Cabin Fever


On Monday when everyone was all up in a tizzy over this “alleged” snow storm….I was cool, calm & collect, as usual! Oh I kid! In my heart…I was happy dancin all over the place. But since I am one to actually like days off from school (thanks to inclement weather) I wasn’t going to get all worked up and then hit hard at the reality of NO SNOW! I like to be SURPRISED!!! Don’t you? Oh boy….was I surprised!

Today (Wednesday) has been the bigger snow day out of the two so far. We woke up to some major snow falling outside….everything was really covered this time. Our 4wd vehicle was in the country with our two oldest kids…snowed in at Alli & Lauren’s house. The roads were way too bad to be driving. Even this evening when they could try to come home….it was really nasty. Sweetboy said he was very nervous the whole drive…especially after seeing cars stuck in the ditch. All is well, they are home safe and sound.

We tried to do some shoveling in the driveway so that we could move some cars around…..forget that! It’s a wreck out there. I managed to get hubby’s car stuck all cattywampka in the driveway. Oh well…we aren’t going anywhere, so who cares? We do have my 4wd burb if we need to really get out. Which brings me to having cabin fever. Why is it when you CAN’T go somewhere….all you can think about is going somewhere? Huh? Tell me! Gates and I have thought of all sorts of things to do today….and then got all bummed out when we realized we couldn’t go. This too shall pass, huh? Tomorrow? Day #3 no school due to snow.

How about some Indiana snow pictures?

Hubby chopping wood…doesn’t everyone do that right at their front door? 🙂

Gavin, Ally & Uncle Dean (I bet he’s real glad he visited from Florida this week, heehee)

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