What Desperation Looks Like

June 28th, 2016


This morning, I read the sad story about a Texas mother who shot her daughters to death and then was killed by police outside their home while she still held the gun in her hand.

What happened?

I know it’s the question every person speaks…but, why? Why would a person do this? Why would a mother who surely wiped their faces, dressed them in frilly little matching dresses and posted sweet pictures of them on Facebook murder her grown baby girls?

What was happening in her life to make her this desperate?

Was she angry? Had someone wronged her? The article mentions a family meeting. What outrageous behavior triggered such an egregious act from a seemingly loving faith-filled mother? How did they go from –> Girls clean your rooms to chasing them down with a handgun and shooting them to their death?

There is nothing but heartache in this story.

I’m no expert yet I know frustration and stress can make us do drastic things. But, not murder our children. This horrible act came from somewhere. Something was happening in this mama’s heart or mind. Something very dark, something very painful and I’m here to tell you it could happen to anybody.

The mind is a battlefield.

Sources have revealed this mother had struggled with mental illness. If you scroll through her Facebook page you’d see what appears to be a normal southern God-loving mama. A beautiful lady with a seemingly happy life and 2 gorgeous blonde daughters that were her mirror image.

So, why?

Why choose your husband’s birthday to go totally off the planet and kill your treasured brood? Her mind was sick. She was not okay. She was more than struggling with mental health, she was full-on desperately mentally unwell.

To you, I say….if you or someone you know is “struggling” with mental illness, do something! Don’t just hope they feel better or promise to pray for them. Do those things but act on the information you have as well. People that suffer with mental health issues need more than just a tender spot for their plight. They need genuine care and support that moves them into living the best and healthiest life possible.

Not every person with a mental disorder (and it’s more common than not in today’s world) kills the people they love.

That’s what desperation looks like.

** Curious to the various types of mental health?

Go HERE and familiarize yourself with the many facets of mental illnesses.

Face Time

June 23rd, 2016

girl dream

After 2 weeks of all guy activities, I jumped in with both feet for some chick action when my girls wanted to do at home facials this weekend.

I’m available for anything that makes look younger, better…foxier!

Even foreign products with all the directions written in another language. Safe? We’ll see.

face stuff

I’m not normally a gal who uses a mask. I tend to stick to the basics: Clean skin, moisturize and hydrate.

face it

My girls love masks. Perhaps it’s their youthful freedom to do whatever the heck they want whenever the heck they want to do it! I’m old”er”, I’m busy and I’m too tired. Ha! Or am I lazy?

face it 1

Try, just try to do something funny like this with your kids and NOT LAUGH! I couldn’t help it. Who can keep a straight MASK face? Not me.

really the mouth

Seriously? On my mouth? Come on, girl!

face it lip

Because this mask puffs up once the air hits it and you have to work fast. We were hurrying between laughing and arguing about getting it in my nose and mouth. Thanks, Ally!


It was a quick process and I got a little concerned when it began to tickle itch. Like, I wanted to claw my nose area and scratch it off. No pain, just tickly.

funn facw

Honestly, it was fun. And we all ended up with silky smooth skin!

Two thumbs up, weird puffy mask product.

Really Phone, Come On

June 22nd, 2016

I’m slow to what’s going on in the world for the most part. I live in my own little bubble and that’s okay. I like my s l o w life. It works for me. Some people need to be on the cutting edge or smashed right in the mix of what’s what. Not me. I’m good.

Recently, I started getting some rather noisy alerts from my cellphone from Fakebook. Well, let me back up. First, it started with Twitter. I have a Twitter account, I rarely ever hang out there and even less than…actually tweet out a holla! However, right in the middle of a quiet spot of my life a ding-a-ling-a-ling alert would sound its horn tricking me into grabbing my phone for a VIP message from somewhere in the atmosphere.

Then, I’d see…it was just some alert from Twitter letting me know some celebrity tweeter had posted some blah-blah message for the world to see (and I should want to click right over there asap too).


Fast forward to now, as in….these are the days of MY LIFE when my handy-dandy little smart phone goes off all hours of the day and night with bells a chiming from Fakebook too.


Seriously. What the heck has changed? Who authorized this? Not me.

I don’t care what some lady who lives in the 15 mile radius of my house is selling online!! I don’t want a used Buick or some stretched out size 0 Aeropostale t-shirts. I don’t want you to wake me up at 5:30 am for stuff such as that.

Please don’t tell me I need to go into my settings and click on all the changes. I never clicked TO HAVE any of these alarming wake you up startling alerts in the first place.

Who’s been jacking with my phone?

And while I’m telling the world off about my disturbing phone issues. Why? Why is Facebook Live happening?


It blows up my feed. It slows down the whole page. I don’t care about your bloggy mama “get rich” idea (aka: buy my book) wearing full on eye make-up and face paint while sporting workout clothes (come on, do you see yourself?) — why? Get dressed. Your idea is probably super. However, I can’t take you seriously. Is it gym day or is it sell your product day? Which? And the food videos! You people are evil fat pushers! All I want to do is make all the sugary stuff and die a fatty! Stop it! It’s cruel.

Now, I have to go. I’ve got to get back into my settings and click off everything. (Which I have done and I still get the chiming dings for alerts to nonsense that I could care less about!!).

It’s phone wars, people! I declare!


PS- I love you phone! No, I hate you. 🙂

10 Reasons My Hubby is the BEST DAD

June 19th, 2016

When I dole out advice to my girls about picking a future spouse it always involves my relationship with their dad. They know how great he is because they’ve paid attention to real life. Unlike me, they’ve always known the love of their father. They don’t wonder if he thinks they are incredible or beautiful….he’s always been there loving them, investing in them and caring for them and their many needs.

sexy daddy

The day we found out I was pregnant with our first baby, our sweet boy Gavin….the thing I remember most is the way he jumped up out of his chair excitedly in the doctor’s office. He’s been that kind of dad from the very beginning. Our son is a mirror reflection of him in many ways. They are especially close and I’ve had the joy of watching him father our boy into manhood. In spite of both of our mistakes, we have super cool kids.

For Father’s Day, I’m listing just 10 reasons I believe my hubby is a great dad because of course, there are many more than just 10!

1 – He’s involved.

D 1

He loves doing stuff for and WITH his kids. He will try any project, adventure or dirty job. Our kids will call him for whatever it is going on in their life. He tries to always have an answer or solution and he doesn’t give up easily if it’s too big to handle.

d 3

Thanks, Free People for leaving a security tag on a snazzy dress (found once we were home 2 hours away!). Dad to the rescue!

goals dad

2 – He teaches our kids to have goals.

We’ve worked hard at working hard. Many of our decisions were forced upon us because of lack of planning. Thankfully, we realized that setting goals was the only way to get the results we were really wishing for. He’s a dad who isn’t afraid to sit his kids down and say, dream! Write it out! Now, let’s see how to get there!

d 4

3 – He’s fun.

dad time

He likes to get into stuff. He will make a mess, tear things up and even allow himself to look silly. I didn’t grow up like that. Too many rules. He’s all let’s have fun and I’m all clean that up! I wish I could relax and trash the place too!

dad 9

4 – He’s always teaching.

hold me up

He loves learning and he loves sharing what he learns. Maybe that’s why the kids always call him for every little thing. He never minds the questions (and I’ve noticed, he makes up some answers too). He’s interested in everything and is a master know-it-all!

5 – He’s a softy.

dad doggg

Oh, he talks tough. But beyond our kids….he is mushy to a point regarding our animals. I love that quality.

ador a dad

6 – He’s aware his kids need him.

pulling it

They need him for many reasons. He’s their father and he will always shoot straight. It does them no good if he sugar coats issues or rescues every emergency. He is learning the difference between doing too much and letting them fail. Life is hard, while he wishes to wipe away every mistake…he knows they need to fall short in order to have the best life.

7 – He’s good at taking crap.

dad crap

Even when it involves cleaning up crap.

dad 8

Whether it be dog or people. He always saves the day by taking care of all the dirty jobs of life; car problems, homework issues, computer frustrations, broken items….every single thing.

Dad dad he’s our man! If he can’t do it, NOBODY can!

8 – He aims to grow great humans.

dAD 5

He doesn’t just build stuff and fix junk. He purposefully takes the time to make our kids good people. He’s open with them about his own shortcomings (like he could hide em). He has been known to apologize for his mistakes (a few, anyway). He knows he can’t hide any flaws from them…they are smart, like him!

9 – He always honors me above them.


I didn’t always have it in me to love him more than my kids. I blame that on the young mom syndrome. When you’re raising babies, it’s hard to not give them almost all of you. I’m so grateful for his love for me and I think our kids are too.

10 – He doesn’t give up easily.

dad of dads

He’s gone back to school, changed careers, gone to school again, moved across the country, changed jobs again, fixed up every house we’ve lived in, gone without, moved kids out, buried beloved pets, built tree houses, taken vacations to places he probably didn’t want to go, coached baseball & basketball, shared his time, set his own dreams aside to give our kids a normal and full life.

And I believe he’d do it all again. He’s that kind of dad!

The best!

We love you, babe! Way to go, Daddy-O!

Tour de Texas

June 17th, 2016

me happy

You’ve probably heard but in case you haven’t…TEXAS IS HUGE!

Every trip we’ve taken to the great big beautiful state we’ve only stayed within a certain smallish space. Never exploring past Dallas, really.

So, when I found out hubby needed to make a June Texas trip….I convinced him to take an extra week and schedule in a vacation (that’s a sure way to MAKE HIM GO DO SOMETHING!).

We had no real agenda, just to take off and see as much of it as we could squeeze in during a week.

Where’d we go? I’m glad you asked.

jo jo

Chip & Joanna Gaines are beyond famous and the town of Waco is buzzing like a hot wire for these Fixer Upper stars!

mag store

It was blazing hot and crawling with tourists. Including us. However, we rolled in and rolled out without a hitch!

light love

In every episode of Fixer Upper, I squeal when I see JoJo’s lighting choices. I have a thing for chandy’s! This is hanging in the store and I wish I owned one just like it.

river walk

We hit the road after sweating ourselves silly and headed straight for San Antonio!

walk san ant

We made it there in time to walk the river and sight see a bit around our hotel. We stayed in the Menger Hotel right beside the Alamo. The old historical hotel was full of rich stories and even has a reputation for being haunted. I didn’t see any ghosts but I did close down the pool by being the last one out at 10 pm.

my room

hotel menger

We had a great stay there and even made a few new friends.

we heard you feed animals

They are wise to tourists, obviously.

squ bud

I mean, they enjoy a good breakfast too.


And the word is — animals KNOW who the softy is when it comes to feeding the animals at meal time. Ahem, Dad!

big ship

Next, we hit the town of Corpus Christi. This was our view at lunch on the water.


This is how Gladys & Merle try to get a selfie when they arrive at Port Aransas Beach. Just one pic, that’s all I wanted.

still elderly


got it 1


got it

Oh who cares? We made it to the very bottom of Texas and we aren’t going to let windy selfies stop us!

flip it

This is for my kids. They love their dad. They think he’s pretty close to perfect but they know one giant truth about him – HE DOES NOT WEAR FLIP-FLOPS!!! His shoes got wet inside and wouldn’t dry so he resorted to serious measures by buying a pair of flip-flops for his actual feet.

He’s more of a boot guy!


He was on vacation (that’s what I kept telling myself).

caugh a

We found a place to park our selves and hit the beach. Which is really cool! You drive out on the beach, pick your spot and claim it as yours. The only real rule I know of is no glass on the beach. Otherwise, you can party….camp….surf…fish whatever. Even, kiss!

kiss on beach

cute dad

cute d


Our last night there we went to dinner at Moby Dick’s for oysters. I had to snap these shots of my cute hubby because he ran out of shorts (somehow, he only packed 1 pair) and we had to hit Macy’s. I think I like him in yellow!

jump it

This is how I feel about my trip! It was a big wild adventure!! Time to head home to Indiana!

I have a mixed-up smushed to pieces heart because I’m leaving…..


…..behind my baby boy!

Mama Goes Camping

June 12th, 2016


When I hang out with these two….I get a double dose of dudemones. They like to do guy stuff: sweat, work, drive fast, chase adventure, throw caution to the wind, pew pew guns, live off the land….manly man things!

hotter than h

And camp. They both love to camp.

I love camping too. However, I have a few requirements and they include things like running water and electricity. This campsite? No to both. 🙁

Maybe I’m more of a glamper.

mama jeep

Good thing these photos are not scratch and sniff because we stinketh!

jumped in

Lizzy got a little anxious and jumped in the raging river.

We chose a great park right on the Mountain Fork River which is next to Broken Bow Lake – Beavers Bend State Park. I’ve never been to Oklahoma even though it’s merely a few miles away from my hangout in Texas.

Bucket list, check!

beavers bend

10 steps from our picnic table we could step right into this icy little paradise.

fly fish

Throughout our stay the river evolved into many different forms of beautiful. The heat just stayed H O T. We were sweaty and sticky with nowhere to shower off. Like savages! 🙂

river fog

It really was as peaceful as it looks.


Peeking back up at camp from the river. The steady stream rustling through the rocks was the most amazing sound. It almost drowned out the noisy camper neighbors – but not totally. There are rules in most campgrounds about noise, here, not so much. Several guys (who were very friendly guys) stayed up most of the night partying to our right side and on the left a group of ladies honked their Escalade lock button open and closed a million times right beside our tent all night. It was a real bummer. Mixed with the fire hot heat.

Roughing it, y’all. I guess going without wifi is a big deal too. I thought it was cool to leave that behind a while.


Bike riding like champs. A little bit of it uphill. Promised myself to get into shape before I kill myself doing something fun.


There is no camping without a good fire. Hello? S’mores!

river bed

Aren’t the rocks amazing? I had to stop myself from stealing a carload to bring home. I have a thing….about rocks.


I got up bright and early because everyone else in the camperhood was up and packing to go. We had breakfast plans too.

wifi cafe

We should have taken the hint because while we were eating breakfast at the Wifi Cafe the rain started to fall and we had to scramble back to camp and tear everything down. Gavin was in his jeep without a top so he headed home as soon as he could grab a few things.

We stepped into a whole nother level of scummy by this point.

Even the guys were dreaming of a hot shower. Ha!

sacked out

Lizzy did not have any trouble getting comfortable during the night. She slept, sideways on the blowup mattress.

home ag

After she got her bath (yes, she showered too) Lizzy fell asleep and wouldn’t budge.

Gracie too.

gracie out

I think maybe they like GLAMPING too. Hehe!

We had a great time. It was fun new territory and we would love to go back.