Free to be me!


I’m happy that I live in America! I consider it a privilege! It always bothers me when I see someone show disrespect towards the USA. Like in school….when we do the morning pledge, students feel no honor in participating and most of them wouldn’t utter one word of the pledge if you forced them to. They don’t have to be jubilent and excited to say it (don’t get me wrong). I just hate the attitude that is behind why most of them don’t. Which is….a terribly distorted idealism of what they believe is their country. It’s a sad thing. Somewhere, somehow they have been engrained with a hatred for anything that has to do with America….AND THEY’RE AMERICANS!!!!

Maybe I’m a little sensitive. I don’t know. But what I do know is that in this country I am free to be me. I have the right to do most everything I could possibly dream up. I can marry and have as many children as I can afford to feed (boy or girl). I can own a home and a car….clothes and shoes. I can work and retire when I’m too old to do it anymore. I can own a Bible and go to church without having to hide in secret. I can sleep at night not worrying about being bombed or burned out. There are so many things that I as an American do not have to worry about. Why? Because of the country that I live in.

I am free to be me…..and so are you! Be thankful to be an American.


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