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The Facade of the DNC

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

I’ve been enjoying all the hoopla going on over at the DNC. It’s like getting a jolt of HOLY CRAP every evening when the crazy cranks up and the loonies come out on stage. The speakers are riveting! The support, unreal. As in, none of it is real. What a bunch of fakes!

Day 1 –

Bernie supporters go wild. Booing, chanting, crying. You name it! The BS believers made it known that they were not happy about Hillary. Poor things. I get it. I didn’t pick my new guy either. But, hey….glass ceiling y’all. Kapow!!

Oh and the streets were alive with the angry protests. You might have missed that since mainstream media tried to scatter on over that part of the day.

Still Day 1 –

Democratic Nat’l Committee gal Debbie Wasserman Shultz resigns amidst another email scandal. Poor Dems. Will they ever learn? Rumor is that she’s okay, she managed to land an honorary chair position of the Hillary campaign. No “responsibilities”. Right. Okay. We’ll watch and see.

More Day 1 –

Michelle O spoke y’all. Did you hear her selling the Hillary Koolaid? It was the best speech given at the entire convention (according to VP Joe Biden) because she is incredible! If you really want to know the truth about Michelle and Hillary pick up a copy of Edward Klein’s book, Blood Feud. The love fest isn’t quite what the DNC wants voters to think it is. Still, precious. Just precious.

Elizabeth Borin’ I mean, Warren. Wonk wonk! Almost as moving as Sarah Silverman. “All you Bernie or Bust People are being ridiculous!” Aww, so sweet! That was quick, get over it guys!!

Day 2 – Mothers of the Movement day!!! What a disgrace! First, let me tell you what they are famous for – in case you haven’t heard. They’re all “victims” of murdered sons. The real truth? They are reaping the consequences of pathetic parenting or no parenting at all and now benefiting the fame and fortune of pushing their “poor them” victimhood agenda on every American. How flipping ridiculous!!! Want a little glimpse into who these dear women are? Go read this!

Lest you believe that I’m being uncaring or thoughtless, don’t. I’m a mama. I don’t want any mama to have murdered or dead children. But to capitalize on these mother’s is disgusting!

Hey, mama’s: Teach your children to obey the law and don’t let them run with gangs. Chances are pretty high that they won’t make it out alive.

PS – Thank you for continuing to push that Black Lives Matter agenda and hating away on police. Good move. Really. Thank you!

America & Lena (two actresses) showed up and did their thing. Their thing? Talk trash and make all of us think they are so smart with their snarky little digs against Trump. Wow, I was so moved. I moved away from the tv and went to the bathroom to scroll through my Instagram account. It was the lesser of BS choices I had, honestly.

Oh gosh! The Planned Parenthood Queen spoke. You know, about how PP saves lives. Like the lady in Dallas who was treated for breast cancer. Trump just wants to punish women. PP all about saving women. Ahem, saving them from responsibility. Like unwanted pregnancy. Right, Cecile?

Where do I even begin with Bill Clinton’s speech? He had me loving Hillary! I was all googoo eyed and misty too. What a love story! Hahahahaha!! Hello? World? Everybody knows these two do-do birds haven’t slept together in y e a r s! They live in separate homes in separate states and he has a sort of “reputation” if you will….with the ladies. Still, wasn’t that a speech? Wowzers! That Hillary kissfest almost made me want to trust her too!

Poor Alicia Off Keyes. Wow, I love her music normally but the DNC show was atrocious! Stagehand? Where’s that hook?

ye ouw

So many sweet moments on Day 2! I just want to watch it all again.

Day 3 –

All that chanting during Leon Panetta’s speech… almost solidified my belief that the Dems are a bunch of crazies all jacked up on Hillary Doo. Which, they are. I can’t help but gloat a little at all the insider hating.

Speaking of hating, President Obama’s speech. What a loving and encouraging word from the man. Oh wait, he spent an enormous amount of time defending himself and his weak spots that keep getting so much national attention these days. He took the opportunity to let us all know that he’s doing a great job. Oh and he endorsed old Hill! And then the hugging! So sweet. Only, again….the truth is they literally hate each other! Good show, though.


All the actors. So many left-wing celebs. What a posse! Dems should be so proud.

I cannot wait for tonight. Hillary is going to blow our dang minds with her deep love for our country and its people…I can just hear it now.

It’s as though NO ONE remembers a single bit of her history.
Here’s a snippet to ponder if you can’t recall any Hillary mishaps. Girlfriend doesn’t need the highest job in the land, trust me. She got 99 problems and all of them are bad.

Honestly, I can’t even begin to imagine what the future holds. It’s scary and if you know anything about scripture….then you know that even bad leaders won important positions. Remember King Herod? Not a good guy; murdered his own family, slaughtered innocent children, built the Second Temple (the place Jesus flipped tables). Yea, he was bad bad. Yet, God used him. And he’s going to use whomever wins this presidency. I have to believe that and so do you.

God help us. We are wandering….far from you.