A Perfect Day

I woke up this morning to that sound all mama’s dread…..”Moooooooooooom, come help meeeeeee!”. I jumped up and ran down the hall, I could see one of my babes was in the bathroom. I knocked on the door and peeked in. Yep, sick girl! Poor Miss Gates…she had a quilt on the floor by the potty. It appeared she and the pot had been close buddies most of the night. I instantly felt terrible for her. I know being sick feels gross not to mention doing it on your own. Blak!

I helped her get a little Ginger-ale down and some pills with it. She got in the shower hoping for a miracle bath, I think. Then I remembered I had to get our poodle, Lizzy to the beauty parlor by 10am. So off we go with dirty dog and sick girl as my partner/delivery girl. I run in with the dog and the groomer says she is feeling sick herself. I leave the dog and head to Walmart for soup and more Ginger-ale. Gates begins to feel better but is still weak.

We arrive back home and carry in the Walmart load (you know we bought more stuff than soup and Ginger-ale?!). Then I hear it again, “Moooooooom, please come here!”. Down the hall again, this time it’s Gavin and he’s in bed…..so sick he can’t move! He’s been up all night in his bathroom. He felt terrible too. He had searched the cabinet for a particular medicine and couldn’t find any. I agreed to run back to Walmart for med’s. He gets up and tries to eat something and hears my cell phone beeping. I check the call and it’s the groomer……I call her back and she’s so sick she needs me to come back to get the dog. What is the deal? Everyone’s sick!

I go back and get the dog (poor lady….she’s terribly ill with this monster sickness) and stop by Walmart again. Make another stop for movies since I know this means people laying around and moaning in misery. Get home and settle in to watch a movie with my two sickies (Ally was in her room eating and reading/texting). We relax and enjoy the movie…..both kids are slowly coming back to life.

My friend Valerie calls me…she’s on her way into town and wants to get together. We have a weakness for yummy coffee drinks at our town’s little coffee shop. So I agree to go….warn her that I look like the mom of two sick kids (which is code talk for I looked ragged out awful!) and she says, “Who cares?”.  Now that’s a friend!

She picks me up in her cool convertible (it was a rainy dreary day out so the top was up) and off we go to A Perfect Day Cafe! If anybody needed that it was me, ya’ll! I was needing to turn my day around and start over. Do you ever feel that way? I know I do. That’s how sin is too. When we wreck our fellowship with Christ….we can’t get peace until we repent and deal with Him who offers forgiveness. Everything we do, God sees. He is El Roi (the God who sees). We can’t hide anything from Him.

Both kids are feeling much better tonight. Gavin actually went on and cheered at the football game. Gates met up with a girlfriend at the game for some hang time. Now they are both home, tired and in pj’s. Hopefully they’ll get some sleep tonight and not spend time in the bathroom. Oh and me….well, I’m doing great. After all, I’ve had a perfect day! 🙂

My yummy Caramel Frappi!

Proverbs 5:21 “For a man’s ways are in full view of the Lord, and He examines all his paths.”

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