It all begins with a cool car

Do you remember prom? Back in my day (the rockin 80’s) we made big plans. Let’s see…..the date? As in, who would be so lucky to be mine! 🙂 The dress, of course! Out of all the proms I attended (and I went to more than I care to admit), I think I actually only purchased one dress. The rest, I borrowed! See honey, I’ve always been frugal! Then the big deal was….where to eat? My prom didn’t provide a meal as many do now. So, we needed nourishment for goodness sake. We wanted to be seen in our fancy duds… we picked the most glamorous of restaurants, Steak & Ale! Ok, so it wasn’t Ruth’s Chris but what did we know…we were punks! Then…. it was the car! Which was no biggie because everyone drove either their mom’s big hockin car or their grandparents Buick. AND IT WAS COOL! Remember?

Here I am…at my first prom! (I was a freshman he was a senior)

That’s not how it is these days. Part of the whole prom experience is driving a great car or renting a limo! Everybody bases all coolness on having a fabulous car. Which isn’t really that big of a deal (to me). You’re only in it for the ride to and fro. But try telling that to some seriously concerned teenagers. They want this night to be fantastic in everyway! I understand! It’s prom, blast it! Make it memorable!

Yesterday, Sweetboy came wheeling in the driveway tooting the horn of this baby. Beep, beep! His buddy (another Gavin…we call him Duff) just happened to have a dad with an extra “cool” car sitting around, in a garage….just for our Gavin to use for prom! Awesome! There’s only one problem! It’s been raining here and will most likely be doing it all day tomorrow. This car… British….and convertible….and a bit…leaky! He took Allison out last night for a ride in it….wearing raincoats! 🙂
Ahh…..Prom! It all starts with a cool car…. 🙂
Gavin (Duffy) and my Gavin (Sweetboy)

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