My How Time Flies

Today is hubby’s special day! It’s our (the girls and I) first day of fall break from school. He is working! We are in our pajama’s! Quite the contrast, huh?

Later…..we will celebrate! I’m going to cook some of his favorite foods and rent the movie he’s been dying to see (the latest Transformer action movie). Then we’ll watch our favorite night of tv shows.

Yea…we know how to party!


I hope you are blessed today. Birthday’s are so weird, aren’t they? You know it’s special….but it’s kind of hard to go around saying…”hey it’s my birthday!” and not sound like a goofball.
So…..I’ll just pepper you with love and sweet wishes on your day and hopefully you’ll feel as special as you really are.

I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


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