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31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 31)

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

Woohoo!  I didn't think this month would ever come to an end.  I don't mean that in any way negative except to say…..the challenge to be positive and share positive attitude advice has been just that—a challenge!  But, I'm no quitter!

Real life stuff sneaks up and tries everything to rob us of peace & joy.  If we're not mindful, it can take every bit of our sanity.  I've experienced a few snafu's this month that have threatened to do just that.

Since arriving on Monday night, I've had limited sleep mixed with plenty of running.  The schedule for radiation treatments begins early and has around a 40 minute commute.  Each trip consists of stopping at a friends house on the way (about 7 miles out of town) to drive her Tahoe.  This is her gift to my mother since she can't take her to the doctor herself.  She wants to do "something" and this is what she feels is her contribution.  Today, I knew something wasn't right with the car as we cruised down the highway at 65 mph (I drive a similar SUV) and discovered after arriving to our destination that we were in 4wheel drive.  The whole way.


Funny stuff happens, even when life doesn't seem so funny.  I've also noticed that coming home after being gone 23 + years is strange.  So much has changed yet much is still the same.  People are older (me included) and my memory of who people are has faded.  Nothing seems familiar and driving all the old roads just makes me feel nervous.  I've been sick with a headcold & congestion so I'm not even feeling like myself.  My ears are pressurized.. it feels like I may never hear again and the coughing all night is a real bummer.  Misery loves company, right?

Did I mention…I'm here to help my mother?  Pathetic, huh?

Now to wrap up this series on having a positive attitude.  Over the month, I've shared many ways to beat the blues and cling to the positive.  But the reality of it is this….having a positive attitude takes practice!  Anything we want to be good at in life takes practice.  So, I'll leave you with a few tips for just that…










Nothing that comes your way or mine can beat us if we're practicing such simple habits.  God will empower you and me.  But it starts with us.

Thank you for coming back and reading everyday.  As with anything you sign up to do…it starts to fizzle sometimes.  I know there were some duds mixed in here and there but I'm glad I stuck it out (and you too).   I think I'll be very careful next October.  If I participate in 31 Days, I'm going to be very P I C K Y as to my challenge!  Hehe!




31 Days — Positive Attitude(Day 30)

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

Who can be negative at an Oncology office? I’m here, it’s windy out and the skies are clear & beautiful.

My first experience with cancer treatments and it’s nothing at all as I imagined. The environment is quiet, the people busy and the doctor ready for any question. He sits with us and talks….almost as if he’s thinking outloud.

I’m confident he knows what’s best and is making sure it happens. I like his plan and his willingness to share it with us.

I wait. She gets busy with radiation. It still seems unreal.

I feel grateful. So does she.

She used to say to me all the time while I was growing up — you can’t keep a good dog down (referring to her own tenacity to make it) and I believe it more than ever.

She’s one tough cookie!!


31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 29)

Monday, October 29th, 2012

No bloggy fun for me today as I'm on a jet plane to Florida.  I'm looking forward to seeing my mom and really being able to listen to her and all that's going on with this illness.  In one way, I wish I knew what I was facing (at her side).  In another, I think God knows just what I need and knowing certain things is probably better kept secret.

So, as I venture into this new territory…I covet your prayers.  I know that God is bigger than any sickness, hurt or loss.  I simply want to be available to Him as I serve her with my presence.  I can't heal my mother but God can and while I'm with her during this battle….I hope that for both of us emotional healing can take place too.

I hope to take not only a positive attitude with me but an uplifting spirit as well.  Some of what I hope to do while I'm visiting her—>

Photographs — I hope to take some pictures of her and the two of us together.

Stories — I can't wait to hear some old family stories.  I'm sure there are some funny ones.

Favorite foods — I love my mom's cooking but I hope to make her some tasty treats while there.  Eating has a way of connecting folks.

Rest  — I plan to follow her lead.  If it's quiet and rest, then that's what I'll do.  If it's busy and loud, I'll go with that too.

Time is never on our side.  Life is fragile and I realize that more than ever as I stare this cancer in the face.  I feel thankful that I have a reason to spend time with my mother.  I want to honor her & honor God with the time we have together.

No matter the past…

31 Days — Positive Attitude (Days 27 & 28)

Sunday, October 28th, 2012

I've been MIA thanks to a serious weekend of sickness mania!  I felt it coming all week long.  My skin was literally aching!  By Friday night, full on headcold/sinus pain enough to take down the biggest of dudettes.

I'm calling it THE WEEKEND I BEGGED HUBBY TO RUN OVER MY HEAD WITH THE CAR illness.  It's now Sunday night and I'm not any better.  Packing for Florida has been a real drag too.  Tiny amounts of strength mixed with a fuzzy brain just don't bode well for putting actual clothes in a suitcase for a two-week trip.

To a totally different climate.

Who knows what I'll be wearing.  At this point, I don't care!  I just want to know who can lead me through the airport and help me carry my stuff.  Nothing that I take makes a lick of difference either.  My right sinus is just as packed whether I snort a nasal spray or don't.  The pressure is intense.   Can you say, head pounding?  Perfect for flying.  Not!

So, it's safe to say that all this positive attitude advice blogging….really should be left to the professionals.  I'm clearly in over my head or paygrade, however you want to put it.  My attitude has been put to the test in just about every aspect of life this month.  If I get out alive, it will be a miracle.

How do you have a positive attitude when you're physically sick?  I have a few ideas.  Check it–>

1.  Stick close to home with family/loved ones.  Home really is where the heart is.

2   Don't try to do your normal routine.  Let other's help you out.  Rest.

3.  Don't be a victim.  Find a way to see something good in your situation.

4.  Smile through the pain.  It's amazing how much better you feel if you have something to smile or laugh about.

Proverbs 6:2, "Watch what you think or say, lest you become ensnared by the words of your mouth".


31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 26)

Friday, October 26th, 2012

I'm not going to sugarcoat this… is hard to have a sweet attitude when the people you come in contact with the most ARE JERKS!

Ever catch yourself….REACTING?

I'm guilty.  And disappointed in myself for doing it.  Darn these emotions, darn em to heck!  I want to know JUST ONCE what it's like to conduct yourself without all the emotions God created within me.

Why can't I be all loosey goosey?

Maybe you're like me, super emotional.  If you are, what do you do to keep yourself in check?  For me, I usually have to apologize after I've lost my cool.  Which just ticks me off (especially when I'm trying to write 31 days of how to have a positive attitude!!).  Oh the irony!

So, all I've got for you is how to do "clean up" after you've blown it.

1)  Clearly, get away from the situation and reflect.  Decide just how WORTH it the blow up was.

2)  Ask God for some guidance.  He's more than likely going to convict you of your part.  Go with it and be ready to say sorry!

3)  Apologize to the person you blew up at.  Just bite the bullet and fall on your sword.  It's up to them to forgive.  But be honest with your sorry!

It's Friday and I'm feeling a little nervous about leaving my own family for 2 weeks.  Tensions are high and emotions are whirling around me.  I'm taking my own advice and trying to be careful what I say to the ones I'm leaving behind.  Even if they don't pay me the same honor.  I want to please God with my behavior & attitude.

Pray for me…

31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 25)

Thursday, October 25th, 2012

I heard the news this morning that a hurricane is heading just where I need to go on Monday!  Talk about timing!!  Wow!  I'm not going to fret and worry….just yet.  I'll wait until Sunday or Monday to start that.  Why waste a worry?  Right?  I'm out of control when it comes to hurricanes anyway.  What good will it do me to start stressing out?

Which brings me to this….how easy is it for you to own other people's problems?  Today, my co-worker was feeling a little overwhelmed about all the absences of several students.  The reason?  We don't have time to catch people up after they've missed so much work.  Our class moves pretty fast and absences set us back (us & the student).  The thing about absences in school is that it's up to the student to make up or catch up on whatever they missed.  In a real world, that would be ok.  We, work in Special Ed.  That's not how the game is played.

So, it gets stressful and confusing.  Lucky for us, we have the two of us trying to manage it all.  One person would probably pull all their hair out.

My tip is –> LET IT GO!

You can't own the mistakes of another person.  Step outside of the situation and allow them to take the responsibility of their problem.  It's ok to help out.  But taking it on and sticking it in your own bag of to-do's is a big mistake.  It's impossible to learn & grow if you're always being rescued.