Spray tan calling

We are a vain family of girls (my daughter’s and I). We really like lookin good. Who doesn’t right? I mean come on, lookin good makes you feel good. Don’t you think? One way of lookin good is a sweet tan. Since we live in Indiana (and we woke up to more snow this morning) it’s a bit difficult to be bronzed up without cheating and hitting the tanning bed. I know….the tanning bed is evil! (Nana….I hear you!)

Tonight as I was winding down and ready to head to my room for some good tv viewing pleasure….Gates came in to ask if she could have a friend over after the dance tomorrow. Oh and can she come now with her mom to do my spray tan? This wasn’t a total surprise, just it was around 7:30ish and I was already in bed mode. No biggie, sure!

Over came the sweetest home tanning lady ever, ya’ll! She brought her little set-up in and the whole process took minutes. Really! I couldn’t help myself….I had to take a picture! Gates is so hilarious! She is so pale right now that we tease her that she’s clear except for the freckles. Poor kid, my legacy lives on. She’ beautiful! The spray is all organic and lasts for a few weeks. It’s not orangey or stripedy. The skin darkens over several hours to look like a natural tan. She was so excited! The whole thing cost $15 dollars.

Did I mention SHE CAME TO MY HOUSE? Now that’s great service. Avon…..move over honey! It’s 2009 and spray tan’s are calling.

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