School Daze

Summer has a way of spoiling a chick.  Even with the crazy traveling and hanging out in hospitals…..I could relax knowing that I WASN'T ON A REAL SCHEDULE!

Those days are gone!


I've been in school for 2 days and I'm ready to see the weekend bigtime.  My body is rebelling to the late nights up and the early morning wake up times.  This morning when I stepped out of bed my right knee refused to join me.  It hurt as if I were wacked by a baseball bat while I was sleeping.

Who done it?

Luckily for me….I bought this magic spray stuff from Cracker Barrel this summer to spray on what ails me.  So, before I limped out the door to school…I sprayed a few squirts on that bum knee!


I can't say it healed me but I will admit that a few hours later I was back in the game.

Tonight, I promise I'm going to bed early.  Or earlier.

My hubby is back in Texas.  He flew out this morning very early before I was even awake and is still working at the lodge at this late hour of the night.  He sent me a message a bit ago that said he sure wishes he had slept for longer than 45 minutes last night.  That's harsh!  I feel for him.  Especially since he's hopping right back on a plane tomorrow and heading back home.  Don't feel too sorry for him…he's jetting back on a private flight.

What a sacrifice, huh?

Enough about him, I'll just be here wandering around in a school daze trying to fulfill my new role in the tutoring lab.  And since it's Friday, the principal gave us a FREE JEANS DAY!!  So you know how I feel about that, right?

Happy Friday!! 




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