Don’t Env Me!

Yes, you read that right.  Don’t Env me!  It’s the thorn in my side lately.  The Env.  Last night we picked up the 4th replacement phone for Ally.  Yes, the fourth one!  It’s really not living up to its name, Env…..more like Cursed!  These phones have a bad design in the charging plugin.  It likes to break.  Which means, no charging can take place.  Very sad.  Texting is to the teenager as food is to the human.  Very important, ya’ll!  Teens + cell = TEXTING!  My kids communicate with the world this way.  Shoot, even their dad and I do too.  We need our phones!  We must connect!  So as you can see…this little problem had to be resolved.

Ally went one direction (she went to her boyfriend’s ballgame with his parents) and we went to our favorite hangout, the Verizon store.  I had to hand over my phone (The Voyager…and so far, it’s been a nice voyage!) to her and take her broken down junker to the fixit place.  I knew she would mess around with my phone.  You see, it’s a teenager thing.  They take pictures, they rearrange your address book, they add friends to your contacts, they change ringtones and screen savers.  It just bugs me.  I have a hard enough time even using the crazy thing….then one of my kids changes the stuff on it.  Totally goofs me up.  🙂  I say that with all the love in my heart of course.  Oh and the big one for me….she took off my rubbery case!  I have that on there for a reason.  I don’t want my phone broken!  Dern kids!

She’s back in texting business today. On her own phone, not mine (which worked out fun….cause I was able to read all her messages between her and boyfriend). Sweet nothings! I’ll have to tell you soon about this new fellow. No, he’s not Oh Mister from the beginning of the school year. He’s so last year! Even though, hubby said….you can’t just go changing your mind like that. We put our loyalties to Oh Mister and now we have to change gears. He was only kidding. We totally love both these boys and she’s not really boyfriend/girlfriend with either of them, yet! It’s just a sweet crush for right now. But…’s a dad’s job to tease, right?

Enjoy your weekend!

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