I will never forget

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when tragedy struck our country. I was getting ready for my first day teaching ladies Bible study at my little country church in Indiana. My husband was in Louisville attending seminary. He commuted the hour drive into Kentucky four days a week back then. I was listening to Klove while doing my make-up. The DJ’s were shaken relaying the news that something was very wrong in New York. I clicked on Fox news and there I saw the devastation for myself.

Within minutes of turning on my tv….the other building was struck right before my very eyes…live. I cannot tell you the fear and helplessness I felt. I literally dropped onto my bed and cried. I couldn’t imagine what was happening to my world. Who? Why? What is going on?

I immediately called my husband’s cell (something I never did). He told me they were aware of something going on…..but had no idea why. He tried to console me and assured me he would be home very soon. I still had to go to church….even with my mind reeling with worry. It was all surreal.

I’ve watched the footage over and over of that day. It never changes the feelings in my heart. I cringe and hurt every single time. I can only say…..why? What would make someone think that is the right thing to do? I trust God that He is our ultimate judge and know that no matter what we do here on this earth…..we all stand before Him, someday!

I will never forget….

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