Show Time!

I love to watch my kids perform! It is always a blast to see all the hard work on show night. Gavin did not make “Touch of Class” choir last year. They go through a grueling few weeks of practices learning all sorts of music and choreography. Then at try-outs only a select few are actually chosen (10 boys + 10 girls). This is the elite group of our high school. Needless to say, he was crushed! This was his senior year and he had worked really hard.

Skip ahead to school starting. He had moved on and so had TOC. Around 3 weeks ago the director came to him asking if he would be interested in joining them afterall?! One of the boys had danced himself into a serious knee injury and needed surgery. He would need to learn 15 songs and 12 dances, Q U I C K !! He didn’t even have to think about it….he said, “Sure!”. He’s amazed them all. Not only that he’s one of the top voices, he sings tenor I. Can you say, WOW? Go Sweetboy!

Ally tried out for TOC as well. She was only a freshman and honestly….it’s quite hard to be chosen that early in the game. She was selected for concert choir and while it wasn’t her first choice…she is making the best of it. Her group did a great job tonight. They have a classy look and sound marvelous! This is great experience for her and if she works hard chances are high that she will move on up. I’m so proud of her! She sings soprano but has been switched around a bit to sing II soprano. Which shows her range and capabilities. Woohoo! Miss Ally!

Here are a few¬†highlights from tonight. Wouldn’t you know… memory was FULL!!! Crazy!


It may take a few moments to load….

Gavin & Touch of Class

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