Did somebody say…reunion?

It’s been 25 years since the class of 84 walked across that graduation stage.  Where in the world did the time go?  I look in the mirror and see….it really has been that long.  I’ve been gone a very long time.  I haven’t lived in Florida since 1998.  I haven’t lived in my hometown since 1989.  In other words, I haven’t seen these people in a sweet forever!

I received a message on Facebook (my favorite people connection device) from a classmate this morning.  She and another classmate want to put together a real fancy shin-dig event to celebrate our oldness!  But she has stipulations, people!  It must be a NICE event!  None of this picnic/barbeque stuff.  They want to celebrate in style!  Sounds good to me.  Remember, I live 1000 miles away….if I’m going to travel that far home…..let’s make it a real party!

Now, I just need to focus on the abs!  Oh and the other flab that follows me around on a daily basis.  I can’t go back looking like, this!  I want to look fantastic!  I know, I sound so shallow!  But, for real….I want to inspire not cause other’s to crack up and point.  I guess what I really mean is…I haven’t been disciplined with my habits.  I’ve eaten whatever I’ve wanted.  I don’t bother getting sweaty over exercise.  I live fast and furious (in a mom of 3 teens kind of way!).  I don’t spend money trying to keep young.  I’ve just aged!

Life has a way of aging you even more than you deserve sometimes.  I’ve experienced some of that too.  I realize that there are many things I want to be ready for.  Not just reunions….but for Christ as well.  I wonder, am I anticipating Him and what He’s going to think of me when He sees me?  My flesh wants to look amazing at my 26 year reunion….but what does my heart look like now to God?  Have I been feeding and caring for it the way He  would want me to?  Or have I been lazy and irresponsible?

I have work to do.  I’m not who I need to be….inside and out!  I don’t want to just age.  When I reunite with Jesus….I want to be my very best!  I want to capture every moment and live abundantly in Him.  I want to be ready!

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