31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 20)

Yeah right!


I don't care!


Oh, Ok!

Any of those statements sound familiar?  If so, you might be prone to sarcasm and using sarcasm only leads to a snarky attitude.  Trust me, I know these things.  Ok, I speak fluent snarkasm and I'm NOT PROUD OF IT!  Did you know using sarcasm is just a way to say mean things and make it sound funny?  You know, a way to get in a dig and still call it a "joke". 

It hurts though.  It causes pain in relationships and can even divide families.  Words spoken with intentions to sting (and face it, snarky words sting) are directly linked to the heart.  Yes, here we go again with that heartitude.

It must be pure.

When you catch yourself spouting off, "Yeah right!" in conversations….it might be time to tame the tongue!  First, pray.  Ask God to help you stop using such harsh words.  There's usually a reason for such hostility.  Maybe you're frustrated with the person you're talking to and if that's the case, walk away.  It's best to step away from the situation than to literally crush someone you love with your words.  Right?

Next, write down something nice to replace your sarcastic words.  When my kids were growing up, I had a rule.  If you use a cutdown to anyone, you automatically owed that person two put-ups!  You'd be surprised at how often we cut other's down (you do it too) and at how amazing it feels to turn it around to a compliment!  Plus, it trains you to stop yourself and use kinder language!

Last, learn to apologize.  If you're snarky by nature….this could be an ongoing project.  Seriously examine how often you offend or hurt others.  Saying "I'm sorry" is very important in keeping relationships intact.  No one wants to be around a jerk!  

So, the word this weekend is SNARCASM!  Lose it, don't use it!  Mmm'k?


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