personalized handstamped custom necklace.  Made with Love will customize any phrase, name or saying just for you!  Love all her pieces!  This necklace is $24!

blanket scarf

Oversized Plaid Blanket Scarf

Blanket scarves are all the rage right now.  Every site I shop seems to sell out lickety split.  This one is a great plaid reversible and they have many color choices!  $22.99

texas neck

I Heart Texas Necklace

In honor of my stay in Texas, I can't pass up a chance to share some Texas love!  These are so cute and only $9.99


Black Clover stud earrings

Aren't these pretty?  Love the look of black against the face.  These sweet studs are $3.99


Dory Bow Grey Floppy Hat

If you have a good hat head…this is adorable!  I love the chic look of a floppy hat!  $28.50


Clodagh Floral Cluster Necklace

Statement necklaces are a tricky item.  Choosing the right one can be intimidating!  The color choices are endless and unless you want to buy many to compliment all your wardrobe changes….picking a few special colors can really enhance your outfits.  I like the soft colors of this one (perfect for a grey tee and jeans look) and it can go with a dressier oufit as well.  $18.98  FOR REAL!!

fur snood

Ursula Faux Fur Black Snood

I have a girl that is very fond of a little fur around her neck!  This one is classic!  $30.40

grey cardi

Collared Maxi Cardigan

This is a gorgeous cardigan and YES, I consider it an accessory must have!  The grey is beautiful too!  It's $19.00  THAT'S NINETEEN DOLLHAIRS, Y'ALL!!!


Sole Society Round Floral Crystal Bracelet

Okay, mama want!!!!  I love this bracelet!  It's gorgeous!  $34.95


Sperry Saltwater Striped Duck Boots

How adorable are these water boots?  I love the stripes and these are on sale $80 big ones!


Moon and Lola Annabel Oval Monogrammed Bracelet

The choices are a plenty in color here.  These monogrammed bracelets are for the girl who loves a trendy look.  Uhh, yep…that's me!  At a fancy price of $85

As you can see, I tend to pick items that I would wear personally.   You may not see anything in my list that flitters your flutter.  That's okay.  Acccessories come in every style imaginable.  Mine just happens to be a little conservative.  I never have full courage to get too crazy.  So, I stick to simpler items to jazz up my look!

Don't be afraid to add something new!  Get out there, accessorize…people!

Oh the Places You’ll Go

January 14th, 2015


It's one of those days….the car is packed.   The dogs are loaded.   The book on cd is playing.

And we're flying down the highway!

In honor of Chris Kyle,  we're listening to American Sniper.  Looking forward to seeing the movie on Friday. 

Texas bound.  

Hopefully you're having a kickin' hump day.   I'm glad to leave the single digit weather behind for a while.  

Stay warm friends!

What a Girl Wants

January 13th, 2015

I remember being a young, full of life, invincible, know-it-all girl.  Nothing or no one could stop me from doing exactly what I wanted.  I thought I was smart.  I convinced myself that I knew just what was best for me.  When someone older than me gave advice…..I laughed at the absurdity and the old out of time knowledge.

I was brilliant.

Only the truth was —  that I was foolish and wreckless.  My mistakes would be around a long time (try infinity) and my naive thinking would land me with a heart full of regret!

For me, God had a great redemption plan.  Before I could totally destroy my life he would recover me and restore me and put me on the path to victory.  For all intended purposes, I managed to pull myself together and CHOOSE the best future for myself.  But make no mistake, it wasn't of my own doing….IT WAS GOD'S! 

I was saved from a life of misery but not without some deep forever bruises.

I'm 48 years old now.  I see youth in a much more mature light (funny how that works).  Sadly, I'm surrounded with young friends who are living for the moment and suffering the consequences every single day.  Yet, for most of them….they're not learning any real life lessons.  Just blame or revenge or denial that they've played any part in their big mess ups!  Every day on Facebook I read heartbreaking posts from jilted girls or miserable single mothers having issues with ex-boyfriends and I just want to cry.  Don't think I'm just picking on promiscuous chicks here either.  Guys are breaking a lot of rules here too.  Afterall, somebody's getting these girls pregnant and or living out of wedlock with them.  They own just as much of the problem here as the girls.  However, my heart is really concerned for the young women who give themselves away with no thought in the world.

I have news for you and I'm very sorry to say…..


See, what you're ignoring or purposefully choosing not to see is that your actions have consequences and very very often….those consequences are GIGANTIC!  What probably started out as a little bit of fun turns very serious and extremely life-changing without so much as a text later.

But don't let me lead you to believe that ONLY PREGNANCY is your biggest issue to fear.  Your very heart is at stake!  Your willingness to cheat (what scripture says is the perfect plan for you) and do whatever you want with whomever you want will haunt you for life.  It will go with you, every day for the rest of your long life.  You will take every lover, every party, every big mistake right into your marriage.  It will always hang over you.

Tell me, why?  Why would you be willing to give up your future joy and peace for a fun romp with a cute guy?  If I asked, many of you would even tell me….it wasn't even that fun of a romp (for you).

One thing you can count on…..

The guy who values you, the one who will treasure you….the one who will die trying to protect and save YOUR HONOR wouldn't ask you to be his booty call or to move in together.  No, that's another guy — he's the guy doesn't give a rip.  He doesn't have the slightest bit of concern over your heart or your value as a woman and he certainly doesn't have the courage or integrity to be the father of your children.

Listen, if you are someone who's choosing to live in the moment and letting the chips fall where they fall.  BEWARE!  You are harming yourself in a very big way.  Every time you give up a little more of yourself… crush a special piece of your future and of the relationship you will (hopefully) one day have with your spouse.

Stop and think about what you really want.  It's probably not a broken heart for you or your future hubby!


Good things whisper. … bad things shout!