A present…for me!

I’ve been sharing computer time with 3 teenagers for a while now. I’m not bitter! I heart them, of course! Besides….who has a house full of computers anyway? We share….because we’re nice that way!

Since I started blogging this last summer, I must admit. I have fantasized bout having my own little computer to drag around with me where ever my busy life took me. I didn’t want to put anyone out by taking any of the computer’s we have around here. It’s just not the same, borrowing. I wanted my own stuff! You understand right?

Well, let me just get to it. My sweet hubby (I heart him!!!) has been watching for something just for me. Like, my own laptop! You know what those cost right? Well, especially the stuff my hubs likes. Something those IT guys do…..love the good expensive geek stuff! I knew that wouldn’t happen for me. I cannot blow my moola on what he would REALLY want to buy me. So…I just prayed and waited. God knows, remember?

A couple weeks ago I was shopping around online, just lookin! I like to do that once in a while….peeking in at my fave spots; Dooney & Bourke, QVC, AppleOld Navy….you get the point! When I stumbled upon the cutest little laptop EVAH!!! I thought it was surely a hunk a junk! Hubby happened to see it and mentioned it was the one just reviewed very highly on the Kim Komando show we had listened to the weekend before. We clicked on it and read all the reviews (all good of course) and loved the price! It’s so affordable! Less than or around $300 bucks!

He ordered it. I was trying to contain my excitement!!! You know…act like I was all cool inside and not wanting to jump up and down and do the dance moves from Beyonce’s Single Ladies video. Which just might be the most unflattering she’s done yet. Gack! Too much jiggle for me really! Anyway…back to the good stuff. It arrived on Friday night (I was too busy to get on it and rock out aka blog out!)…but when I did. Ooooo baby! I LOVE IT! I REALLY LOVE IT, YA’LL!

First, it’s pink (so stinkin cute) second, it’s so small (I thought this would be difficult to see and work on, NOPE NOPE NOPE) third, it does everything all the big dogs do. I can just pop it in the bag and take off with it. It’s wireless…..I can go off like real bloggers do and work away from home (like in a real life coffee shop!!!!) yeeeehawwww! I know…you are probably thinking…..GET A LIFE, WANDA!!! Everybody’s doing that already! I know that is why I’m so psyched! I can too!
I’m in love with it….and I think it’s just perfect for me. Thank you Lord….I trusted you….and like always, you blessed me with what works just right for me. And hubby….you spoil me! I love you! XO 🙂

Meet this new girl of mine! No name yet….but surely that will come. Oh and watch out for me….you might see me in some coffee shop blogging someday soon. 🙂


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