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The Facade of the DNC

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

I’ve been enjoying all the hoopla going on over at the DNC. It’s like getting a jolt of HOLY CRAP every evening when the crazy cranks up and the loonies come out on stage. The speakers are riveting! The support, unreal. As in, none of it is real. What a bunch of fakes!

Day 1 –

Bernie supporters go wild. Booing, chanting, crying. You name it! The BS believers made it known that they were not happy about Hillary. Poor things. I get it. I didn’t pick my new guy either. But, hey….glass ceiling y’all. Kapow!!

Oh and the streets were alive with the angry protests. You might have missed that since mainstream media tried to scatter on over that part of the day.

Still Day 1 –

Democratic Nat’l Committee gal Debbie Wasserman Shultz resigns amidst another email scandal. Poor Dems. Will they ever learn? Rumor is that she’s okay, she managed to land an honorary chair position of the Hillary campaign. No “responsibilities”. Right. Okay. We’ll watch and see.

More Day 1 –

Michelle O spoke y’all. Did you hear her selling the Hillary Koolaid? It was the best speech given at the entire convention (according to VP Joe Biden) because she is incredible! If you really want to know the truth about Michelle and Hillary pick up a copy of Edward Klein’s book, Blood Feud. The love fest isn’t quite what the DNC wants voters to think it is. Still, precious. Just precious.

Elizabeth Borin’ I mean, Warren. Wonk wonk! Almost as moving as Sarah Silverman. “All you Bernie or Bust People are being ridiculous!” Aww, so sweet! That was quick, get over it guys!!

Day 2 – Mothers of the Movement day!!! What a disgrace! First, let me tell you what they are famous for – in case you haven’t heard. They’re all “victims” of murdered sons. The real truth? They are reaping the consequences of pathetic parenting or no parenting at all and now benefiting the fame and fortune of pushing their “poor them” victimhood agenda on every American. How flipping ridiculous!!! Want a little glimpse into who these dear women are? Go read this!

Lest you believe that I’m being uncaring or thoughtless, don’t. I’m a mama. I don’t want any mama to have murdered or dead children. But to capitalize on these mother’s is disgusting!

Hey, mama’s: Teach your children to obey the law and don’t let them run with gangs. Chances are pretty high that they won’t make it out alive.

PS – Thank you for continuing to push that Black Lives Matter agenda and hating away on police. Good move. Really. Thank you!

America & Lena (two actresses) showed up and did their thing. Their thing? Talk trash and make all of us think they are so smart with their snarky little digs against Trump. Wow, I was so moved. I moved away from the tv and went to the bathroom to scroll through my Instagram account. It was the lesser of BS choices I had, honestly.

Oh gosh! The Planned Parenthood Queen spoke. You know, about how PP saves lives. Like the lady in Dallas who was treated for breast cancer. Trump just wants to punish women. PP all about saving women. Ahem, saving them from responsibility. Like unwanted pregnancy. Right, Cecile?

Where do I even begin with Bill Clinton’s speech? He had me loving Hillary! I was all googoo eyed and misty too. What a love story! Hahahahaha!! Hello? World? Everybody knows these two do-do birds haven’t slept together in y e a r s! They live in separate homes in separate states and he has a sort of “reputation” if you will….with the ladies. Still, wasn’t that a speech? Wowzers! That Hillary kissfest almost made me want to trust her too!

Poor Alicia Off Keyes. Wow, I love her music normally but the DNC show was atrocious! Stagehand? Where’s that hook?

ye ouw

So many sweet moments on Day 2! I just want to watch it all again.

Day 3 –

All that chanting during Leon Panetta’s speech… almost solidified my belief that the Dems are a bunch of crazies all jacked up on Hillary Doo. Which, they are. I can’t help but gloat a little at all the insider hating.

Speaking of hating, President Obama’s speech. What a loving and encouraging word from the man. Oh wait, he spent an enormous amount of time defending himself and his weak spots that keep getting so much national attention these days. He took the opportunity to let us all know that he’s doing a great job. Oh and he endorsed old Hill! And then the hugging! So sweet. Only, again….the truth is they literally hate each other! Good show, though.


All the actors. So many left-wing celebs. What a posse! Dems should be so proud.

I cannot wait for tonight. Hillary is going to blow our dang minds with her deep love for our country and its people…I can just hear it now.

It’s as though NO ONE remembers a single bit of her history.
Here’s a snippet to ponder if you can’t recall any Hillary mishaps. Girlfriend doesn’t need the highest job in the land, trust me. She got 99 problems and all of them are bad.

Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine what the future holds. It’s scary and if you know anything about scripture….then you know that even bad leaders won important positions. Remember King Herod? Not a good guy; murdered his own family, slaughtered innocent children, built the Second Temple (the place Jesus flipped tables). Yea, he was bad bad. Yet, God used him. And he’s going to use whomever wins this presidency. I have to believe that and so do you.

God help us. We are wandering….far from you.

Ignorance is Really Bliss

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

I woke up this morning to the many shouts of poor stupid speech stealing Melania plagiarizing her speech last night from our dear First Lady, Michelle O.


Can we just talk about that dress? Her dress was bonkers!! I have a sick obsession with all things white and when she walked out after The Donald’s spacey cool entrance…..I was like, I wanna be her sisterfriend!!!

She was stunning!

melania dress

I can’t even…

kap w

But, really. Being a First Lady is way more than wearing fancy designer dresses, right? Right, Michelle O? Oh, well…..whatever.

mi ob
Yeowtch! $12,000 dollhairs? Wowzers!!

I’m just going to jump right into some of the most ignorant rants I’ve heard for hating Governor Pence (my current Indiana Governor, who is despised by many….educators, gays, non-believers, ticked-off people and more). The guy The Donald has chosen to run on the VP ticket alongside him. Oh, you know…what’s his face Pence?

1. Governor Pence is bad for women because he crusades against abortion.

Wow, he hates women. The nerve! He hates the murdering of unborn children. Again, that’s a rough truth when it comes to crusading for the rights of the unborn. This argument is so over the top ignorant it just boils my blood. Please stop equating hating women with being a person who values life. All life! Thank God for leaders like Mike Pence who believe in protecting the innocent in this world who don’t get a choice – like the woman who finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy does.

2. Governor Pence is to blame for the HIV uprising all because he shot down Planned Parenthood and all their free medical testing/treatments.

COME ON!!! Here we are again! It is a fact that Mike Pence was not after shutting down freebie tests for HIV but to stop abortion! The outbreak of HIV in Scott County has nothing to do with Gov. Pence (but, okay bigmouths!! Shout it loud!). The claim that innocent folks just trying to get tested can’t now because he shut down the PP clinics is incredibly ignorant. The truth is DRUG USE IS OFF THE CHARTS IN THAT COUNTY!!! Look it up! And to claim no one has access to testing….insane! They have a clinic FOR FREE and they also do a clean needle exchange, that’s how freaking bad the epidemic of drug use is there! They will GIVE JUNKIES FREE CLEAN NEEDLES just to keep them from having sex FOR DRUGS and using more dirty needles. Sweet Lord! People, really!!!!

3. Governor Pence supports gun ownership therefore, he’s bad for women.

Okay, I’m a 2nd Amendment person. I will fight to the death to keep guns in the hands of the right people and out of the hands of criminals. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! He is quoted as saying, “I truly believe that firearms in the hands of law abiding citizen’s makes our families and our communities more safe, not less safe.” I couldn’t agree more. No thank you, left-wing wackos who think MORE GUN CONTROL will stop all the violence in America. No thank you! I’ll stick with Gov. Pence on this one a hundred times over!

4. Governor Pence discriminates against gays.

This is one of my favorites!!! I mean, I get giddy when I hear this one because….I G N O R A N C E is bliss!! Just a joy! The RFRA has nothing to do with allowing pie makers to discriminate against a gay couple trying to order a strawberry rhubarb pie and everything to do with standing up to the GOVERNMENT regarding religious liberties. —> Religious liberty — having the freedom to determine truth without government force!!! RFRA was put together (authored) by Chuck Schumer and let me remind the whole flipping world, signed by President Bill Clinton (you know, Hillary’s old man) in 1993. This ain’t no new bill meant to stop gays from eating at christian pizza places! This horrible bill prevents the GOVERNMENT from punishing Americans for having a belief and being sued for said belief. That’s so far from what the media and the L E F T want you to know or think. They love to cry conservatives hate gays! It’s like their favorite mantra, right up there with abortion rights!! Isn’t that special?

5. Governor Pence pokes his nose in education in Indiana and he’s an idiot!

It’s no lie, Mike Pence is a Republican and Glenda Ritz a democrat. They do not see eye-to-eye on much, politically. But, perhaps they do have THE CHILDREN at the core of the reasons they fight like cats & dogs over every little thing in Indiana. I have no dog in this hunt (the education war) but I see many of my friends posting angry Pence hating posts all the time and I love most of them (Ahem, the people not their posts)….but, really! Is he that evil? He believes in SCHOOL CHOICE (yay), cracking down on State testing crap (woohoo), providing career & technical opportunities for students who DO NOT WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE (hot dang!!), free pre-school for lower income children. What a horrible man! The feud between he & Mrs. Ritz has been on-going and at times embarrassing. Do I believe he’s spotless or free from any missteps or mistakes? Probably not. Do I think he’s trying to do good things for education in Indiana? Yes, yes I do. But, like every single facet of this American life….it’s always best to just fight over every single thing! I’m offended, you’re offended….we are all offended! Give me my power! I want my power! Ridiculous! How about we give our students the best danged education Indiana money can buy and shut the stink up!

Look, Donald Trump is not my choice as a candidate. I didn’t pick him (Sorry, Aunt Pat!). But he is my choice now. I have to do my part in stopping a lying, criminal, murdering, disgusting & horrible woman like Hillary Clinton from ever living in the White House again. I will be clicking that Trump/Pence ticket in November and I will do it with full confidence that I have made the better choice for my country. I’m over our current governmental condition. Our country is on life support! We need help! And we need it soon!

I’m thankful for the good qualities in Mike Pence – he is a Christian who loves God and isn’t afraid to stand up for what scripture teaches. That’s the line though for many…..loving Christ and choosing to believe His Word is Truth is a taboo thing in our world today.

Tell that to Jesus. He’s still on His throne. Whether (we) believe He is or not.

31 Days — Positive Attitude (Day 19)

Friday, October 19th, 2012


How's your online attitude?  Is it testy sometimes?  Or are you nice as pie while you navigate the internet world?

I got into it with someone on Facebook today.  I didn't mean to do it, but I didn't try very hard not to either.  A friend posted a thread asking for comments on reasons WHY people were choosing to vote for Romney.  She asked everyone to play nice and of course "someone" posted a pile of malarky bashing Gov. Romney.

Not cool!

So, instead of walking away and ignoring it (hint: only do that for serious medical issues, right?)….I commented.  My mistake!  The comment I posted was something along the line of, "It frustrates me to see so many misinformed Americans".  That was all it took to fire up the arguing!  Her doing most of the arguing, me standing up to her.  Still…

Why didn't I just walk away?

Long story short, I sparred with someone who wasn't interested in doing anything but causing a ruckus.  I let my guard down and played along.  Totally wrong of me.  I still disagree with her but that's not going to change a single thing.  She has her mind made up (as do many other Americans) and my goal wasn't to change her mind anyway.  I just can't sit quiet when someone lies about another person.  It's disturbing!

The reality is that I don't have to fight with a stranger on Facebook.  I can't control the feelings of other people.  I can, however, control my own feelings.  It's way more important how I represent Christ with my words and actions than to try to correct someone I "feel" is wrong.  That's not my job!  It's God's!

Sorry, Lord.

My advice to you today is STAY COOL when your jets get all fired up over politics.  No matter who you support, it's not worth it to wrestle back-n-forth with anybody on any forum.  It won't make you feel any better.  I speak from experience.  

Zip your lip, friends.  If you want to have any influence over anyone else….speak in love not frustration.  I'd much rather lead someone else to Jesus than to vote for my political candidate.  Wouldn't you?

"A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger."  Prov 15:1a

We Have No Choice

Monday, August 27th, 2012

—–WARNING—– This is a political post!  —–WARNING—–

Read at your own risk!!


On Saturday while I sat on my porch reading and listening to the birds.  I used the quiet time to catch up on what's going on out in the world of blogs.  I happened upon a post that literally made my blood boil.  A political punch in the belly might be more accurate.

Remember, I'm probably the most conservative person you will ever meet.  There isn't a smidge of "left" in or near my body unless you count my friend B and I'm not giving her up.  Besides, she's cool with thinking and believing differently than me and so that works for us.

Don't ask for a link to the post (I'm still trying to pull it back up).  Somehow the writer has it limited to who can respond or comment (Gee, I wonder why).  Even though the blog that I read the post on… is a blog I read frequently.  I was also logged in to leave a comment.  Still, it wouldn't take my comment.  Grrr!

I'm blown away by the crazy lies Obama supporters are willing to write down.  This particular blogger was pointing her fury at Paul Ryan and his supposed "war on women".  Seriously?  You did know that was the new smoke & mirrors, right?  I don't think I can take much more.  The idea that Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan are out to strip women of all their rights (when it comes to their body) is pathetic!  I'm not buying it and my prayer is that other women aren't either and that they're seeking out the truth!  Which is pretty much what the left wants to keep hidden from the American voter.

I've said it before and I'll say it again….our country is in trouble!  Something has to change.  (Thanks for all that change, Mr. President)  Every single day that goes by under our current administration is another day closer to complete disaster.  Politically speaking, we need to make it our priority to get involved and learn what's what in governmental business.  Too many Americans are sitting back and letting government have their way simply by not caring what they do.  Or trusting them to "handle" it, somehow.

That is dangerous!

When I hear a someone say, "I'm not really into politics!"….what I actually hear in my head is –> I don't care about what happens to my money, family or way of living.  Which is something I just can't believe!  As a citizen, each of us should be burdened when government steps across the line (and dudes & dudettes, they are doing it everyday) by making choices for you and me that are unethical, outlandish & outrageously expensive!!

Look where our economy is at the current moment.  It's drowning in debt and much of that debt was preventable.  It's time we get involved and stand up with our voices to big government.  I don't need them to pay my bills or provide my birth control but some may and I understand that.  Many in our society make it the government's job to support them and have no other plan of action as for caring for themselves.  Need versus entitlement are two different situations.  Somehow, our leaders have to step up to the plate and focus on what is most important.

Our job?  Is to get interested in politics.  No longer can you and I flutter through our days ignoring what the guys up top are doing.  It's of dire importance for each of us to read, read and read some more and be as informed as we possibly can.

November 6th is fast approaching…we have no choice!

PS-The left wants to paint this election as a war on women.  I hope you can see the war is on all Americans not just women.  No one is winning as it stands right now.  God, help us as we choose leaders of this amazing country.  Amen.

If you haven't heard of the documentary just released to play at select theatres across the USA–2016, I recommend you take the time to see it.  It's pretty eye-opening as to the roots and reasons for much of what our President has accomplished in his term.  I also recommend the book The Amateur by Edward Klein.