31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 25)

I heard the news this morning that a hurricane is heading just where I need to go on Monday!  Talk about timing!!  Wow!  I'm not going to fret and worry….just yet.  I'll wait until Sunday or Monday to start that.  Why waste a worry?  Right?  I'm out of control when it comes to hurricanes anyway.  What good will it do me to start stressing out?

Which brings me to this….how easy is it for you to own other people's problems?  Today, my co-worker was feeling a little overwhelmed about all the absences of several students.  The reason?  We don't have time to catch people up after they've missed so much work.  Our class moves pretty fast and absences set us back (us & the student).  The thing about absences in school is that it's up to the student to make up or catch up on whatever they missed.  In a real world, that would be ok.  We, work in Special Ed.  That's not how the game is played.

So, it gets stressful and confusing.  Lucky for us, we have the two of us trying to manage it all.  One person would probably pull all their hair out.

My tip is –> LET IT GO!

You can't own the mistakes of another person.  Step outside of the situation and allow them to take the responsibility of their problem.  It's ok to help out.  But taking it on and sticking it in your own bag of to-do's is a big mistake.  It's impossible to learn & grow if you're always being rescued.

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