Blogher 09’s tugging at my heart, ya’ll!

I am not above begging! As a matter of fact……I’ll get down and grovel with the worst of people. I WANT TO GO TO BLOGHER 09 IN CHICAGO THIS SUMMER! I can’t adequately describe how badly, but I’m going to try. My pleas will be read by the sweet folks at Extraordinary Mothers blog. They are offering some sweet lucky blogger the chance at a free pass (ummm that pass costs $198 bucks). Can you believe that? I’m psyched! So, here goes:

1) I’m a blogger that would totally benefit in every way by attending the event. I’m new this year to the whole blog scene, but I’m a quick learner and I’m mad about the blogging concept. In other words, I’m a sold out blogging fanatic!

2) I recognize that in order for me to better ME, I need these fellow blogging geniuses help. There will be a potpourri of brilliant blogging brains there to network and rub elbows with all the while making me into a smarter more knowledgable blogger.

3) It’s the MacDaddy of blogging events. Duh! I knew this from the moment I first landed on the blogging scene. I may be a newbie….but I’m not a dummie! Everybody who’s anybody talks sweet smack about the Blogher events. I missed it last summer….but I heard about it all over the blogosphere! Vowing to BE THERE next time. It’s been my goal!

4) I’m looking for a way to tweak my talent. I’ve found blogging to be a great outlet for my gift of gab but I’ve also recognized that it could be so much better than just that. I want to ROCK IT!

5) My oldest will leave home for college in August. I’m going to need this pass! I’ll need some serious fun to divert my heart from jumping out of my chest. That’s why I say…Blogher 09 is tugging at my heart! I’m desperate, ya’ll!

PICK ME!!!!!!!!

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