When I was growing up my family never watched sports on tv. Except the Olympics, of course. By the time I reached high school though…..I never missed a Super Bowl game. It’s the day football fans eagerly await after that last playoff game is played….THE SUPER BOWL! This year, I’m sad. My sweet Colts won’t be there, neither will little brother Eli with his Giants. But, I’m not gonna let it spoil my fun for the game to be played tonight. I’ll be yelling and jumping up and down (this is really how I act, ya’ll) all during this game. Who will I be cheering for you ask? ARIZONA CARDINALS!!! Of course!

So….if you’re one of the only people in the entire country on this computer instead of screaming and eating in front of the football game! Get to it! Go watch some football! It’ll do you good!
Oh and good news to fans in my county……we’ve already gotten a call for 2 hour delay for school in the morning. Woohoo! I can stay up and watch ….GUILT FREE! It’s been a rough time being out of school all last week thanks to that killer snow and ice. I’ll need that extra rest time in the morning. heehee!

Here’s a little Card love by the Golden Cousins! These guys are believers! GO CARDS!

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