Christmas Party

Last night was hubby’s work Christmas party. Hosted of course by Bill & Dawn (his boss and his wife). They are quite the party people! We met for dinner in Columbus and ate at a fabulous place called Smith’s Row. It was delicious and the atmosphere just right. We could talk and relax while enjoying the top notch service. After dinner it was off to the Black’s house for dessert and Dirty Santa.

When we arrived everyone was sitting ready to go on the gift games. We joined right in and picked a number out of a hat. Don drew #1 and received the first present (a gift from the boss)…..I’m so excited to say… was a Flip video camera! Woohoo! I love it! I was so excited and I’m sure I embarrassed myself by my behavior. Sorry party friends if I acted a little silly! It’s just such a cool gift. I have been playing with it all day. It is a breeze to use and upload onto the computer. Perfect for blogging!

After jumping up and down over that little gem we played Dirty Santa. I was #4 in this game and picked a cute reindeer which danced and chocolate covered cherries (yes, they were stolen and I never got them back!). I’m not sad though….because I ended up doing much better. I actually got a present that is perfect for me, a yummy cinnamon candle! YES! I love it……smells heavenly! Last year, at another Dirty Santa party…I came home with some cheapo tool set. So disappointed! I’m clicking my heels this year. Yeehaw! Oh and Don, he won a vibrating back massager (see, I’m rolling in the prizes).

My Wii competitors (Marilyn & Randy) will be glad to know…..I played a mean game or two of bowling. Yes, I won! Ahhh victory! Tis so sweet! I’m just all into this Christmas spirit, ya’ll. 🙂 We certainly had a great time. Bill and Dawn are so very kind and generous. They are great people and know how to make you feel cared for and special. Hats off to both of them. We had a wonderful time with the rest of the staff as well. It was a special night. Oops! I forgot to mention the staff received an awesome laptop case loaded with goodies. Such a great idea.

Look out for video’s coming your way….my dear bloggy readers. Thanks to my new Flip camera, I am a woman on the loose.

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