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I remember not too long ago the media frenzy about Britney Spears’ mother writing a parenting book. At the time, Britney was experiencing her own personal meltdown in front of the world. In my own mother-heart, I flushed with embarrassment for her. I knew that a parenting book would never fly. People are looking to see anyone this successful fail, especially in such a contradictory way. I said a little prayer….and hoped it wasn’t true. I finished Lynne Spears book this week, her story….Through the Storm.

In the beginning she makes it clear that this is not a tell-all about her famous children. But much of what you read farther into the book is about her children and how they have faced painful scrutiny from the media and paparazzi. Something I found difficult to read was the helplessness she felt as Britney’s mother during the “Sam” era. While you and I were watching Britney break down and get hauled off in ambulance’s to hospitals on tv…weird and dishonest people were in charge of her life and there was nothing the family (the people who loved and cared for her most) could do about it. It was heartwrenching!

I admit that I have a different opinion of this family now that I have read her story. I am still very concerned as a christian mother for the salvation of the Spears’ children. Much of the fame seems to have jaded the foundation of whatever faith they may have had (the family lived with alcoholism and chaos). I’m not sure if the children were ever truly exposed to the gospel….it seems that their lives were filled with the next best thing instead. As a mom, I can see how easy it would be to miss this opportunity (always thinking….we can come back to this). Lynne does admit that in hindsight she would have invested more time into their faith walk. Painfully looking back one can see this should have been higher on the list.

Would I suggest this book? Yes. Lynne Spears is a child of God just like you and me. She has sprinkled a bit of her own faith throughout the book and it reminded me that she has a need for encouragement just like I do. She struggles just like me (even though she has financial success and fame). I admire her for being bold enough to share her personal struggles…. both her children’s and her own. She is a lady that deserves our prayer. I see her through new eyes (not that I thought badly of her before) and I see a person that wants the same things all mother’s want. The best for her children!

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