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School Daze

Thursday, August 8th, 2013

Summer has a way of spoiling a chick.  Even with the crazy traveling and hanging out in hospitals…..I could relax knowing that I WASN'T ON A REAL SCHEDULE!

Those days are gone!


I've been in school for 2 days and I'm ready to see the weekend bigtime.  My body is rebelling to the late nights up and the early morning wake up times.  This morning when I stepped out of bed my right knee refused to join me.  It hurt as if I were wacked by a baseball bat while I was sleeping.

Who done it?

Luckily for me….I bought this magic spray stuff from Cracker Barrel this summer to spray on what ails me.  So, before I limped out the door to school…I sprayed a few squirts on that bum knee!


I can't say it healed me but I will admit that a few hours later I was back in the game.

Tonight, I promise I'm going to bed early.  Or earlier.

My hubby is back in Texas.  He flew out this morning very early before I was even awake and is still working at the lodge at this late hour of the night.  He sent me a message a bit ago that said he sure wishes he had slept for longer than 45 minutes last night.  That's harsh!  I feel for him.  Especially since he's hopping right back on a plane tomorrow and heading back home.  Don't feel too sorry for him…he's jetting back on a private flight.

What a sacrifice, huh?

Enough about him, I'll just be here wandering around in a school daze trying to fulfill my new role in the tutoring lab.  And since it's Friday, the principal gave us a FREE JEANS DAY!!  So you know how I feel about that, right?

Happy Friday!! 




Just Ban It

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

So, tell me….have you heard?  It's now offensive to hold a FATHER/DAUGHTER Dance.  Don't believe me?  Go HERE and read about it.  Yea, if you're a single mom and you have no father for your child to attend the dance with…then it must be banned.

Really, ACLU?  Ban it?  Who does this?  There are many sad injustices in the world….and not being able to take your father to a dance just doesn't make the list for me.  Goodluck with true unfair life moments.

I have an idea.  If you're someone that's offended, don't participate.  If your child doesn't have a father, enlist another loved one to share the fun.  Over the many years of raising my own kids, I've watched this scenario play out in school & church events.  Sometimes a grandparent or aunt/uncle get the privilege of joining their special child in these occasions.

Banning it, is yet another attack on the family!

I, for one am sick of this silly garbage.  I fear what is close approaching for each American.  Families are going to be so taboo…unless you fit the mold that society considers acceptable.  Nevermind what God's Word says or the values many families are working hard to instill in their children.  What's important now is if it offends someone.

What is next?


She was only 99…

Saturday, February 27th, 2010

Our Mamaw
Sadie Marie Morgan
November 13, 1910-February 26, 2010

photo taken 1/28/10

It’s been on our minds for the last few years. We’ve known it was inevitable. But facing it on Friday still stung. Our beloved Mamaw (Sadie Marie Morgan) passed from this earth and onto a glory that we can only imagine. She lived a long and happy life. Still for each of us….who loved her, we hurt.

We know that she is right where she’s been waiting so long to go. Heaven. As soon as I received the call…..I thought about that heavenly reunion. I couldn’t help but smile. Mamaw spent her whole life loving Christ and serving Him. She’s prayed and dreamed of seeing him face to face. When I think of her finally making her entrance…..I feel like rejoicing! I know that she certainly is.

Another thought came to my mind as I pictured her arrival……Papaw! I can just see him standing there with his hat on and his hand in his pocket full of mints. He was surely anxious to show her around….and as my husband added in to my prediction….he probably said something silly about “those dern enzymes”! That’s what kept her going another 19 years after he left this earth. 🙂

The legacy left behind by this tiny little giant of a lady is incredible. She has touched so many lives. Her influence on other’s for Christ is truly an inspiration. She really lived out “study to show thyself approved” and she shared her knowledge with so many. I’m reminded of a few theological differences with her and my hubby (who was attending seminary at the time) and I wonder…..if she caught up with Paul, Peter and other’s to find out if she was right or wrong. Honestly, I bet she doesn’t even care anymore.

She’s in glory! Where we all long to be someday.

I posted a message on my Facebook page about her death and the responses were so touching. She was loved by so many and she won’t be forgotten. Here’s just a few messages I received from my post. So very kind.

–i am so sorry to hear this she was such a great women . if there is anything ya’ll need let me know.

–Sorry to hear! She was a great lady and will be greatly missed by all her family and friends.Praying for you all.

–Oh no. I loved her and it was an honor to know her. What an amazing lady!

–Mamaw displayed such a beautiful spirit. It was always comforting to be near her.

We fly out tomorrow for Florida (home sweet home) to be with our family. We’re looking forward to celebrating the life she lived…..and hugging our loved ones tight. We can’t wait to get there.  Being so far away….in times like these, stink!

Thank you. We are blessed because Mamaw was in our life. Help us live outloud for you….just as she did everyday. Her legacy will live on.

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