Book Giveaway Carnival

Yes, friends it is yet another giveaway here at Queenie’s Little Kingdom.  I had such a great time last week during the great Bloggy Giveaway Carnival that I just had to jump in on this contest too.  Actually, I had already decided to do this book giveaway before the Bloggy Giveaway got rolling.  So, if you are a reader (and you must be if you’re out in bloggyville) and you would like a sweet prize of a FREEBIE book then enter here!

I think everyone has experienced something that has transformed their lives in a good way.  Books are like that.  They can take you to places your budget would never allow.  They can also warm your heart and sharpen your brain.  The three books I’ve selected to give away are all life enriching.  So, three lucky winners will have a chance to win on Nov. 9th.

The first one, The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman…changed my marriage.  I had no idea hubby and I were speaking a different language until God led me to this wonderful book.  Everyone must read this, married or not.  It’s an eye-opener to better-ing your relationships.

Second, The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by Gary Chapman…..changed the way I treat and love my children.  As a mama, I thought I knew my kids best.  But this book opens up a whole new world of understanding your particular kid.

Lastly, Revolve’s Psalms & Proverbs Biblezine by Thomas Nelson publishers.  This little gem is a great way to read the Bible and learn important facts in a fun way.  Girls eat this up!  It has beauty tips/secrets, tips for getting involved in community projects, quiz Q & A’s, and lots more.  These make great gifts for teen girls.


Leave me a comment and consider yourself entered to win!  Goodluck!  Contest will run Nov. 3rd-9th.

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