10 Things I Learned in July

Most of July is a blur.  It was fast & furious in everyway.  I have a heart full of memories crammed into that 31 days.  I plan to cling to them as tight as I can forever. In spite of losing my mother….many happy things happened too.  As I've learned, life is too short to miss out on celebrating all that God gives us.

In July….I learned –>

Sparkly shoes can give your attitude a jolt!  Especially when strangers compliment you while trying them on at the store.  Now I just have to find somewhere to where these beauties!


My uni-bomber daughter likes to get her comfy on while we speed through downtown Atlanta in the rainy weather.  Who does this?  I needed some support, kid!  Isn't she lovely?


Cookouts with old friends & new make holidays way more fun!


Mini Donuts might be my new obsession!  Thank you Jesus that there isn't one of these anywhere near me in Indiana.  So stinking good!


People like to decorate their lovely beach-front yard in the weirdest of things.  Seriously?  Who has time to build such a masterpiece?  And so many?


The world is a scary place.  But there are people who will stop on a busy interstate and help you!  IN THE BOILING HEAT TOO!


Be careful how you ask for a "little" ranch dressing to go with your fried pickles at certain restaurants.  The manager might be a little silly and bring you this much.  It was a hard day and God must have sent this funny guy just to me.


That I buy too many white pants.  I love them.  I can't stop myself!


For 2 nights, Ms Gates and I shared that couch bed in my mom's hospice room.  Thankfully, some sweet nurses hauled in another couch for us to have our own bed on the 3rd night.  Gates still refers to our arrangements as luxury beds.


My best friends from high school were there for me at my mom's funeral.  I didn't even have to call or ask.  Time doesn't erase true friendship love.  I can't get over how blessed I am with loving friends, everywhere!


The hardest times in your life can also be times of great joy.  Strangely enough that's how it goes here on earth.  I'm deeply moved by the ways God worked in my life through July.  I had no idea how difficult letting go would be and God knew that….so He orchestrated special people and places just for me.

How could I ask for more?

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