31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 24)

Yesterday, I had one of those days.  The kind that remind me just how many blessings I have, days.  God loves to use other's to get my attention, huh?

I was a little nervous about getting my stitches out but that was a waste of nerves.  My favorite school nurse, Amy… was chomping at the bit to do it.  So, after school we got down to business and it was a piece of cake.  She even butterfly taped the spots that needed just a bit more healing time.  Love this lady!

Blessing #1  (Didn't have to go back to the doctor $$)


The finished results!  Not too bad, eh?  The doctor's office called after I left school as well to tell me that my lab results showed no cancer.  She did say that the results revealed "pre-cancerous" info but that was just to keep an eye on the spot.  Mmm, ok.


Blessing #2

Since I'm leaving on Monday, I won't be home to vote and if you've gotten to know me in the slightest….I WILL NOT MISS MY CHANCE TO VOTE!!!  Hubby and I went to the courthouse and there we both were able to vote on the coolest computer screen system.  Plus, God had a gentleman (a stranger) there waiting just for me to encourage me and ask if he could put my mom on his church's prayer list!  Uhmm, YES PLEASE!!  

Blessing #3

Remember all the car fiasco?  Ally's car has been out of commission since August 23.  Hubby was able to find a replacement motor in our price range and it is being picked up on Friday!  Woohoo!  I wanted to cry!  Plus, he went out to a friends to begin the work of taking the old motor out.  It feels good to know this problem is solvable!  Wow, God!  Thank you!

Blessing #4

I needed a ride from the airport next week (since my mom begins radiation that same day), so I sent out an SOS on Facebook.  Tons of loving friends and family reached out.  I was so overwhelmed.  My cousin who lives near the airport agreed to pick me up and drive me to my mom's.  Awesome!  Plus, I get to hug her after many years apart.

Blessing #5

A friend from high school (in Florida) offered a ride as well.  She sent me a message last night.  She said she was talking to a friend and mentioned having a friend (me) in Indiana and that my family was a ministry family.  She said, "You probably don't know her".  The other friend asked who…she said my name and the friend laughed and said, "I know Wanda Galloway".  This friend and her family were our friends from seminary and up until a few years ago, lived right down the street from us.  Such a small world.  Really, it is.

Blessing #6

I know this will sound silly but….I didn't have to cook dinner last night.  Hubby left early to work on the car so I was home to relax a bit and hang out with my girls.  I decided around 9pm to make a pot of spaghetti.  I suppose it's just the thought, if you DON'T HAVE TO, then you get the energy to actually do it.  Crazy, I know.

All of those blessings were a super boost to my attitude.  It's easy to be nice and fun when you're blanketed with good stuff, isn't it?  I just listed a few of the things that made my day.  I bet there are many other great things that happened that I'm forgetting.  My point is…..grab those good things and focus on them.

Focusing on the GOOD stuff really helps when the bad tries to weasel it's way in.

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