What happened?

Yesterday morning when my radio alarm went off….I heard the radio DJ commenting on Jon and Sherry Rivers. In my sleepy stupor it didn’t register what she said until later in the day as I was driving my daughter Gates to the orthodontist. I flashed back to the morning and remembered I had heard her say…”Jon and Sherry are going through some diffulties”. Huh? What? What difficulties? Where are they? Why aren’t they on the radio? Klove, what’s going on?

For the last eight years or more….we’ve listened to Jon and Sherry every morning as we drove to school. They are like family to us. We love them. We enjoy their silliness and funny stories. We laugh at their “normalness” and connect with them knowing they are just like us. Real people! They have touched our hearts.

I don’t want to act like things can’t happen to people. They do. It’s just difficult to take when it’s someone you’re counting on for something. For us, we count on them to entertain us on to school. We listen to the christian artist chatting with them in their home studio as if we were there having a breakfast muffin with them. It’s like a window into the lives of the musicians we love through Jon and Sherry.

I’m praying for them. Life is tough. None of us are immune to problems. Right now, I just feel sad for them. It’s not fair for me to speculate what could be wrong….but as we read and learn everyday…people make wrong choices and fall short of God’s glory. I will just leave it at that. God….please work in the lives of this family and bring them back to us soon.

We miss you …… Jon and Sherry in the morning!

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