Happy Birthday, MISS GATES!

I can remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her.  I had a baby on my hip and another holding my hand (it was a surprise!).  We weren’t planning on another baby, but God was.  That one decision has changed my life for the better.  Thank you God for knowing just what I needed.  Gates was meant to be in my family and for that I am eternally grateful.

Here are 14 things I love about Gates.  Of course there are at least a million more things to love about her…but I thought today would be a good start since she is 14!!!  Born on November 9th, 1994.  She weighed 8lbs.10oz. and was 20 1/2 inches long.  We love to tease her that she looked like a spanish baby when we first saw her….since none of us look spanish…we wondered “where’d” we get her?  She was a beautiful baby and is even more lovely today.

1.  I love how Gates has a servant’s heart!  She will do anything for you.  She will work and work to make your load easy.  And never complains!

2.  I love that Gates is so funny.  She is hilarious!  Even when she was a baby, she could crack us up.  She is naturally a happy person and it just oozes out of her.  If you know Gates…..you have laughed at something thanks to her.

3.  I love that Gates looks similar to me.  I remember what it was like growing up with a face full of freckles.  Everyone always commented on them (I hated them) and now I see that happen to Gates.  She is adorable!

4.  I love that Gates completely loves God.  She chooses to follow Christ….and loves him with her whole heart.  I prayed that she would love him like I do….and I see that she really does.

5.  I love that Gates has such great hair.  She has beautiful hair and everywhere she goes someone always asks if it’s natural.  It’s hard to take care of and not everyone loves curly hair….but she looks gorgeous.

6.  I love when Gates hugs me.  Her hugs cause my heart to go pitter-patter.  I love to feel her in my arms and smell her pretty hair and skin.  She’s delicious to all my senses.  I really could squeeze her to pieces!

7.  I love how Gates cares for her family.  Her loyalty is incredible.  She loves all of us….even knowing all she knows about us.  We can see a true picture of forgiveness through the eyes of Gates.  She’s a pro!

8.  I love to see Gates perform.  She can sing like an angel.  Her voice is beautiful and pure.  I have listened to her make up songs her whole life.  When she was little, every school assignment she would write about becoming a singer someday.

9.  I love when Gates wants to cook.  She is passionate in the kitchen.  Every little detail is important to her.  She will spend hours in the kitchen (I think she gets this from her mama….we love to feed people).  And she cooks great!  I look forward to eating at her house someday in the future.

10.  I love how Gates enjoys being home.  She is so wild and spunky, but home is where her heart is.  She loves being home with family and relaxing.  She loves to sleep and be warm & cozy.  She will make a great mama someday.

11.  I love that Gates is taller than me.  She is growing into a beautiful young lady.  Every time I stand beside her, I’m reminded that she has grown not only in size but in her wisdom and in her heart.  And I got to be a part of all of that.  Thank you LORD!

12.  I love it that Gates has fashion passion!  She is a style diva!  Her cute outfits totally reveal who she is.  A classy chic little lady.  Her love of clothes and shoes is something we have in common.  We love lookin good!  People do judge you by how you look.  Whether you want them to or not.  And, Gates….you look GOOD!

13.  I love how Gates loves to shop!  Yea, this is a biggie.  We are shop-a-holics!  This is the best way to bond, right Gater?

14.  I love that Gates has a tender heart.  This is another connection that we have.  We both tend to cry easily over little things.  Our hearts aren’t as tough as other people’s.  Maybe we are just softies, Gates.  But I really like that about you.  You’re a tender and loving girl…..and you make my heart melt!  Plus you look all red & puffy like me too when you cry.  Some may call it the ugly cry…..I like to call it the freckle-face girl cry.

Fourteen isn’t enough ways to tell how I love you.  I love you because God picked you just for me.  I love you because you’re so easy to love.  I love you because you love me.  I love you because you’re so awesome!  You’re so sweet!  You make me laugh and you make me proud.  I hope you have a wonderful birthday today.  You deserve it.  I’m happy that you asked for a camera.  You take great pictures too.  🙂

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