She’s my all-time favorite….

If you’ve never heard of Alison Krauss…..let me intoduce her to you. I’ve been listening to her for…..many years. She’s probably one of the most talented musicians in the world. Her gift is not only having the voice of an angel, this beautiful lady can play multiple instruments….very well. I have yet to hear a single Alison Krauss song that I didn’t love! She’s my favorite!

Back in 2000, hubby bought tickets to see her in Louisville as a gift to me. It was certainly one of the best presents ever. (Thank you babe) My kids love listening to her as much as I do. It warms my heart that my girl (Ally) would want to borrow my AK cd’s to listen to over and over.

You should hear us as we get ready to go in the mornings…..we sound like Alison Krauss’ backup singers. Her voice gets us ready to face our long days. (Thank you AK)! Do you think we could join your band?

I hope to see her in concert again…..she’s more than worth it! Until then, I’ll keep my ipod filled with her sweet music!

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