Happy New……What?!

I know everyone has officially moved on since midnight 01/01/09! We have too. But since we’ve returned home from our little jaunt to Florida for Christmas…..we’ve run into a few snafu’s around our house. What I’m gently trying to say?? Stuff is breaking left and right, folks! IT IS NOT GOOD! Important stuff, ya’ll. Not things that don’t matter.

My first little encounter with a problem was with my dear friend the sink disposal. Yea, that little gem is handy (WHEN IT WORKS!!!)! After rinsing some disgusting something or another off the dishes…I reach over for the switch….only to hear……nothin! Well….something…..a little hmmmmmm noise! Not the regular GRRRRHHERRRRRRTTTTHRGGGG noise (music to my ears, ya’ll). I just never knew till now! Oh….Mother-in-law, this is some sort of bad karma maybe. Your sons were teasing you about having one of these while we were with you in Florida last week. I, your ever faithful and loving daughter-in-law….DID NOT! I believe all women should have these little machines. They are very helpful in a busy and often cooked in household. So, I am suffering!

I thought, this we can handle! After all, I haven’t always had one…so I’ll just make do. Sweetboy got online to do a little pricing, seems we could replace for it in the $100 range. Not so bad! I dream of having one put in as my guys talk back and forth the horsepower and ratings. Oh, patience….I say to me!

Next run in with trouble. Hubby asks if the ice maker has been turned off? I say, “What?”. Why would I turn that off? I heart ice, especially the kind that comes from MY AWESOME REFRIDGERATOR! I love my appliances! They are like precious cargo to me. I sometimes even blow them kisses (that’s how much I love them). They are very special. I picked them out and they are like my own little babies. It’s a mom thing! He goes over and pulls out the ice making system……Yep, something is really wrong! Nothing the untrained eye can decipher (what I’m saying is…..my hubby is not a repairman OF ANY KIND!). He looks, cause that he is good at. He’s a looker! He puts it all back together, asking…do you know if we are still under warranty? I do know this answer……NO! It just ran out this year.

What’s a kitchen appliance lover like me supposed to do? I feel a little emotional. I need these things. Why? Why must they croak now? Oh bother (in the world of Pooh)! Well, last night as I was sitting in the kitchen (blog hopping) I hear a lovely sound….ice dumping in my freezer! Woohoo! I yell….”Honey, it’s dumping ice!”. We say to each other….let’s not get too excited it could be a jinx. So far the thing is still working. Hallelluia! Thank you Jesus!

But look! This is the latest stage of disposal heck! Did you know the installation on these dudes is like 26 steps? Geez! Talk about complicated! I sure hope hubby isn’t in a hurry!




What else, you say? My darn car! I heard Sweetboy trying to crank it yesterday after he moved it out of the garage to wash the dog. It was making a funny noise and not starting up. I threw up a little prayer and said, “Lord, it’s in your hands!”. Then, this morning as I was rushing out to church (after all the other car driving members had left) and it wouldn’t start for me. Oh the stress! I beg it to start…..finally it does! I don’t know what is wrong with it…but I haven’t had such a good week with stuff! It looks like we’re in need of some maintenance! Poppy, where are you when I need you? You can fix anything!

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