They better be good…..

Or else we’ll handcuff them and leave! Who? My kids, that’s who! Did you hear about that? I was listening to the news this evening and heard that some parents are in trouble for actually doing this. Evidently, the boy had stolen a cell phone. The dad must have had a lightbulb moment or maybe he just overreacted and locked Junior up with his hands behind his back. Whichever it was, it was a bad idea! He went on to work and left the kid in that condition. They had to call the authorities to come over and unlock him……like six hours later! Yikes!

Parents, in case you haven’t heard….that is not appropriate punishment for your kid. It may cross your mind to do it….but it’s not going to work out well for you or your child. Imagine what comes next for this whole family. Now everyone is in trouble and it’s going to cost them all in more ways than one. Families are struggling in so many ways just to make it these days. Disciplining your kids out of anger is not going to help anyone. In this case, it has turned for the worst. What was he thinking? Oh the kicker? I heard that he was a correction’s officer at a jail! Crazy guy!

If you are a parent and you have kids that make mistakes (duh, who doesn’t?)…..might I recommend a great book for “dealing” with the lil’ darlin’s!? It’s called, Creative Correction by Lisa Welchel! Love this girl….and her CREATIVE ways of handling poor behavior in kids. She’s a genius when it comes to teaching your kids to choose to do what’s right. I’ve had it for years….but I can still pull ideas from it (even with my teens). It’s biblically based and it has tips on dealing with stronger willed kids. I like that! You will too. Go find it…..and share it with a friend if you need to.

Just stay away from the handcuffs! You will regret it! I promise!


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