Gettin Accepted

Everybody wants to fit in, right? We feel that way our entire lives. From the time we are little munchkins….most of us are trying to get accepted. By peers, parents, siblings….anyone. We know somehow that being accepted means we’re worth something. We’re of value. But that’s not really where we get our value from, is it? Those of us who are born again saved Christians know…..our worth is from Christ. People don’t make or unmake us valuable. That’s a lesson in itself. I have felt “less than” myself at the hands of other’s. Something that I feel passionate about……not doing to anyone, ever! I really want to make other’s feel important and valued by me.

Today….my baby, that Sweetboy I love so much got accepted! It was exciting to see his name and then beside it “Congratulations” you’ve been admitted to Indiana University! I can’t explain it. I’m thrilled for him. But I have this lump in my throat that only another mama might understand. I feel sad too. It’s been wonderful being his mom. I can’t find anything about him I don’t love. Even the messy stuff! He’s a wonderful person…..and an amazing young man. I’m starting to feel the “realness” of the time we’re facing. Graduation is June 6th! It will be here in a flash of time. I say that because I’ve just lived through twelve of the fastest years of my life. How can 4 1/2 months not fly by?

Don’t let me sound too sappy here…..I’m just a mom that’s having to watch her first-born babe leave the nest! It’s hard, ya’ll. Letting go is not in me…..I’m hooked! Ally asked me the other day how mom’s give up so much for their kids? Are women especially equipped or something? The only answer I could come up with is yes. I told her, something happens……once you have a baby, God takes away most of your selfishness. You start to think of someone besides YOURSELF! Then I remembered how I was as a teen. It was all about me. But now……I’d walk through a burning building for my kids. I love them that much!

I’m going to celebrate my sweetboy and his accomplishments! How exciting it is to “get accepted”! This is a big deal! He has great goals set for himself and he’s going to need all the support from home he can get. I can’t wait to cheer him on in his next phase of life. IU Bloomington isn’t too far away either. We can be there in an hour and a half. Now….it’s time to focus on how to pay for it all. Hmmmm! Pre-med, YIKES!

GAVIN…….WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! GO I U !!!!You’ve always been a happy kid….and your smile proves that. I love being around you….you’re magnetic! I hope your future is even greater than the first 18 years of your life. You deserve it! God bless you, son!




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