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31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 24)

Wednesday, October 24th, 2012

Yesterday, I had one of those days.  The kind that remind me just how many blessings I have, days.  God loves to use other's to get my attention, huh?

I was a little nervous about getting my stitches out but that was a waste of nerves.  My favorite school nurse, Amy… was chomping at the bit to do it.  So, after school we got down to business and it was a piece of cake.  She even butterfly taped the spots that needed just a bit more healing time.  Love this lady!

Blessing #1  (Didn't have to go back to the doctor $$)


The finished results!  Not too bad, eh?  The doctor's office called after I left school as well to tell me that my lab results showed no cancer.  She did say that the results revealed "pre-cancerous" info but that was just to keep an eye on the spot.  Mmm, ok.


Blessing #2

Since I'm leaving on Monday, I won't be home to vote and if you've gotten to know me in the slightest….I WILL NOT MISS MY CHANCE TO VOTE!!!  Hubby and I went to the courthouse and there we both were able to vote on the coolest computer screen system.  Plus, God had a gentleman (a stranger) there waiting just for me to encourage me and ask if he could put my mom on his church's prayer list!  Uhmm, YES PLEASE!!  

Blessing #3

Remember all the car fiasco?  Ally's car has been out of commission since August 23.  Hubby was able to find a replacement motor in our price range and it is being picked up on Friday!  Woohoo!  I wanted to cry!  Plus, he went out to a friends to begin the work of taking the old motor out.  It feels good to know this problem is solvable!  Wow, God!  Thank you!

Blessing #4

I needed a ride from the airport next week (since my mom begins radiation that same day), so I sent out an SOS on Facebook.  Tons of loving friends and family reached out.  I was so overwhelmed.  My cousin who lives near the airport agreed to pick me up and drive me to my mom's.  Awesome!  Plus, I get to hug her after many years apart.

Blessing #5

A friend from high school (in Florida) offered a ride as well.  She sent me a message last night.  She said she was talking to a friend and mentioned having a friend (me) in Indiana and that my family was a ministry family.  She said, "You probably don't know her".  The other friend asked who…she said my name and the friend laughed and said, "I know Wanda Galloway".  This friend and her family were our friends from seminary and up until a few years ago, lived right down the street from us.  Such a small world.  Really, it is.

Blessing #6

I know this will sound silly but….I didn't have to cook dinner last night.  Hubby left early to work on the car so I was home to relax a bit and hang out with my girls.  I decided around 9pm to make a pot of spaghetti.  I suppose it's just the thought, if you DON'T HAVE TO, then you get the energy to actually do it.  Crazy, I know.

All of those blessings were a super boost to my attitude.  It's easy to be nice and fun when you're blanketed with good stuff, isn't it?  I just listed a few of the things that made my day.  I bet there are many other great things that happened that I'm forgetting.  My point is…..grab those good things and focus on them.

Focusing on the GOOD stuff really helps when the bad tries to weasel it's way in.

31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 23)

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2012

What's your attitude towards those who think & believe differently than you?  Mine, I admit…can be pretty judgemental.  A sign that you're growing as a child of God, when you feel the pain of someone you disagree with when they're hurting.

I had a conversation with a student this week who was struggling to understand her brother's "coming out".  While the family had always been suspicious of his preference, he had not come out and admitted to them he was gay.  So out of fear and not knowing how to face them…he posted a relationship status on Facebook for the whole world to see.  Family included.

Ever faced something so shocking it set you back a bit?  That's pretty much how this family handled it.  I spoke gentle words of reassurance to her and reminded her, God can do anything.  It's not impossible to see him change his mind.  Prayer can make a difference.

All they can do is love him and make sure he knows they do.  No matter what.

I'm convinced that God sends many of these situations to me for my own growth process (theirs too).  I need to be reminded that a haughty attitude towards someone different than me is useless.  Not only that, it's harmful to me & them.  My opportunity to reach and love in HIS NAME is diminished when I think I'm above another who chooses something I wouldn't.

My thinking?

Agree to listen.  People need counsel, good counsel.  Not angry beat them over the head counsel.

Put yourself in their shoes.  Hurting people sometimes hurt people.  Show the sympathy that they deserve.

Blanket them with God's love and tell them you care.  What can't you understand about that?  It's easy!

Remember, you're not perfect.  Thank God for the fact that HE LOVES YOU in spite of you.  Your mistakes are no less of a big deal than any other person's.

I'm always learning.  Aren't you?

Have an attitude of compassion.  You never know when you're going to be on the recieving end of that compassion.

31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 22)

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

How do you feel on Monday?  Do you wake up ready to face the week with a smile in your heart or do you instantly feel dread?  Any person with a job can probably understand what I mean.  Facing a busy or stress-filled work week can be a little daunting.  But so can the week of a stay-at-home mama or a lonely elderly person that never sees visitors.  Everyone has to face Monday's, right?

It's how we face them that matters.

With Doom:

We talk about the new week with a negative mindset.

We repeat the dread of all that we "think" will go wrong.

With Excitement:

We imagine the positive interactions that are possible.

We rewire our brain to find the good in our situation.

Facing Monday's with excitement is possible.  Even for those of us with stressful jobs or miserable situations.  It's all part of that internal attitude.  I know just how powerful the feeling of dread can affect the whole week.  If I'm not careful, I can set myself up for dreaming of calling in sick.  That's not the way to function week after week, is it?

So, I'm taking my own advice and pushing forward with some positive thinking.  How about you?  Want to make Monday's your happy place?

Choose your attitude….choose your outcome.

Happy Birthday to this guy!  Another year older, another year wiser!



31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 20)

Saturday, October 20th, 2012

Yeah right!


I don't care!


Oh, Ok!

Any of those statements sound familiar?  If so, you might be prone to sarcasm and using sarcasm only leads to a snarky attitude.  Trust me, I know these things.  Ok, I speak fluent snarkasm and I'm NOT PROUD OF IT!  Did you know using sarcasm is just a way to say mean things and make it sound funny?  You know, a way to get in a dig and still call it a "joke". 

It hurts though.  It causes pain in relationships and can even divide families.  Words spoken with intentions to sting (and face it, snarky words sting) are directly linked to the heart.  Yes, here we go again with that heartitude.

It must be pure.

When you catch yourself spouting off, "Yeah right!" in conversations….it might be time to tame the tongue!  First, pray.  Ask God to help you stop using such harsh words.  There's usually a reason for such hostility.  Maybe you're frustrated with the person you're talking to and if that's the case, walk away.  It's best to step away from the situation than to literally crush someone you love with your words.  Right?

Next, write down something nice to replace your sarcastic words.  When my kids were growing up, I had a rule.  If you use a cutdown to anyone, you automatically owed that person two put-ups!  You'd be surprised at how often we cut other's down (you do it too) and at how amazing it feels to turn it around to a compliment!  Plus, it trains you to stop yourself and use kinder language!

Last, learn to apologize.  If you're snarky by nature….this could be an ongoing project.  Seriously examine how often you offend or hurt others.  Saying "I'm sorry" is very important in keeping relationships intact.  No one wants to be around a jerk!  

So, the word this weekend is SNARCASM!  Lose it, don't use it!  Mmm'k?


31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 19)

Friday, October 19th, 2012


How's your online attitude?  Is it testy sometimes?  Or are you nice as pie while you navigate the internet world?

I got into it with someone on Facebook today.  I didn't mean to do it, but I didn't try very hard not to either.  A friend posted a thread asking for comments on reasons WHY people were choosing to vote for Romney.  She asked everyone to play nice and of course "someone" posted a pile of malarky bashing Gov. Romney.

Not cool!

So, instead of walking away and ignoring it (hint: only do that for serious medical issues, right?)….I commented.  My mistake!  The comment I posted was something along the line of, "It frustrates me to see so many misinformed Americans".  That was all it took to fire up the arguing!  Her doing most of the arguing, me standing up to her.  Still…

Why didn't I just walk away?

Long story short, I sparred with someone who wasn't interested in doing anything but causing a ruckus.  I let my guard down and played along.  Totally wrong of me.  I still disagree with her but that's not going to change a single thing.  She has her mind made up (as do many other Americans) and my goal wasn't to change her mind anyway.  I just can't sit quiet when someone lies about another person.  It's disturbing!

The reality is that I don't have to fight with a stranger on Facebook.  I can't control the feelings of other people.  I can, however, control my own feelings.  It's way more important how I represent Christ with my words and actions than to try to correct someone I "feel" is wrong.  That's not my job!  It's God's!

Sorry, Lord.

My advice to you today is STAY COOL when your jets get all fired up over politics.  No matter who you support, it's not worth it to wrestle back-n-forth with anybody on any forum.  It won't make you feel any better.  I speak from experience.  

Zip your lip, friends.  If you want to have any influence over anyone else….speak in love not frustration.  I'd much rather lead someone else to Jesus than to vote for my political candidate.  Wouldn't you?

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."  Prov 15:1a

31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 18)

Thursday, October 18th, 2012

"When your attitude isn't right….your heart isn't either"   

I came across this quote today and it hit me like a brick!  No wiser truth has been posted on Facebook in quite some time.  Every cruddy attitude begins somewhere.  It only makes sense that it originates deep in the heart.

That's why it's a good idea to do HEART CHECKS and do them often.  This helps us keep a healthy heartitude.  What's a heartitude?  I'm glad you asked.  Check out what Jesus has to say in Luke 6:43-45—>


“A healthy tree does not bear bad fruit, nor does a poor tree bear good fruit. Every tree is known by the fruit it bears; you do not pick figs from thorn bushes or gather grapes from bramble bushes. A good person brings good out of the treasure of good things in his heart; a bad person brings bad out of his treasure of bad things. For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” 


Heartitude is the condition of the heart in relation to the Spirit of God.

It's a fact, what slips out of our mouths comes directly from our heart.  But, I have good news.  God knows we're not perfect.  He knows all about our ability to cop a tude!  Why else would he be so insistent on us fleeing anything that misleads us?  His desire is for you and me to SEEK HIM in all ways.  It's important for us to keep that relationship fire burning.  I once had a friend who referred to her relationship with Christ as "keeping close to the fire!".  I think that's a great way to describe it.  When I'm far from HIM…I can feel it in everyway.  I might be able to hold my attitude in check for a while, but eventually it catches up with me.  Hence, my need to do a heartitude check.

So, tell me.  When you're having a bad day and your attitude is trying hard to match it….do you hang tough and resist the urge to be snappy?  Or do you fold and end up regretting your words & actions?  Just like the healthy tree bears good fruit, a healthy heart produces good too.  So, the big question today is…

How's your heart?