Still a chillin!

I’m still here.  Waiting for phone, internet and cable tv….but still here.  We have so much to be thankful for and we are thankful.  But we miss those luxury items….the kids complained this morning…we’ve watched all our movies and we don’t want to see them again.  (Oh they are funny….no way have they watched all of our movies!!)

As I type, Gavin and Don are outside doing detective work (disguised as Comcast cable guys searching for the down lines!!) and hoping to find the problem.  We have called them three times over this past week to report the down service and still have not seen a repair guy yet.  We ain’t bitter!  Just anxious!  I didn’t really think I was so into my stuff, but obviously I am.

This moment I have now on the computer (I’m bootleggin’ it).  Don has his cellphone connected to a laptop so I can have a small fix of internet.  God bless him.  Speaking of him, he’s having a crazy allergic reaction to SOMETHING!  He woke up this morning with a swollen top lip and as the day has progressed he has swollen all around his mouth and his eyes.  Two nights ago he jumped out of bed with a bloody nose (he does not have bloody noses ever) and his voice is gone.  He’s obviously having some sort of reaction to something going on here at home.  How to tell?  We’ve literally had no normal this week.  Pray for him as he deals…..He has to preach tomorrow and is really starting to look very odd.

Oh good news….while he and Gav are outside, they have found all the lines down for our cable.  Also several of our neighbor “dads” have come up as well to help and guess who innocently pulls up on all the “git er done”?  Yes, the Comcast repairman!!!  Yay!  I see them all trampling through the woods pulling and moving trees.  Yay…..we might be back among the norm soon!   Yeehaw!  Thank you God!  I am blessed, I tell ya!

I hope life is going well for you…..I feel like the week has passed with all it’s news and info right past my town onto other folks.  I haven’t heard anything about anyone outside my little family and friends.  This past week was our state ISTEP testing for our students, it has been moved to begin on Monday-Wed.  It is also our homecoming week, we party it up for these special occasions and this storm has really stolen our thunder.  Oh well….we will make the best of it.  You can’t keep a good dog down.

Till we meet again……I’ll keep on a chillin!  You do the same, friends.

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