Shaky Ground

I admit, I’m struggling these days. It’s as if the world is spinning so fast and furiously that I can barely hold on. Every day, there’s something else to remind us that this world is broken and lost without Christ. I know everyone has their own problems, I’m not special or even unique. It’s a mixed up bag of dysfunction and darkness that just seem to plague me and the world I feel way too comfortable in. Some days it feels as though I’m wearing military body armor and carrying a load that is way heavier than me (and I’m a little chubby these days). The school shootings last week filled me with horror, a month of ridiculous medical & dental stuff interrupted my feel good life and reigned down pain that I was hoping it wouldn’t and then seeing people I love hurting relationally…all of it has been heavy.

I cry out to God for mercy and He hears me. I know I can trust that. So, I cling there and offer up all the things that keep at me. Who knew we’d be where we all are right now anyway? God did. The inflation, the sketchy government and it’s deceitful management of our country continues to be a dripping faucet of concern for many Americans as well. I see other’s struggling not just spiritually but with every day common issues like housing and finances. Life is hard and it’s even harder without Jesus.

The world looks completely different for all of us right now. I am trying to focus on all that I am grateful for and believe me, it’s a lot. Still, the stresses and worries of this world get to me. I feel shaky and uptight often. I can’t help but wonder is it all of my own doing. Am I picking up worries that I have no business touching? Maybe I am. It’s the people pleaser in me, perhaps. As I get older, I see the frailty of my weak spots and I thank God that He gives me wisdom in standing up for myself a little bit more.

I can’t change any of this world’s troubles but I can give those over to God. I don’t have to stand around on shaky ground with Him in control. I can put all my faith in Him and know that he sees this broken & damaged world for what it is. I don’t have to cow tow to what the world is cramming in my face and neither do you.

When the world feels like it’s unraveling, you and I can trust that God sees every thread. He knows every painful struggle and he cares about the tiniest detail. Like you, I am fighting off the enemy the best way I know….with God’s word & prayer. I’m drawing the line on some things too. I am not jumping in on anything that takes from me and isn’t good. It’s too easy to get entangled in unhealthy stuff that robs instead of offering growth.

Here are a few ways I’m settling down on the shaky ground around me:
Eating better
Getting enough sleep
Moving more
Bible study
Prayer & devotion
Loving others
Boundaries on commitment
Self care

These are more than priorities, they are needs. I want to live a balanced life — a life that honors Christ and I can’t do that all jazzed up & shaky! It starts with me, helping me. Maybe you need to make some changes too. I pray God gives you the courage and the determination to do just that. The world needs you and me to be a light. Shine bright, friend.

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