No Perfect Moms

The older I grow, the more I understand…we are none of us perfect! Not a single person. We are flawed, uniquely designed human people who God graciously loves in spite of ourselves. To me, that goodness has been lavishly extended. I tend to work over-time trying to be perfect and usually end up somewhere between sticking my own foot in my mouth and bending over backwards making a fool out of my own self. Yea, I am a real piece of work. Yet, God loves me and he loves you too. He sees us for who we really are and still he grants us another day and another opportunity to love other’s and him.

This has been a busy season in my life, lots going on and every night I fall into bed thinking, tomorrow I will write down my thoughts on motherhood. Every day has been on repeat. Too tired, too busy and too out of magical thoughts to put into the blog world. So, here I am ready to share a little mom love the weekend we all honor mama’s.

I woke up early today and decided to call one of my girl’s to check in since she was manning her home camp on her own so her hubby could go turkey hunting this weekend. It was going great there, mom’s are incredibly adapt at caring for their families. But it was also a peek into my own life as a younger mom. Kids needing something, diapers being changed and wild ideas popping into toddler brains all in a matter of minutes. I remember feeling tired, over-looked and even like I didn’t matter much. I was pushed to the brink and still had big expectations placed on me to honor the mothers in my life. I can feel those big emotions right now as if I were still there with a baby on my hip. It felt really unfair. Who was honoring me? Who was giving me a little break? The answer is nobody. Life was too hectic, too chaotic and we were struggling young adults.

Standing on the other side of that busy mama life, I have a whole new perspective on this weekend. My mother is gone. I’d take back that “selfish me” thinking for just one more Mother’s Day celebration with her. I can see outside of myself today because I’m not bogged down with my own need for survival of toddlers and babies. What I wish now is for one more chance to show my mom how much I loved her. She was far from perfect but she was the mother God gave to me. She did things for me that I never knew about; she cheered me on, she spent money she didn’t have and she gave to me while going without more times than I’ll ever know. I know this because that’s exactly what moms do. We do for everyone else instead of ourselves.

So, if you are somewhere this weekend wondering if you are a mom worthy of celebrating….

If you’ve loved a child, cared for them and gave them all you had even when no one stepped in to save you or honor you – you are worthy! There is no perfect mama. She simply doesn’t exist. There are amazing moms and there are moms who sacrifice more than others. None of us can live up to the title of perfect mom – not until we are gone. Then, just so you need to hear it….. YOU WERE THE PERFECT MOTHER! Your kids will tell everyone!

Ask me how I know…

I miss you, mom! You were the perfect mother for me.

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