Improvement Needed

While folding clothes hot from the dryer just now, I thought of a sweet friend of mine. She’s one of the world’s most incredible humans. Truly, she is good inside & out. Her heart is so big, her love makes everyone feel like they are the most important person in her world. But that’s not even what I was thinking of her while folding up size 34 jeans and button down shirts.

It’s the way she always inspires me to take the next steps to be BETTER.

Every time I talk to her or hear from her in some way through friends or family, she seems to be growing. She looks for ways to do better, be better and to grow closer to God. Her life is a great example of what it means to love and obey Christ with your whole heart. I love that about her.
She inspires me to improve, to seek what it is that God has for me….every day.

I know there are days that she struggles. I also know she is a perfectly normal human with real struggles and genuine troubles. What I love most though is that she never stays there. She looks straight to God and listens for him to lead her out of whatever it is that is threatening to sidetrack her.

I wanna be like that too.

Don’t you?

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