Random Kindness

Last Sunday’s sermon was on reaching out and “doing” something for someone else. I love that idea. I’m into blessing people. It’s more fun to give than to receive, haven’t you heard? I’ve certainly been on both ends of the blessing and I have to say…..both pretty much rock!

Yesterday when we checked our mail there were two cards from friends that we’ve been privileged to bless (and them bless us). It reminded me how little things can really mean alot. Something that seems small to you may be huge to someone in need. I don’t want to miss out on those, do you? Every little thing we do or say….matters somehow to someone.

Today I feel so blessed! My heart is at peace. My kids are all happy, my husband is home relaxing (tomorrow is his last day interim preaching at Brushy Fork) and I don’t feel all stressed to get something finished. I love it when life feels this way. Don’t you? Jesus set us up for this. He came (so we can live life abundantly, remember?) not live stressed and overwhelmed. I hope wherever you are today….you feel that blessing. If you’re not, maybe you need to “do” some blessing to get some. Here’s a few ideas…

Call someone who you haven’t had time to chat with and JUST CHAT!
Take someone to lunch and pay (it can be a cheap meal…just do it)
Send someone (you know would smile) a card or a letter in the mail.
Give….if you have money…pay attention to who doesn’t & give something!
Pick up little presents here and there….give them to someone you know.
Write 10 things you love about a family member and give it to them.
If you’re a mom…of girls…have a finger & toe painting session. You’ll love the conversations.
Stop and look at your husband…and tell him how you love and appreciate him.
Help a neighbor. Return their trash cans after they’ve been dumped.
Stop and be personal with people working in your world.
Offer to pray for someone in need…don’t just say “I’ll pray for you!”.
Make a friend dinner! Or take someone dessert. Major score, ya’ll!

Be open and loving. You’re leaving a legacy! A little kindness goes a long way.

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