I Love Friends!

I am such a people person! I always have been. When I was in 4th grade (Ms. Aceto’s class) I won the “Chatty Cathy” award. I was devastated! I really wanted to win something like the Happy Hannah or the Sharing Shayna. But no…..I had to win the talking award. I was so shocked! Me, huh? WHAT? Oh the humiliation. My mom burst out laughing when I handed it to her. Maybe it’s because she had already heard this news before. I remember many report cards coming home with notes……”Wanda, sure likes visiting with her neighbors!”. Ooooh it was some sort of conspiracy I tell ya!

Tonight, I’ve been on the phone with a long lost friend. We hadn’t connected in years (like 15 or 16) and yes, you guessed it…FACEBOOK brought us back together. I heart that Facebook! It is incredible. Sorry I called it the devil! I have gotten back to some sweet friends through it. So, I am grateful for finding out about it. Thanks hubby and teenagers!

My friend, Cat…whom I love dearly. She was such a fun friend. We have so many memories to laugh about. We were some crazy gals back in the day (yes, it was the 80’s)! What great times to reflect back on. It was so good to catch up and share the many things we have in common. Kids! We both love our kids passionately. We both feel so blessed and thankful for them. We both love God and want to please Him with our lives (Cat, I am so proud of you!). It’s hard growing up. We even agreed about that. It takes a lot of dedication to invest in your kids and not just let them grow up any old way. So hang in there, girlfriend. God has big plans for you! I just know it!

I’m not ashamed anymore of my “Chatty Cathy” award. Talking has been good for me. God has used me and my big mouth many times to bring glory to His name. I confess that I have at times brought shame to Him by talking in the flesh. For that, I am sorry Lord. I want to honor You with all that I say. Thank you for bringing old friends into my life. Help me to show your love and what loving You can do to change a person for the better. I know, I’m not the girl I used to be. Thank you, God.

Psalm 19:14 “May the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in Your sight, O Lord”.


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