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Just Ban It

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

So, tell me….have you heard?  It's now offensive to hold a FATHER/DAUGHTER Dance.  Don't believe me?  Go HERE and read about it.  Yea, if you're a single mom and you have no father for your child to attend the dance with…then it must be banned.

Really, ACLU?  Ban it?  Who does this?  There are many sad injustices in the world….and not being able to take your father to a dance just doesn't make the list for me.  Goodluck with true unfair life moments.

I have an idea.  If you're someone that's offended, don't participate.  If your child doesn't have a father, enlist another loved one to share the fun.  Over the many years of raising my own kids, I've watched this scenario play out in school & church events.  Sometimes a grandparent or aunt/uncle get the privilege of joining their special child in these occasions.

Banning it, is yet another attack on the family!

I, for one am sick of this silly garbage.  I fear what is close approaching for each American.  Families are going to be so taboo…unless you fit the mold that society considers acceptable.  Nevermind what God's Word says or the values many families are working hard to instill in their children.  What's important now is if it offends someone.

What is next?