IU Freshman Orientation


It’s been a long day! We woke up bright and early (5:50am)…showered and shaved for our departure time of 7:00am. Headed to the great Btown (Bloomington to Indiana peeps) for some freshman college orientation. Which really means…..lots of walking, waiting, listening, walking, waiting, and listening some more….and still have tons of unanswered questions. So goes the process! 🙂

We were herded here and shuttled there….and I didn’t know where I was half of the time. But my Sweetboy? He was figuring out that campus like a pro! He’s going to love it there. I think he already does. He wasn’t feeling so well….he had some testing to do and took his medicine which he hasn’t had in months. That set him up to feel weird. Poor dude! He said the tests were easy peasy! Much like Istep tests here in Indiana (our standardized public school tests).

We opted to come on back home and sleep in our own fantastic bed tonight. Gavin stayed there on campus with an unknown fellow student, aka the roommate! He hadn’t gotten to meet him while we were there but called not too long ago and let us know he was “nice”. What’s nice? Is that, he’s not a serial killer? Or a professional kidnapper disguised as a young freshman dude getting oriented at college? How and what is nice? I’m just sayin. Mama’s have so many questions. Oh, I tease! I’m sure he is nice.

Here’s some living proof that we were there. Hope you get a glimpse of how beautiful the campus is. The weather was incredible! Very cool and sunny! Sorta felt like fall. We head back in the morning for the final deal. Look at dorms, meet with counselors, decide on schedule and find out the $$ money sit-chee-ashun! We are so happy for our boy. We wish him the best as he embarks on the coolest time in his life!



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