Happy Thanksgiving!

I feel thankful everyday. But today, we actually celebrate being thankful! We have guests from Tennessee (we can’t hold that against them) and we have finished our big feast of a meal. We have taken a fun group picture inside and outside…..brrr, it’s cold out there even though it’s only about 55 degrees. We haven’t had any dessert, we’re all way too full still. But I am suspiciously very sleepy. I can barely hold my eyes open. I feel it is necessary for me to go take a quick nap!

I am sad that our family lives so far away. We’ve been gone for many holiday’s but it’s never something you get completely used to. I miss them terribly when it’s family type holidays.
We will see them again soon…..I hope! That’s what I always tell myself when I feel bummed about it.

Oh, guess what? I won the motherload of prizes last night! I won the Epson Artisan 800 printer!!! Can you believe that? Me either! I’ve tried to win it on several giveaway blogs over the last few months…..but when I opened my email last night—–I SCREAMED! It’s incredible! Thank you to Blogging Basics 101 (which I happen to love this blog!!!) it’s so informative….these chicks are geniuses!

See, I am bubbling over with thanksgiving! I’m a blessed lady! Thank you God! How could I ask for more?


Our family (The Galloway’s) and our sweet friends, The Nelson’s (2 sons are missing!!)
Thanks you guys for coming to see us. We love having you visit. You feel like family.

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