It’s Baaaaaack!

I can’t even describe it with words. It’ll never sound as exciting as it really is to me. American Idol is back on and I am PSYCHED! I’ve just finished watching it. I laughed and I cried. This happens to me every year. My family and I love this part of the season. We crack up over the funny people who try-out and sing like……well, like they can’t sing. Some of them are so sad (I have to say…I often feel compassion like Paula) I wish I could help them along. Oh the mercy they need.

Tonight was a great kick-off. The ending with the piano man, Scott…..totally touched my heart. I had to cry when he came out to his waiting family. What a cool way to end the show. Way to go, American Idol. I can’t wait for next week! Tomorrow will be fun at school, we (staff) love comparing the contestants during our lunch. We will do this all the way to the end. Really! Doesn’t everyone? I thought so.

Oh WHO will win?????

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