Springin forward…

I’m not a fan! I can’t afford to lose more sleep. I tend to stay up too late at night and this really puts a damper on my undisciplined lifestyle. I need sleep. Especially since I’ve had the cough my head off gunk. I wake up coughing during the night….and feel so tired when I wake up. Hopefully soon this will be gone and I can sleep comfortably again.

Today I spent the afternoon with the high school singing group, Touch of Class. I drove the “man” wagon! That means I had all boys in my car. Five of the crazies! I was trying to be responsible but the testosterone fumes in the atmosphere had me laughing at their shenanigans! Let’s see, they were physically wrestling over a quarter…not safe in a moving vehicle! One had to ride with his window down (it was rainy) and yell out at people we passed by (yes, I was worried about the repurcutions) on the way back, this same lil’ 6’3 260 pound darlin made prank phone calls to all the girls in the car in front of us including the music teacher Mrs. Wildey! Sorry, Mrs. Wildey! After the performance at the nursing home we stopped at McDonald’s for a “treat”. The people there thougth it was a take-over! The kids were still dressed in their costumes. We had a great time! Even though all the teenagers and their leaders were pooped from a long weekend.

Touch of Class from Wanda Staton Galloway on Vimeo.

I’m not sure what is going on with vimeo…everything I upload with them is turning out jumpy. It’s not my video skills…it’s something with them. Sorry! Hope you have a great week!


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