31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 26)

I'm not going to sugarcoat this…..it is hard to have a sweet attitude when the people you come in contact with the most ARE JERKS!

Ever catch yourself….REACTING?

I'm guilty.  And disappointed in myself for doing it.  Darn these emotions, darn em to heck!  I want to know JUST ONCE what it's like to conduct yourself without all the emotions God created within me.

Why can't I be all loosey goosey?

Maybe you're like me, super emotional.  If you are, what do you do to keep yourself in check?  For me, I usually have to apologize after I've lost my cool.  Which just ticks me off (especially when I'm trying to write 31 days of how to have a positive attitude!!).  Oh the irony!

So, all I've got for you is how to do "clean up" after you've blown it.

1)  Clearly, get away from the situation and reflect.  Decide just how WORTH it the blow up was.

2)  Ask God for some guidance.  He's more than likely going to convict you of your part.  Go with it and be ready to say sorry!

3)  Apologize to the person you blew up at.  Just bite the bullet and fall on your sword.  It's up to them to forgive.  But be honest with your sorry!

It's Friday and I'm feeling a little nervous about leaving my own family for 2 weeks.  Tensions are high and emotions are whirling around me.  I'm taking my own advice and trying to be careful what I say to the ones I'm leaving behind.  Even if they don't pay me the same honor.  I want to please God with my behavior & attitude.

Pray for me…

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