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We Have No Choice

Monday, August 27th, 2012

—–WARNING—– This is a political post!  —–WARNING—–

Read at your own risk!!


On Saturday while I sat on my porch reading and listening to the birds.  I used the quiet time to catch up on what's going on out in the world of blogs.  I happened upon a post that literally made my blood boil.  A political punch in the belly might be more accurate.

Remember, I'm probably the most conservative person you will ever meet.  There isn't a smidge of "left" in or near my body unless you count my friend B and I'm not giving her up.  Besides, she's cool with thinking and believing differently than me and so that works for us.

Don't ask for a link to the post (I'm still trying to pull it back up).  Somehow the writer has it limited to who can respond or comment (Gee, I wonder why).  Even though the blog that I read the post on… is a blog I read frequently.  I was also logged in to leave a comment.  Still, it wouldn't take my comment.  Grrr!

I'm blown away by the crazy lies Obama supporters are willing to write down.  This particular blogger was pointing her fury at Paul Ryan and his supposed "war on women".  Seriously?  You did know that was the new smoke & mirrors, right?  I don't think I can take much more.  The idea that Mitt Romney & Paul Ryan are out to strip women of all their rights (when it comes to their body) is pathetic!  I'm not buying it and my prayer is that other women aren't either and that they're seeking out the truth!  Which is pretty much what the left wants to keep hidden from the American voter.

I've said it before and I'll say it again….our country is in trouble!  Something has to change.  (Thanks for all that change, Mr. President)  Every single day that goes by under our current administration is another day closer to complete disaster.  Politically speaking, we need to make it our priority to get involved and learn what's what in governmental business.  Too many Americans are sitting back and letting government have their way simply by not caring what they do.  Or trusting them to "handle" it, somehow.

That is dangerous!

When I hear a someone say, "I'm not really into politics!"….what I actually hear in my head is –> I don't care about what happens to my money, family or way of living.  Which is something I just can't believe!  As a citizen, each of us should be burdened when government steps across the line (and dudes & dudettes, they are doing it everyday) by making choices for you and me that are unethical, outlandish & outrageously expensive!!

Look where our economy is at the current moment.  It's drowning in debt and much of that debt was preventable.  It's time we get involved and stand up with our voices to big government.  I don't need them to pay my bills or provide my birth control but some may and I understand that.  Many in our society make it the government's job to support them and have no other plan of action as for caring for themselves.  Need versus entitlement are two different situations.  Somehow, our leaders have to step up to the plate and focus on what is most important.

Our job?  Is to get interested in politics.  No longer can you and I flutter through our days ignoring what the guys up top are doing.  It's of dire importance for each of us to read, read and read some more and be as informed as we possibly can.

November 6th is fast approaching…we have no choice!

PS-The left wants to paint this election as a war on women.  I hope you can see the war is on all Americans not just women.  No one is winning as it stands right now.  God, help us as we choose leaders of this amazing country.  Amen.

If you haven't heard of the documentary just released to play at select theatres across the USA–2016, I recommend you take the time to see it.  It's pretty eye-opening as to the roots and reasons for much of what our President has accomplished in his term.  I also recommend the book The Amateur by Edward Klein.