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Ignorance is Really Bliss

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

I woke up this morning to the many shouts of poor stupid speech stealing Melania plagiarizing her speech last night from our dear First Lady, Michelle O.


Can we just talk about that dress? Her dress was bonkers!! I have a sick obsession with all things white and when she walked out after The Donald’s spacey cool entrance…..I was like, I wanna be her sisterfriend!!!

She was stunning!

melania dress

I can’t even…

kap w

But, really. Being a First Lady is way more than wearing fancy designer dresses, right? Right, Michelle O? Oh, well…..whatever.

mi ob
Yeowtch! $12,000 dollhairs? Wowzers!!

I’m just going to jump right into some of the most ignorant rants I’ve heard for hating Governor Pence (my current Indiana Governor, who is despised by many….educators, gays, non-believers, ticked-off people and more). The guy The Donald has chosen to run on the VP ticket alongside him. Oh, you know…what’s his face Pence?

1. Governor Pence is bad for women because he crusades against abortion.

Wow, he hates women. The nerve! He hates the murdering of unborn children. Again, that’s a rough truth when it comes to crusading for the rights of the unborn. This argument is so over the top ignorant it just boils my blood. Please stop equating hating women with being a person who values life. All life! Thank God for leaders like Mike Pence who believe in protecting the innocent in this world who don’t get a choice – like the woman who finds herself in an unwanted pregnancy does.

2. Governor Pence is to blame for the HIV uprising all because he shot down Planned Parenthood and all their free medical testing/treatments.

COME ON!!! Here we are again! It is a fact that Mike Pence was not after shutting down freebie tests for HIV but to stop abortion! The outbreak of HIV in Scott County has nothing to do with Gov. Pence (but, okay bigmouths!! Shout it loud!). The claim that innocent folks just trying to get tested can’t now because he shut down the PP clinics is incredibly ignorant. The truth is DRUG USE IS OFF THE CHARTS IN THAT COUNTY!!! Look it up! And to claim no one has access to testing….insane! They have a clinic FOR FREE and they also do a clean needle exchange, that’s how freaking bad the epidemic of drug use is there! They will GIVE JUNKIES FREE CLEAN NEEDLES just to keep them from having sex FOR DRUGS and using more dirty needles. Sweet Lord! People, really!!!!

3. Governor Pence supports gun ownership therefore, he’s bad for women.

Okay, I’m a 2nd Amendment person. I will fight to the death to keep guns in the hands of the right people and out of the hands of criminals. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! He is quoted as saying, “I truly believe that firearms in the hands of law abiding citizen’s makes our families and our communities more safe, not less safe.” I couldn’t agree more. No thank you, left-wing wackos who think MORE GUN CONTROL will stop all the violence in America. No thank you! I’ll stick with Gov. Pence on this one a hundred times over!

4. Governor Pence discriminates against gays.

This is one of my favorites!!! I mean, I get giddy when I hear this one because….I G N O R A N C E is bliss!! Just a joy! The RFRA has nothing to do with allowing pie makers to discriminate against a gay couple trying to order a strawberry rhubarb pie and everything to do with standing up to the GOVERNMENT regarding religious liberties. —> Religious liberty — having the freedom to determine truth without government force!!! RFRA was put together (authored) by Chuck Schumer and let me remind the whole flipping world, signed by President Bill Clinton (you know, Hillary’s old man) in 1993. This ain’t no new bill meant to stop gays from eating at christian pizza places! This horrible bill prevents the GOVERNMENT from punishing Americans for having a belief and being sued for said belief. That’s so far from what the media and the L E F T want you to know or think. They love to cry conservatives hate gays! It’s like their favorite mantra, right up there with abortion rights!! Isn’t that special?

5. Governor Pence pokes his nose in education in Indiana and he’s an idiot!

It’s no lie, Mike Pence is a Republican and Glenda Ritz a democrat. They do not see eye-to-eye on much, politically. But, perhaps they do have THE CHILDREN at the core of the reasons they fight like cats & dogs over every little thing in Indiana. I have no dog in this hunt (the education war) but I see many of my friends posting angry Pence hating posts all the time and I love most of them (Ahem, the people not their posts)….but, really! Is he that evil? He believes in SCHOOL CHOICE (yay), cracking down on State testing crap (woohoo), providing career & technical opportunities for students who DO NOT WANT TO GO TO COLLEGE (hot dang!!), free pre-school for lower income children. What a horrible man! The feud between he & Mrs. Ritz has been on-going and at times embarrassing. Do I believe he’s spotless or free from any missteps or mistakes? Probably not. Do I think he’s trying to do good things for education in Indiana? Yes, yes I do. But, like every single facet of this American life….it’s always best to just fight over every single thing! I’m offended, you’re offended….we are all offended! Give me my power! I want my power! Ridiculous! How about we give our students the best danged education Indiana money can buy and shut the stink up!

Look, Donald Trump is not my choice as a candidate. I didn’t pick him (Sorry, Aunt Pat!). But he is my choice now. I have to do my part in stopping a lying, criminal, murdering, disgusting & horrible woman like Hillary Clinton from ever living in the White House again. I will be clicking that Trump/Pence ticket in November and I will do it with full confidence that I have made the better choice for my country. I’m over our current governmental condition. Our country is on life support! We need help! And we need it soon!

I’m thankful for the good qualities in Mike Pence – he is a Christian who loves God and isn’t afraid to stand up for what scripture teaches. That’s the line though for many…..loving Christ and choosing to believe His Word is Truth is a taboo thing in our world today.

Tell that to Jesus. He’s still on His throne. Whether (we) believe He is or not.