Buddy Holly, Ball State & IU

It’s been a busy weekend for Ally and Gavin. Ally performed all weekend in the musical The Buddy Holly Story. They had a show Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all of which were past sold out. So cool, huh? She played two roles. First she was in the opening scene as a skate party teen where she bopped around with some other rock-n-roll loving teens. Then in the last scene she sang in an up and coming group known as Jack Daws and the Snowbirds. It was great! The cast was fabulous! Most of which were teenagers. Very impressive.

Gavin has been gone the entire weekend only coming in to fall into bed and sleep (a little bit) before heading out again. Saturday he spent the day in Muncy Indiana(Ball State) at the state’s German club convention (Staatskrongresse). He competed in several competitions and placed second in geographie, second in diktatur 3, and third in cultural craft. He had a great time even though he had to get up at 5:20am to catch the bus on a Saturday morning. He really admires Mr. Jaquess his German teacher. Gavin is the president of German club. Anything to do with German….he loves. Especially, BMW! Go figure.

Then he spent Sunday at IU in Bloomington performing at the girl’s basketball game. He was invited as part of the Head to the Hall celebration. High school band members from all over Indiana have a chance to play with the amazing Marching 100 band. Which rocks! He played the sousaphone…..and thinks he’d like to play it in college too. Hmmm! Slow down, kid! On a sad note, he lost his new cell phone there somewhere at Assembly Hall. 🙁 Not good! We don’t replace lost cell phones. He will have to go back to whatever he had before or use what we have in the old phone pile. We are praying that “some” good samaritan finds it and returns it. It can happen! 🙂

GOOD NEWS! At around 10:45pm last night, a lady called from IU to say she had Gavin’s phone! Woohoo! Thank you Lord!

Ally and her crew as the Snowbirds. She’s the girl in the middle. Great job, Ally!

Untitled from Wanda Staton Galloway on Vimeo.

Ally and Tyler after the show (love the glasses, Ethel)

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